19 June, 2015

Chocolate Dreams Cake

Chocolate Dreams Cake
Most people love chocolate. I am one of those people and I've always wanted to make a REALLY chocolatey cake. A close family friend wasn't too well recently so I made her a cake and took it as my chance to finally make my chocolate cake, without me ending up eating the whole thing and ruining my diet pre-Florida!

The cake itself was a chocolate cake, covered with chocolate buttercream (which didn't come out as dark as I'd hoped, but actually looked really nice). I then added chocolate sprinkles and chocolate hearts (not made by me, thanks Dr Oetker!) to add finishing touches.

Again, like some of my previous cakes, it's not the most fancy cake but I often prefer those cakes. Plus I haven't actually made a completely buttercream cake in a long time and ended up not being sure what else to add!

Are you a chocolate lover? Is this cake your dream, or would you rather have a fondant covered cake?

Chocolate Dreams Cake


  1. Oh yum! Chocolate, fondant... any kind of sugar filled sweet treat gets my vote!! x

    Laura | Loved By Laura

    1. Thank you! Haha, I agree, I have such a sweet tooth! xx


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