26 June, 2015

My Favourite Blogs

I've wanted to do this post for a while but just haven't got round to it, so I thought now was finally the right time to do it! Over the past 6 months (wow, 6 months!) that I've been blogging, I've made some fab blogging friends but also found a wide variety of different blogs that I just adore and I'd love to share with you guys!


The first ever cake blog I found, Rosie makes the most amazing cakes. If you are into cake decorating, PLEASE check out her blog, it is so amazing. She's an inspiration!

The Disney Chef

Jerusha's blog is one of the first I ever read, months before I started blogging myself. Last year I went to Walt Disney World and had this amazing cocktail called the Magic Star. It was amazing and I wanted to try and make it at home. Well, by that, I mean get my boyfriend to make it for me. Anyway, I googled it and I found Jerusha's blog, The Disney Chef. She recreates classic WDW dishes and tells you how to make it too, so that you can recreate the magic at home! Her blog is fab for any Disney lovers!

Jess Casillas

Jess is one of the first bloggers I started talking to and she's always been so lovely! Her blog is filled with lots of different style posts, from beauty to travel and lifestyle. She is also a Disney fan and we will hopefully be doing the Disneyland Paris RunDisney Half Marathon! Definitely check out her blog if you like a wide variety of posts, which I definitely do!

Underland to Wonderland

I love Danielle's blog! It is so different to everyone else's, from Disney posts to posts about making dog-friendly pancakes, I have literally never read a post that I didn't enjoy. It's nice to read something different and Danielle is the nicest person. Plus, she's a huge Disney fan and that's always a winner in my books!

Tres Petite

Amy's blog is another that doesn't just stick to a niche but instead posts about lots of different topics. You can find beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts and they're always really interesting! Amy has also been really fab at helping me stay motivated with my weight loss/fitness journey and I'm glad that I've also been able to help her too! :) Her blog went through a makeover last month, so it's looking all shiny and new!

Cake Crumbs and Pages

Jess's blog is perfect for any food lovers out there, as she posts some fab recipes and creations! However like me, she also does lifestyle posts too which is a great way to mix it up. Her truffle recipe which she posted a few months ago looks delicious and I know you will agree with me when you see it!

Kirsty Talks

Kirsty's blog is another that I found not long after I started blogging and I've really enjoyed all of her posts! A lot of her posts are really funny and she's good at making posts that you can really relate to- I know I always do!

Skinned Cartree

Corinne has some really fab posts on her lifestyle blog and she often has some great blogging tips which I always really enjoy reading. She also has a fitness blog which I actually spent a whole afternoon reading one day because it was so interesting. She's been really helpful with my fitness questions- go check out her blogs now!

Bake then Eat

Emma's blog is another that I found not long after I started blogging, and WOW does she make some yummy food. As well as making cakes and sweet treats, she also often makes savoury dishes and they all look absolutely delicious!

La Coco Noire

I only found Katie's blog a while ago now, but I already love it. Her photography is gorgeous, which is pretty obvious as she's a photographer, but when you see them you will understand what I mean. Her photos really draw you in! Her posts are always really interesting as well, I don't think I've read a single one I didn't enjoy!

These aren't all my favourite blogs, we'd be here all day if I wrote about all of them, but they were ones I wanted to share with those of you who read my blog. Make sure you head on over and check them out! :) If you have any blogs you think I should check out, leave them in the comments below!


  1. Aw you absolute little star! Nothing like kicking my day off the right way - thank you so much!! You are literally the sweetest!!! <3


    1. You're welcome, I mean every word! :) xx

  2. You really are a sweetheart! Thank you for the mention, it means so so much. xx

    1. You're so welcome! I always read your blog! xx

  3. Aww! Thanks so much for the mention Sian. So glad you're enjoying the blog, I hope you continue to enjoy it and I also hope you're having the most amazing time in Florida. I can't wait to read all about it when you return! xx

    1. Thank you, I had the most amazing time! You're welcome, your blog is fab! xx


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