31 January, 2015

Reflecting back on January

Monthly Reflection Posts
This is a very different post to what I normally do but I've always wanted to be a bit different and add some lifestyle posts in to my blog too- so I hope you enjoy!
As a beginner in cake decorating, I think it's really important that I take time to think about what I've learnt each month, my accomplishments and my failures and learn from both. I really hope that my blog does help any other beginners and even if it only inspires one person to pick up a spatula and ice their cake, I will still be happy with that.

The Not so Great Stuff
I don't really like the word failure!
  1. "Fail to plan and you plan to fail"- This quote definitely means something to me this month. I haven't been as organised as I would hope to be and I am an organisation freak so this bugs me. This applies to my blog and to the baking- I need to plan in ahead what I'm going to make so I can make sure I get the right ingredients and tools, instead of coming up with ideas when I'm standing in the kitchen ready to make. Having said that, sometimes that's a good thing, just to go with whatever your gut is telling you to do. Did I know I was going to make a panda? No, I just had some black and white fondant left over and decided to do it. So I guess while I need to work on my planning (especially for Cakey Dreamer), it's also good to just "go with it" once in a while.

The Good Stuff
Doing this second because I believe in all that ending on a high stuff! :)
  1. Becoming more confident in my blogging- So since starting my blog in December, I feel I've become much more confident in my writing and everything this month. That probably sounds really weird because I'm still so new but hopefully that confidence will keep growing! :)
  2. Learning to make fondant animals- It's so weird to think that a month ago, I had no idea how to make ANYTHING out of fondant, let alone a Giraffe or a Panda! I'm so proud that I've taken to Cake Decorating so quickly and that I'm so passionate about it.
  3. Gaining new followers on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram- When I first started this blog, I didn't think anyone would be that interested, so to now have 40 followers on Bloglovin and 165 followers on Twitter just seems absolutely crazy to me, even if it is a small amount compared to other bloggers! I am so grateful to everyone who has left me such wonderful comments and been so nice to me, it means the world.

I feel very lucky that I have had success in my cake decorating and blogging, and luckily the "not so great" part is small! I really hope you've all enjoyed reading my blog over the past month and a half and I hope I can continue to entertain! :) If you like these kinds of posts, let me know and I will do more of them!

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29 January, 2015

Experimenting with Fondant- Robin

Continuing my experiments with fondant, this time I made a Robin! A friend of mine has asked me to make a cake for his mother's birthday and she loves Robins so I thought I should probably give it a trial run first before I agree to do it! I think he has come out very well though and it didn't even take me long to do which is a good sign!

Fondant Robin
As always I like to say what I do and don't like about them: I seem to have a bit of a problem with the fact that the brown fondant is very malleable, which is great for moulding but not great for fingerprints which show up easily as the colour is so dark! I'm sure wearing gloves or something would help that though. Apart from that, I'm actually pretty happy with this! He's a good size, he's cute and there isn't very much that I don't like! Yay!

As always, I'd love to hear your feedback or tips in the comments below!

26 January, 2015

Experimenting with Fondant- Panda Bear

One of my favourite things to do with fondant is make things out of it, like animals! I wish I could say there was some reason that I made a panda, but honestly- I only had black and white fondant left and I like Panda's, so... here he is!

I like to tell you what I do and don't like, simply because I'm not perfect and I am still learning! So.. His mouth, as you can probably see, didn't quite go to plan, but I tried everything I could to make it better and nothing seemed to help. It's not the worst mouth and maybe this is my perfectionist side coming out again but I'm just not totally happy with it. However, I do like his body and his eyes, he looks very wide eyed but he also looks extremely cute!

Fondant Panda

23 January, 2015

Experimenting with Fondant- Ribbons & Bows

Hi everyone!

So lately I've been trying to experiment with fondant, as you've seen with one of my previous posts where I made a Giraffe Cake. I've also been wanting to try out other things as well, which is why I decided to try making a ribbon and a bow!
Fondant Ribbon and Bow

As you can see, it's not the best bow, and it's definitely not the best ribbon. This is definitely something that I have found really hard, it took me a long time to do the ribbon and it STILL didn't turn out perfect. The part that I personally found hard was rolling the fondant out so long and thin that it would tear apart as soon as you tried to lift it. As for the bow... it wasn't AS hard as the ribbon, but was still difficult, trying to make it look as even as possible and like a real ribbon.
In all honesty- for a beginner's attempt, it's pretty good (if I do say so myself). I am a perfectionist and often put way too much pressure on myself to be perfect straight away and that can't always happen, sometimes there are things that take a lot of practice and it looks like ribbons and bows are one of those things!

I'd love to hear your stories, or any advice/tips you may have, so feel free to leave them below in the comments!
Fondant Ribbon and Bow

01 January, 2015

Giraffe Cake- Trying something new on New Years Day!

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a really fabulous time whatever you did and are looking forward to 2015! I feel really positive about this year. I'm not sure why- but I hope I'm right!

So, today I spent my New Years Day making this really lovely Giraffe cake. I have never made anything out of fondant before, I've only used it to cover cakes, but I thought today would be a good day to start a new year by trying something new!

I think he turned out really well, what do you think? Have you tried anything new, or are you thinking of trying anything new in 2015? Let me know in the comments below!
Fondant Giraffe Cake
Fondant Giraffe Cake

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