08 March, 2015

Mich Turner's Cake Masterclass Book | Review

Hi everyone!
Recently I have bought quite a few books on baking and cake decorating and I also received some books as presents for my birthday and Christmas from friends and family. I thought it might be a nice idea to review these books for you and let you know if they are helpful or not- especially if like me, you are new to baking or cake decorating!
Mich Turner's Cake Masterclass Book Review
The first book I would like to review is Mich Turner's Cake Masterclass. For those of you who don't know of Mich, she is an idol to most cake decorators- some of her cakes are to absolutely die for. She has made cakes for royalty, celebrities, she owns her own company... She's just amazing and I for one definitely look up to her. So, perhaps I am a little bit biased when I say that I love this book. But I have more reasons than the fact I like the author!

Reason One: The Instructions- In the first part of the book, Mich writes how to bake cakes, different techniques to making a cake, how to make different types of icing, what certain terminologies mean... It's just really helpful. For a beginner like me, these instructions are so easy to follow and that for me is the main reason why I love this book. Some beginner's recipes can be quite patronising, but Mich doesn't sound patronising at all to me and I love that.

Reason Two: The Recipes- Which could be the same as Reason One, but honestly it's slightly different... :) Mich writes in the second part of the book her fabulous cake and icing recipes and they taste delicious. Her icing recipes are beautiful and I really must try her chocolate ganache because it makes my mouth water slightly just thinking about it.

Reason Three: The Cake Gallery- If you are unsure whether or not to buy this book, flick to the back and go through the Cake Gallery. It is beautiful and I REALLY want to recreate some of those cakes because they are simply stunning. It's the cake gallery that makes you realise why Mich is as successful as she is, because her cakes are just out of this world.

Reason Four: You can recreate the stunning cakes- Following on from Reason Three, you can actually recreate the cakes Mich has shown. A lot of cake decorators hold their cards close to their chest, simply because they don't want people copying their ideas, however Mich tells you how to recreate her cakes so that you can learn how she did it and use it when making your own cakes and I love that. At the back of the book there's even templates so you can trace them and use them on your cakes!

The price of this book is £25, which I would normally find expensive for a book but it does contain most of the information you will ever need for cake decorating. It genuinely has been so helpful to me and I absolutely LOVE it.

So does anyone else have this book? If you do, let me know what you think in the comments below- or let me know if you have any other books that you would like to recommend to me, I'm always open for suggestions!


  1. I really love looking through baking books. I never buy any because they're always expensive! I'll buy some when The Book People come over.

    1. This one is really good- the best ones are the ones where they have a LOT of information in, but yes I agree they can be very expensive so I guess it has to be worth it!

  2. I'm trying to start baking more! I am a little obsessed with watching shows like Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars but I need a lot of practise with decorating!

    Jessica x


    1. I love shows like that too- There's also one called Amazing Wedding Cakes which is fab!! I've got lots of posts planned to help people get started, hopefully they might help you too! :) xx


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