31 March, 2015

Reflecting back on March... | Lifestyle

Monthly Reflections
Seriously, how quickly is this year going?! Absolutely crazy, I feel like I blink and another month is over! If you haven't read my other monthly reflections, then feel free to read them here!

So as a newbie cake decorator & blogger, I like to reflect on each month, what went well, what didn't etc. I'm looking forward to the end of the year when I can read all of them and see how far I've hopefully come! So shall we get started?

March's Accomplishments:
I'm doing things a bit differently this month, but hopefully you will like it!

  • Taking part in Twitter Chats and making pals!- Last month I wanted to make sure I took part in at least one twitter chat per week and get over my shyness! Well, I've smashed that! I'm a bit addicted to them and take part in the majority of them. It's also nice that I've made some friends through them, chatting to different people and it's helped me to feel much more like a part of the blogging community. Feel free to chat to me on there, I'm always open to making new friends!
  • Making something out of CAKE!- So you've seen me make things out of fondant, this time I made something out of an actual cake- I made a camera. I have a post coming up soon on this, I didn't think it was my best work but it was also my first time, hopefully you will like it but I feel that it should be an accomplishment. Keep your eyes peeled for that!
  • Doubling my page views since last month!- I'm not sure why, but things seem to be going really well over here! This month my pageviews have doubled since last month and they just seem to be getting higher and higher, which I'm really excited and happy about!
  • Holding a Bake sale for Red Nose Day!- I love doing things for Charity, so my colleague and I decided to hold a bake sale for Comic Relief to help raise money. Our final total was £168! You can read all about it here!

April's Goals:

  • Improving some Social Media accounts- I'm pretty much glued to Twitter, but in terms of other social media like Instagram and Pinterest, I'm definitely lacking. It's not necessarily a bad thing, you can't always be perfect at everything, but I'm definitely going to make that it a goal for April to work on at least one of those accounts. I've also just got Facebook, so I'd love it if you could join me over there too!
  • Continue to work on my shyness- Twitter chats are helping, but I feel that I need to work on this more and put myself out there!

So, what have you been doing this month? If you've had any achievements I'd love to hear about them! As always, I hope you're all still enjoying these reflection posts- I've got so many fun posts scheduled for April!

27 March, 2015

My journey to becoming fitter...

My journey to becoming fitter
Recently I have made the decision to eat healthier and to get fitter, mainly in order to lose weight before I go on holiday to Florida but also just to get fitter in general! I've been wondering whether or not to share my journey with you guys but I finally decided why not?! Hopefully it will help any of you out there (plus it might inspire me to keep going...)!

This doesn't mean I'm not going to make cakes anymore, it just means that I need to give them away to friends and family rather than eating them myself- which is probably much nicer anyway! I love cake decorating way too much to give that up, so this blog will continue just the same I promise! :)

So the first decision I made was to start running. I started doing the Couch to 5k programme, which eases you into running and in 9 weeks gets you to run 5k. The strange thing? I love it. I say strange because I really dislike exercise and I've always hated running, but something in me just decided to start and I've never looked back! I've become a bit obsessed with it and I genuinely look forward to my runs. I found that at the beginning I really struggled but I'm now four weeks in and I can run much further and for much longer than I could before! I've actually even looked up jogging routes at our hotel in Walt Disney World, so I'm clearly pretty committed to making this a long-term thing!

The second decision I made was to do other workouts. I want to tone up and running alone won't do enough. I've found lots of good ones on Youtube which I try to do 3 times a week on my rest days from running to keep my body active. I try to find ones that are fun, because I tend to get very bored. I've found a few like this one: 30 Minute Beginner Full Body Workout, which is fab but HURTS. Weirdly though, I enjoy aching after a workout because then I know I've done some real work and made some progress!

The third decision (which really you would think would be my first decision) was to eat healthier. The reason it was third? It's the one I struggle with most. I ALWAYS give in and eat rubbish, and even now I'm struggling! Once I'd started making an effort to exercise however, it pushed me to make better decisions when it came to food- what's the point in all that running and working out if you're gonna eat loads of cake?! I still eat the occasional bit of cake or chocolate, but for the most part I am trying to be good. I started a little bit at a time and worked my way up. Now I incorporate more fruit and veg into my diet and eat a lot less sugar. It genuinely makes you feel a LOT better in the long run.

But is it working?!- The answer, I'm very happy to say, is yes. I've already lost a few pounds AND I've lost 6cms from my hips and 3cms from my waist. It's slow going but I know that now I'm eating healthier and working out more and more it will hopefully help the loss to speed up. People are already noticing a difference in me and my uniform at work is going to have to be resized soon because it's getting very loose!

Has anyone else recently started getting fitter? Let me know how it's going! Also if you have any tips, feel free to let me know in the comments below or tweet me @cakeydreamer. The more tips the better for me! :)
Also I hope you enjoyed this post. Since I've started branching out to blog about other things as well as baking and cake decorating, I've been enjoying blogging a LOT more and I hope that that shows in my writing!

25 March, 2015

Versatile Blogger Award!

After being nominated for The Liebster Award last month, I have now been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award by my lovely friend Amy! Thank you so much! (Her blog is fab, so definitely check it out!)
These are the rules of the Versatile Blogger award:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award (Thanks again x 1 million Amy!)
  2. Share Seven facts about you
  3. Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know you've nominated them

Seven Facts about Sian
I already have a "10 facts about me" on my About page, so I'm going to try to not include any of those, so you get fresh facts haha!

  1. I'm really afraid of germs and this means I can't share food or drinks with anyone. Including my boyfriend. I know it's weird, yes I do kiss him, no I don't think about germs when I kiss him... I dunno why I'm weird! Sometimes I will touch something and then wipe my hand on my clothing.. I often don't even realise I'm doing it! (I've also done it after shaking people's hands and not realised til it's too late... awks)

  2. I'm a really fussy eater. I hate it and I try to push myself to try new things but I often don't like them. It makes healthy eating extremely hard!

  3. My most embarrassing moment was when I was 13, I was with one of my best friends running for a bus in Wimbledon and I was wearing a crappy top and bra from Primark (not that all their tops are crap, just that this particular one was). The crappy top broke and fell down, taking my bra with it and I flashed Wimbledon town centre. The worst part was I didn't realise for at least a minute and just carried on running! The bus driver let me on for free though because I was nearly in tears from embarrassment so, y'know. Silver linings.

  4. Sometimes (when everyone in my house is out) I like to put my headphones in, blast Disney songs and mime along. Because sometimes, you just want to pretend to be Ariel. And that's okay!

  5. I used to have a Youtube channel with videos of me singing. I took it down recently because I hate hearing myself sing and I hadn't touched it in years, but I kind of miss it. *frantically checks that it IS deleted*

  6. Growing up, I had two imaginary friends called Spicy and Grassy. Spicy was a ball of spice and Grassy was a ball of grass. They were completely in my head, but kinda shows how much imagination I had (or didn't have). Spicy was a girl and Grassy was a boy, and Grassy was the mischievous one, so if I had a naughty idea I would blame it on Grassy. When I would sulk after being told off, Spicy and Grassy would make me see the error of my ways.

  7. I'm allergic to face paint, but I only found this out after going to the Disney Store when Mulan was about to be released in the cinema. You could choose between getting your face painted like Mulan's make up, or getting your face painted like her dog, Little Brother. Being the girly girl I am, I went for the dog. I looked FABULOUS, but then an hour later was crying at home with my mum scrubbing it off because I'm so allergic. She took pictures first though because, y'know, priorities. And no, you're not seeing them.

I thought I'd share some different facts- although I'll probably lose all my followers due to my sheer weirdness hahaha!
The Blogs I am nominating:
If you've been nominated before or whatever then whoops, sorry! But this is basically just my way of saying that I love your blogs! :)

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  10. Chelsea Potter
  11. Suitcase and Sandals
  12. Reaping Beauty
  13. AnnaLouise-M
  14. Meguana
  15. Emma By Design

23 March, 2015

Why Crumbcoating is so important | Cake Decorating for Beginners

In my last post in this series, I explained how to cover your cake in fondant. Something that I mentioned but didn't go in to too much detail about was crumb coating.

To some, crumbcoating is one of those annoying things that take up too much time when you just want to get on and play with your icing!!! But it really is important and I'll explain why:

  1. It helps to even out all those lumps and bumps- If you spread your buttercream icing and add a thicker coat in certain parts and a thinner coat in others, you could even out any lumps or bumps in your icing. That being said, it's always best to level out your cake first using a cake leveller or even just with a really sharp knife.
  2. It acts like a primer for your cake- For my beauty blogger friends, it's like applying primer to your face before you apply foundation. Your cake needs something to even it out and keep the icing on, so to add a crumbcoat will effectively "prime" your cake to do so.
  3. It is a god send for chocolate cakes with white icing- Depending on how thick you want your icing, often working with a chocolate cake and white fondant can be a nightmare, because the darkness of the chocolate cake can sometimes be seen through your fondant. If you crumbcoat it with vanilla buttercream, it will often help to hide the darkness of the chocolate cake and you won't be able to see anything underneath your perfectly white fondant. Hooray!

Crumbcoating a cake
Crumbcoating a cake
So now that I have hopefully sold to you why you should crumb coat your cake, let me share with you my top tips! :)

  • Always make sure that your cake is completely cool before you crumb coat. Otherwise your crumbcoat will look awful and melt!
  • Using a spatula, scoop up a "blob" of buttercream and put it on the top of your cake, then start smoothing it over the whole of the top.
  • When smoothing your buttercream over the cake, make sure your spatula ONLY touches the buttercream and doesn't touch the actual cake. This will lessen the risk of crumbs in your icing :)
  • If you find that your crumbcoat is actually pulling off bits of cake, this means your buttercream is too thick and you will need to thin it (you can add a dash of milk which should help)
  • Then coat the sides with buttercream and apply the same techniques as above, only letting the spatula touch the buttercream.
  • Once you have finished, use a scraper to scrape off any excess buttercream, leaving you a thin coat with no "peaks".
  • Once you have done your crumb coat, wait for it to dry completely before adding your fondant or whatever icing you will use.

Crumbcoating a cake
And there you have it, the perfect base for your fondant! I hope you found this helpful, let me know in the comments below! Also let me know if there are any other tips or tutorials you would like to see and I will see what I can do!

Enjoy your decorating!

20 March, 2015

10 things I'm trying to do more of in 2015 | Lifestyle

10 Things I'm Trying to do More of in 2015
After the success of my Disney Tag and my reflection posts I decided to do another lifestyle post, this time talking about some changes I've made in 2015 for the better! I am definitely one of those people who always says "this is the year I'm going to change my life!" and then go back to old habits on January 2nd. I definitely haven't been doing all of these things since January 1st, but I'm still proud of some of the changes I've made since then, big or small!

  1. Remembering old passions- I used to love drawing (as you can see in my picture above), reading, singing, writing. Then I grew up and went out to work and became "career focused" and forgot about all those passions. Last year I went through an awful, life-changing experience and realised that yes, a career is a wonderful thing to have but it is not the be all and end all. I know this is said a lot but no one ever dies and thinks "damn, I wish I worked more." So I've been dedicating time not only to baking and writing my blog, but to drawing pictures again, reading new books, singing- and it's been so much fun.

  2. Starting Couch to 5k- So I've spoken about this quite a lot so far on Twitter and Instagram and if you're fed up of it then I'm really sorry haha! But why do I talk about it so much? Because I am bloody proud of myself! Basically, I have never been into any sports or exercise of any form. I have always been chubby since I was a little girl and have always wished that I could get into some form of exercise. But it never happens... Until now! At the end of February, I decided really randomly that I was going to start running. I looked into the Couch to 5k and thought it would be perfect and so far I'm REALLY loving it! It slowly builds you up and you don't finish feeling crappy about yourself because you're so unfit. Hopefully I'll still be this enthusiastic about it when I finish the 9 weeks!

  3. Looking after my hair- Not that I ever DIDN'T look after my hair, but I've definitely been taking much better care of it. In November 2013 I had my hair cut to chin length and loved it, but now I miss having long hair and I want to grow it out before I go to Florida in June. I'm doing well, it's now at shoulder length and I definitely think that's due to the care I'm taking. I now only wash it every other day (I used to wash it every day) and am going to now try to wash it less than that, although I'll probably fail at that because I hate my hair even feeling slightly greasy! I also hardly ever use heat on my hair anymore apart from when I'm dressing up for something. Here's hoping for long luscious locks soon!

  4. Looking after my skin- Again, not that I wasn't, but just taking better care. I now make sure I take my make up off each night and try not to wear make up at the weekends so much. I have to wear make up for work (there's a checklist and everything), so it's nice to not have to wear it at the weekends sometimes!

  5. Being more blog organised- Okay so this I'm really proud of. I've become so much more organised with my blog, I'm scheduling posts here there and everywhere and it feels so good to not have to worry about whether or not I have any posts to publish! This was one of my goals from back in my first Reflection post, so I'm glad I've done it!

  6. Stop being so bloody shy/unconfident!- I feel that this is something a lot of bloggers talk about, but I do have an issue with self confidence. I am very shy and I find things like Twitter chats really unnerving. I've been really trying though and I've joined in with a lot of them and it's boosted my confidence! Everyone is so nice, it's just about making that first move.

  7. Be happy with what you've got- This is something I have definitely worked on. I used to be very "flighty", I would only stay in a relationship for max. 3-4 months before I'd panic about committing and end the relationship, which I feel very guilty about. I would have a million ideas and never stick with them as well. But now I'm much more settled and fairly happy with how my life is at the moment. I have a fantastic boyfriend who I have been with for over 18 months (and we live together- take that commitment issues!) and now I seem to stick with my ideas much more. It's made such a difference to my life just by becoming more settled. Warning, soppy remark coming up, but I'm pretty sure it's all to do with the stability my boyf gives me. N'aww.

  8. But never stop dreaming- While I am happy, I still want to keep dreaming. I still want to be able to come up with NEW things to enhance my life, dream new dreams, live my life to the full which is something I definitely don't do at the moment. I realised recently that my old dreams of being an animator or a children's book illustrator have faded away and now I don't dream as often as I should. I kinda thought that now I'm 22 it's too late and that's ridiculous! I've got SO much time, and it's time to start realising that and keep on dreaming. Now, shall I be a children's book illustrator or run my own cake business or both...?

  9. Spend more time with family- I live an hours drive away from my Dad and half an hours drive away from my sister. I don't see them as often as I should, so this year I've been making sure I see them more. It's made such a difference, my dad and I are closer, my 4 year old and nearly three year old nephews are less shy around me, and my sister and I get on much better. You should always make time for family. :)

  10. Do more for charity- This is a change I haven't yet made, but want to. Last year I helped out at a Help for Heroes event and it was so much fun. I really want to do more for charity to give back and help great causes. I held a bake sale at work for Red Nose Day, but I want to do more than that, so that's definitely something I'm looking into.

Have you made any changes for 2015? Big or small, tell me all about them in the comments! Also if you have any tips on any of the above to help me out, let me know either in the comments below or by emailing me or on twitter!
Sian xo

17 March, 2015

How to cover a cake with fondant | Cake Decorating For Beginners

If you've seen the majority of pretty cake designs, most of them will have covered their cakes with a layer of fondant. I've heard so many people say that they are intimidated by fondant, but don't be! I'm going to show you how easy it is to cover a round cake with fondant icing.

How to cover a cake with fondant

Step One: Crumbcoat your cake
Crumbcoating is really important because it will lock in any crumbs that might get loose and end up in your fondant, which won't look great! It'll also help keep your fondant stuck to your cake, so it won't come loose once it's dried!

The best way to crumb coat your cake is to use buttercream and cover your cake. I've seen a lot of cake decorators who liberally apply the buttercream, however I prefer to keep it light so that you don't end up having a sickly sweet cake. I've never had any problems with my crumbs getting out or my fondant not sticking to my cake so it works fine for me! However, if you have some lumps or bumps that need evening out or if you want to have a thicker coat of buttercream then go ahead. What ever works best for YOUR cake! :)

Another tip I have which some cake decorators may gasp at- don't worry if your crumb coat isn't perfect. Seriously, it's going to be covered in fondant so why does it matter? As long as your buttercream is not going to affect the way your fondant looks then don't worry too much about making it 100% perfect.

For this, I would use a spatula and then I would use a scraper to scrape off any excess buttercream that might cause lumps and bumps under my fondant.

Step Two: Measure your cake
With a ruler, measure your cake's height and width. This is important for making sure that your rolled fondant is going to be big enough to cover your cake. Tip: I always like to make sure I have WAY too much fondant- because at the end I can just cut off all the excess and re use it another time!.

How to cover your cake with fondant

Step Three: Roll out your fondant
Before you start working with your fondant, you might want to spread something like Trex on your work surface (but only a very thin layer or it'll be too slippery!) to stop the fondant from getting stuck to your work surface. I have used icing sugar before but it just doesn't do a good enough job!
Then, using a rolling pin, start to roll your fondant out. Remember that you will need to make sure it is big enough to cover the WHOLE of your cake with no gaps, so make sure you are rolling it both long and wide and measure it before you put it onto your cake.

How to cover a cake with fondant

Step Four: Add Fondant to cake!
Now comes the fun bit right?! Pick up a part of your fondant and attach it to your rolling pin. Then, roll your fondant up LOOSELY around your rolling pin, leaving a section hanging down. Pick up your rolling pin, and then unravel the fondant down over your cake so it is completely covered on all sections.

Step Five: Smooth out your fondant
Using your smoother, smooth the fondant on the top of your cake to make sure it is in place and then start to smooth the sides. You will need to pull the fondant tight to the cake to make it flat, and then smooth it out after that. You may end up with excess fondant, but that's okay, just cut it off!

For this, I would always use a smoother simply because your hands can leave marks or fingerprints in your fondant.

How to cover a cake with fondant

Step Six: Cut off Excess Fondant around the bottom
I know I just mentioned this, but just to explain further- cut off the excess around the bottom, but make sure you that you leave a straight edge and be careful not to cut the cake!

And that's it, you will have a perfectly covered cake! Working with fondant is not as scary as it can seem but does take some practice. If you don't want to waste a cake and want to practice with fondant, you can buy a cake dummy which you can use to lay the fondant over!

Sian's fondant tips:

  • Excess fondant is good, but make sure you don't roll your fondant too thin or it will tear while you lift it to cover the cake! 
  • Make sure your fondant doesn't dry out by wrapping it in clingfilm when you're not using it. 
  • If your fondant is drying out or cracking while you use it, work some Trex into it which will give it more moisture!
  • Once finished, store your cake in an airtight container to avoid the cake and the fondant from drying out! 

Please let me know in the comments below if you found this post helpful but also please feel free to tweet me @cakeydreamer, I'd love to see pictures of your fondant covered cakes or answer any questions! If you use instagram, feel free to use my hashtag #cakeydreamerbakes to show off your finished cakes!

13 March, 2015

Red Nose Day Bake Sale!

Myself and my colleague at work decided it would be a really fun idea to hold a bake sale to raise money for Comic Relief and Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief is a fantastic charity that raises money for people in the UK and Africa to help those in need. As I enjoy baking and my colleague does as well, we decided it would be the easiest way for us to raise money to help!

Red Nose Day Bake Sale

I made a few different things for the bake sale, such as Vanilla Cupcakes, Cherry Butter Cookies and the chocolate chip cookies you saw at the beginning of this week- as well as making some white chocolate ones to mix things up! My colleague made some strawberry oat flapjacks and White chocolate and red velvet fudge. Yum, right?! I'm definitely going to find that recipe from her.

To tell you a bit of information about me, I work as a Reception Manager in an office building. We had a donation of brownies from one of the ladies upstairs which tasted delicious, and everyone was so generous! I was also "live tweeting" the event on the building's twitter page and trying to use my contacts in the local area to come and buy cakes.

The End Result? We smashed our target!!! Our target was £50 (the building is still fairly new and so we don't have that many companies in the building so we decided to set it quite low), but we ended up raising £168! Absolutely fantastic! This makes me so happy because I love helping out charities, and Comic Relief does some absolutely wonderful work in the UK and in Africa.
If you live in the UK and would like to donate to Comic Relief, the link is here.

10 March, 2015

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
One of my favourite quick & easy treats to make are these delicious chocolate chip cookies.

The recipe for these cookies came from a baking book I have, called "Baking- On the table in 30 minutes". Most cookie recipes seem to take a really long time, you have to make the dough and then freeze it etc. etc., but these are quick and simple and would be perfect for any parents out there who want to make their kids a quick snack- or even anyone who wanted to bake cookies but doesn't want to take ages!


Before I go any further I just want to reiterate that this is NOT my recipe, it is taken from the book above which I have linked so you can buy it too!
  • 125g margarine
  • 175g plain flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 85g light muscovado sugar
  • 55g Caster Sugar
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 125g plain chocolate chips
  1. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and grease two baking sheets. Melt the margarine in a small saucepan or in the microwave.
  2. Place all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat until well combined.
  3. Place tablespoons of the mixture on the baking sheets and space them well apart.
  4. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.
  5. Then take them out and wait for them to cool!

My tips: The recipe says it makes 8 cookies, so I must be doing it completely wrong because I somehow made 24 cookies and all from the exact recipe above. Crazy. You could also experiment with using dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, whatever takes your fancy!

Let me know if you try this recipe, tweet me or let me know via Instagram, I'd love to see your cookies! :) You can even use the hashtag #cakeydreamerbakes!

08 March, 2015

Mich Turner's Cake Masterclass Book | Review

Hi everyone!
Recently I have bought quite a few books on baking and cake decorating and I also received some books as presents for my birthday and Christmas from friends and family. I thought it might be a nice idea to review these books for you and let you know if they are helpful or not- especially if like me, you are new to baking or cake decorating!
Mich Turner's Cake Masterclass Book Review
The first book I would like to review is Mich Turner's Cake Masterclass. For those of you who don't know of Mich, she is an idol to most cake decorators- some of her cakes are to absolutely die for. She has made cakes for royalty, celebrities, she owns her own company... She's just amazing and I for one definitely look up to her. So, perhaps I am a little bit biased when I say that I love this book. But I have more reasons than the fact I like the author!

Reason One: The Instructions- In the first part of the book, Mich writes how to bake cakes, different techniques to making a cake, how to make different types of icing, what certain terminologies mean... It's just really helpful. For a beginner like me, these instructions are so easy to follow and that for me is the main reason why I love this book. Some beginner's recipes can be quite patronising, but Mich doesn't sound patronising at all to me and I love that.

Reason Two: The Recipes- Which could be the same as Reason One, but honestly it's slightly different... :) Mich writes in the second part of the book her fabulous cake and icing recipes and they taste delicious. Her icing recipes are beautiful and I really must try her chocolate ganache because it makes my mouth water slightly just thinking about it.

Reason Three: The Cake Gallery- If you are unsure whether or not to buy this book, flick to the back and go through the Cake Gallery. It is beautiful and I REALLY want to recreate some of those cakes because they are simply stunning. It's the cake gallery that makes you realise why Mich is as successful as she is, because her cakes are just out of this world.

Reason Four: You can recreate the stunning cakes- Following on from Reason Three, you can actually recreate the cakes Mich has shown. A lot of cake decorators hold their cards close to their chest, simply because they don't want people copying their ideas, however Mich tells you how to recreate her cakes so that you can learn how she did it and use it when making your own cakes and I love that. At the back of the book there's even templates so you can trace them and use them on your cakes!

The price of this book is £25, which I would normally find expensive for a book but it does contain most of the information you will ever need for cake decorating. It genuinely has been so helpful to me and I absolutely LOVE it.

So does anyone else have this book? If you do, let me know what you think in the comments below- or let me know if you have any other books that you would like to recommend to me, I'm always open for suggestions!

03 March, 2015

The Disney Tag *squeeeee*

The Disney Tag
I saw this Disney Tag on The Lilac Scrapbook, which is a fab blog by Katy and thought I would give it a go as I'm a little bit of a Disney fan...

  1. Favourite Disney character
    Oh man, strong start. I'd probably say Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but I love so many characters that it feels so wrong to choose just one! :(

  2. Favourite Disney movie
    Beauty and the Beast, hands down. It's changed a lot when I was growing up but since I was a teenager it's definitely been batb. I just love the fact that it teaches you to look behind appearances and also that it's okay to be smart and like reading books!

  3. Favourite Disney scene
    I really love the scene at the end of Frozen where Anna saves Elsa. I think it genuinely is a powerful scene and the way it is animated and the way the music stops and it's suddenly very quiet, very still, very real. It still makes me feel just as emotional now as it did back then. Fantastic scene.

  4. Favourite Disney memory
    When I was 14, my mum took me to Disneyland Paris and we went to dine at Auberge De Cendrillon (link attached if you want to see pictures, it was beautiful), which loosely translates to Cinderella's Inn/Restaurant. Here is the only place in Disneyland Paris where you can dine and meet the Princesses at the same time (or at least it was when I last went, so feel free to update me in the comments!) and I was hoping, nay PRAYING that the Princess I would get would be Belle. I had never met Belle before at this point, so to meet her now would have been a dream come true. Somehow, the Disney Gods were smiling on me and it was Belle!!! I was SO excited and as she did her rounds I suddenly really needed to pee. Like, REALLY needed to. I didn't know what to do, did I go to the toilet and risk missing Belle or do I hold it and suffer? Eventually I decided my need was too great so I went to the toilet, and of course round she comes to our table. My mum asked Belle if she could come back in 5 minutes as I was in the toilet and would be devastated if I missed her. Belle graciously said yes and later on returned to our table. I just want to say that clearly Belle was expecting a child between the ages of 4-8 and came back to this beaming 14 year old who could barely contain her excitement. But it was amazing and I took photos with Belle and the Prince and I have never forgotten that she made the effort to come back to me. Phew, that was a long story!

  5. Favourite Disney song
    I love Be Our Guest and can sing NEARLY all the words. I know most Disney soundtracks by heart which should be deemed a bit sad but I'm pretty okay with it. I also love Part of your World. Also, have you ever heard On the Open Road from A Goofy Movie? You CANNOT be sad when you listen to that song.

  6. What is your go to Disney movie?
    I watch Cinderella a LOT. I think it's because it's fairly short, so it's not a huge commitment to sit down and watch it in the evenings and it's a nice and easy story to follow. Cinderella isn't my favourite princess though because I have strong opinions on the Cinderella that appears on merchandise. I won't go into it now, but feel free to ask. I love to talk about it.

  7. First trip to a Disney park
    Well the first time I went to Disneyland Paris was actually when I was 6 months old. My family had been through a rough patch and my dad decided to treat us all and celebrate our new family by taking everyone to DLP. Obviously I don't remember it, but I do know that we went for breakfast with Mickey and Minnie and Minnie took my pram and ran off to the other side of the restaurant with it to pretend to steal me. That's a story that is told a LOT by my mum and Dad, but again obviously I don't remember it!

  8. Favourite Disney park and ride
    See, I love Disneyland Paris but when I went to Walt Disney World, it was just incredible. Both are fantastic and I would go back to Disneyland Paris in a heartbeat, but Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is just insanely good. There are so many places to meet characters, which is something I always felt Disneyland Paris lacks a bit, you know? I met more characters in WDW in a week than I'd met at DLP in the 6 times I've been there. It was pretty darn good. As for favourite ride- either Peter Pan's Flight or the Dumbo ride for me. Both are great and take me back to my childhood. I can't go on rollercoasters as they affect my dizziness, so I have to only go on the small rides!

  9. Most emotional Disney moment
    The end part of Toy Story 3. I remember being in the cinema sobbing my heart out, trying to be as quiet as I could and I just FAILED. They all held hands guys. They held hands because they wanted to be together til the end and arrgghh man, seriously can feel myself welling up. That moment.

  10. If you could pick any Disney character to be your best friend, who would it be?
    Me and Punzie (Rapunzel) would just get on so well. I feel like of all the Disney characters, she is the one most like me so I feel like we'd be best pals. I'd also love to have Flounder as a best friend!

The Disney Tag
Another quick anecdote- last June when I went to WDW I met Elsa and Anna as you can see above. My sister had recently had a baby girl and called her Elsa, and I was telling them all about my beautiful niece. Elsa INSISTED on recording a message just for my niece, to tell her what to do if she discovered she too has ice powers and they told her that she would grow up to be a beautiful Princess. Obviously, she's too young to understand that yet but when she's older she's going to listen to Queen Elsa and Princess Anna telling her how beautiful she is, and that is just so amazing to me. They didn't have to do that at all, so the fact they did just makes my heart swell.

Feel free to do this Disney tag, and let me know if you've done it, I'd love to read yours! :)

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