13 March, 2015

Red Nose Day Bake Sale!

Myself and my colleague at work decided it would be a really fun idea to hold a bake sale to raise money for Comic Relief and Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief is a fantastic charity that raises money for people in the UK and Africa to help those in need. As I enjoy baking and my colleague does as well, we decided it would be the easiest way for us to raise money to help!

Red Nose Day Bake Sale

I made a few different things for the bake sale, such as Vanilla Cupcakes, Cherry Butter Cookies and the chocolate chip cookies you saw at the beginning of this week- as well as making some white chocolate ones to mix things up! My colleague made some strawberry oat flapjacks and White chocolate and red velvet fudge. Yum, right?! I'm definitely going to find that recipe from her.

To tell you a bit of information about me, I work as a Reception Manager in an office building. We had a donation of brownies from one of the ladies upstairs which tasted delicious, and everyone was so generous! I was also "live tweeting" the event on the building's twitter page and trying to use my contacts in the local area to come and buy cakes.

The End Result? We smashed our target!!! Our target was £50 (the building is still fairly new and so we don't have that many companies in the building so we decided to set it quite low), but we ended up raising £168! Absolutely fantastic! This makes me so happy because I love helping out charities, and Comic Relief does some absolutely wonderful work in the UK and in Africa.
If you live in the UK and would like to donate to Comic Relief, the link is here.

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