24 April, 2015

My Journey to Fitness... Update!

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So last month I wrote a post about the beginning of my journey to getting fitter. I'm really loving exercising and eating healthier and I'm enjoying sharing my journey with you!
After my last post, I decided it was about time I upped my game. I'd done well, but the clock is ticking and time is running out before I go on holiday. I may still have just under two months, but I'm hoping to lose 2 stone, so I need to put in a LOT of hard work. It has been hard, I'm not going to lie, and I am SO grateful to all my fab blogging friends like Amy for helping to spur me on and keep me motivated.
What did I do this month?

  1. Started exercising every day which actually I really enjoyed. I didn't do anything too strenuous, I still only ran 3 times a week but I started doing strength exercises with dumbells each night and doing different workout videos, basically to try and help move those extra pounds along!
  2. Using bigger weights to help with weight loss and building muscle, I started off with 1kg because I was so scared of using dumbells and moved on to 2.5kg, but after talking to Corinne I ended up buying EVEN BIGGER weights and I'm now doing 5kg!
  3. COMPLETED COUCH TO 5K! I am so happy with this, I literally loved every second and I will definitely continue and move onto 5k to 10k, but first I want to concentrate on becoming confident with running for 30 minutes before I move on to longer runs which is a tip I got from Lou!
  4. Starting the 30 day Ab Challenge which has been TOUGH. I'm not expecting it to work miracles but it's mainly so I get better at doing things like sit ups and leg raises etc. So far I've been doing really well although it's making me so sore!

My updated loss is 11cms on my waist and 15cms on my hips, so it is definitely an improvement from last month! In terms of weight, my scales are telling me I've put on half a stone but I am going to assume that this is muscle as I have been doing so well with my eating and fitness- plus my measurements are constantly going down every week!

Next month I'm going to try some longer runs, and keep going with the exercise and healthy eating. I'm thinking of joining a gym but I just don't know if I'd end up going so I'm not 100% sure it would be worth it. Less than 2 months to go now though so I need to work hard!

Let me know of any fitness and healthy eating tips you may have, I do genuinely enjoy reading everyone's tips and comments!

Also- I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who has listened to my questions, moans and "yay"s about my fitness like the lovely ladies I've linked above- it means a lot! And also a big thanks to everyone reading this for following along with my fitness/weight loss journey!


  1. Wow, that is some mega cm loss!

    How you finding the heavier weights?

    Good luck with the rest of your journey. I'm glad you enjoyed running, you'll be doing 10k in no time!

    Corinne x
    Good luck

    1. Thanks! I've been working really hard, so I'm glad it's paying off haha. I just kinda wish I'd shift lbs!

      They're much harder, but good! I struggled at first but I'm finding them better each time. I'm starting to move on to 10k now, I'm finding that my legs ache but I never feel exhausted so I think I can carry on and run further each time!

      Thank YOU for your help! :) xx


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