15 May, 2015

Disney Trip Adventures- My top tips on Meeting Characters

If you read my previous post in this mini-series, The Princess Challenge, you will know that my good friend Jess asked if I would consider doing some posts on my Disney trips in the past. It really doesn't take much to get me to talk about Disney, so I agreed!
Top Tips for meeting Disney characters!

One of my favourite parts of going to Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris is meeting the characters. It's so much fun to fully immerse yourself in the magic of Disney and pretend that everything is real. Sometimes I genuinely DO forget that these are just actors playing the parts, especially with characters like Mickey Mouse. I know for some people, especially if you're not a Disney fanatic, it might be hard to let yourself go but it really does create some magical memories.

So, here are MY top tips for meeting the characters:
  • Look up the timetables of the characters- You can either use the apps that each Disney Resort has or use the leaflets that you can pick up at the park entrances. They're really useful for letting you know when and where your favourite characters will be around!
  • Try and get there early- But be aware that a lot of people will have the same idea as you, so you might still have to queue.
  • Or use Fastpass!- I'm not sure if this is an option in Disneyland Paris because I haven't been there in 5 years (*heartbroken*), but definitely for Walt Disney World you can use your fastpasses to skip the queues at character meet and greet locations!
  • Try and think of fun questions for them- They will be more than happy to answer them! Part of the fun is having a conversation with your favourite character. For example, ask Belle how the Beast is, or even what her favourite book is. Ask Cinderella's step sisters if they've ever been invited to Cinderella's Castle. These little things will definitely add some more fun- especially if you're taking children with you!
  • Don't try to catch them out- Woody, Jessie and Buzz DO NOT drop to the ground if you yell Andy's coming. It just annoys them and the cast member looking after them. Similarly, don't try and make the actor "trip up" so that they say something out of character. You wouldn't like it if someone made YOU mess up at work for their own entertainment.
  • Don't be embarrassed, no matter how young/old you are- This is something I am very guilty of, I often queue up to meet characters and feel like everyone is looking at me because I'm an adult. They're really not. I must say that in Walt Disney World, the amount of couples we saw without children was a LOT, compared to when I've been to Disneyland Paris. But no matter where I've been, there have always been other adults queuing to meet the characters. Don't worry about what other people may or may not think, and just have fun!

If you have any tips, feel free to leave them in the comments below! I hope you've found them helpful, especially if like me you will be visiting a Disney park soon!


  1. Brilliant post my lovely! 100% with you on the not being embarrassed fact, though something that always embarrasses me is that I start crying (I dunno why - I'm stupidly emotional!) just before meeting Mickey, everytime haha! In a good way obviously but it can be a little embarrassing and I can't stop myself.
    Also, I am almost certain that you can't use fast passes for character meetings at DLP, though perhaps you can at the Princess Pavilion and Meet Mickey.

    - Danielle xo

    1. Thank you! I used to get really embarrassed but now I don't care haha. I completely get why you cry though, I completely forget that it ISN'T Mickey Mouse every time!
      Thank you for letting me know about the fastpasses for DLP, I'll update it! :) xx

  2. Great post! I love the photos too. I went to Disney World Florida for my 21st and was going round trying to meet them all haha, even got Ariel to write happy birthday too, life made! ;)


    1. Thank you! Aw that's so cute! I'm going back to Florida in one month today *eek* and I'm determined to meet them all!!xx

  3. This is such a helpful post, thank you! I didn't really meet many characters when I went to Florida last summer, although I remember meeting loads in Paris when I was 10. Perhaps next time I go, I will try and find more to get involved. I loved seeing what different outfits minnie would wear though in the parades! Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

    1. I'm glad you found it helpful! Minnie has a surprising amount of outfits, and they're always so glamorous haha! xx


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