31 January, 2015

Reflecting back on January

Monthly Reflection Posts
This is a very different post to what I normally do but I've always wanted to be a bit different and add some lifestyle posts in to my blog too- so I hope you enjoy!
As a beginner in cake decorating, I think it's really important that I take time to think about what I've learnt each month, my accomplishments and my failures and learn from both. I really hope that my blog does help any other beginners and even if it only inspires one person to pick up a spatula and ice their cake, I will still be happy with that.

The Not so Great Stuff
I don't really like the word failure!
  1. "Fail to plan and you plan to fail"- This quote definitely means something to me this month. I haven't been as organised as I would hope to be and I am an organisation freak so this bugs me. This applies to my blog and to the baking- I need to plan in ahead what I'm going to make so I can make sure I get the right ingredients and tools, instead of coming up with ideas when I'm standing in the kitchen ready to make. Having said that, sometimes that's a good thing, just to go with whatever your gut is telling you to do. Did I know I was going to make a panda? No, I just had some black and white fondant left over and decided to do it. So I guess while I need to work on my planning (especially for Cakey Dreamer), it's also good to just "go with it" once in a while.

The Good Stuff
Doing this second because I believe in all that ending on a high stuff! :)
  1. Becoming more confident in my blogging- So since starting my blog in December, I feel I've become much more confident in my writing and everything this month. That probably sounds really weird because I'm still so new but hopefully that confidence will keep growing! :)
  2. Learning to make fondant animals- It's so weird to think that a month ago, I had no idea how to make ANYTHING out of fondant, let alone a Giraffe or a Panda! I'm so proud that I've taken to Cake Decorating so quickly and that I'm so passionate about it.
  3. Gaining new followers on Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram- When I first started this blog, I didn't think anyone would be that interested, so to now have 40 followers on Bloglovin and 165 followers on Twitter just seems absolutely crazy to me, even if it is a small amount compared to other bloggers! I am so grateful to everyone who has left me such wonderful comments and been so nice to me, it means the world.

I feel very lucky that I have had success in my cake decorating and blogging, and luckily the "not so great" part is small! I really hope you've all enjoyed reading my blog over the past month and a half and I hope I can continue to entertain! :) If you like these kinds of posts, let me know and I will do more of them!

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