16 June, 2015

What's in my Hand Luggage? | Lifestyle

What's in my hand luggage?
This is a really different post for me than what I normally do, but I felt that it would be a fun little post to do before I go away on holiday tomorrow *excitement*. For a while, I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas of what to take in my hand luggage to try and stop me from getting bored, as last year's flight to Florida dragged SO badly. I wanted to try and avoid that as much as I could without ending up taking too much stuff!

  1. Phone- A pretty obvious one, so I can keep in touch with people! I'm going to try really hard to stay away from social media, all my blog posts and tweets etc. are all scheduled so I'm going to turn off the notifications and try my best to stay away from everything! I will probably fail, but here's hoping!

  2. Notebook & Pen- In case I get bored and want to jot stuff down. This is actually my blogging notebook, so I'm hoping I'll be able to think of some ideas for posts for when I get back! (P.S., I love this notebook because it's just a plain notebook- but then I made a little floral cover for it so it looks all pretty!). The pen I bought in Walt Disney World last year. It's hard to write with but it's so pretty!

  3. Confirmations etc.- I won't be taking the folder with me, just the bits and pieces that we need- but I tell ya, that folder is full of stuff. I'm pretty sure Dan must be sick of it by now because it's literally organised into different sections. I love it. I should definitely be a holiday planner.

  4. Headphones- We're flying with Virgin and obviously you get the headphones so you can watch films etc., but last year I found the headphones were too big for my head and it was SO annoying to have to keep readjusting. This year I'll just take my own!

  5. Passport- Another pretty obvious one as I'm going to be leaving the country! I'd tell you where I got the passport cover from, but I actually don't remember- sorry! I'm sure you can find one just like it on Amazon or somewhere though.

  6. Eye Mask/Sleep Mask- Or whatever you want to call it. I'm really hoping I'll be able to sleep on the plane this year to help speed up the journey. Our flight leaves late morning, which is good as you don't have to rush around at stupid o'clock, but bad because it's SO light outside. I'm hoping this sleep mask will do the trick! Surprisingly, it's definitely black out even though the colour is so light and it's really soft! I bought this from Amazon.

  7. Kindle- In case I get bored of watching the films or TV programmes, I'm hoping I'll find a good book to read. If I get really into a book, I will happily sit there for hours reading it so fingers crossed! Please recommend any good ones that you like in the comments!

  8. Bach's Rescue Remedy Spray- I don't think I've ever mentioned this on my blog before but occasionally I get panic attacks. Not as bad as some people thankfully, but they're always pretty horrendous. I've found that this spray helps to calm me down, so I always like to have it on me just in case I feel one coming on. It's all herbal so nothing bad. I can't guarantee it will work for anyone else as I'm definitely not a doctor, but it does help me. It's also only 20ml so within keeping of the British 100ml limit!

  9. Tissues- Sometimes you need to blow your nose. 'Nuff said.

  10. Purse- Another fairly obvious one, because you need money! My purse is from Hot Topic, my mum's American penpal sent it to me very kindly last year and I felt it was very fitting for this holiday!

  11. Camera- Not featured in this picture because I had to use it to take the picture! I'm really afraid of losing my luggage and I'd be so upset if I lost my camera. It's not a super duper one, but it's still a good camera, so I'll be keeping that on me for sure!

  12. Magazines- Also not featured in the picture because I haven't bought them yet! But I'm hoping they will also entertain me if everything else fails. Can you tell I was bored out of my brain last year?!

What do you like to take on holiday with you? If you have any ideas of anything else I can do on the plane to help stop me getting bored, let me know in the comments below! As I mentioned before, I will be trying to stay away from all social media, but I will reply to any comments, emails, tweets, facebook messages, etc. when I get back so feel free to still message me!


  1. I haven't been on a long haul flight since I was about 11 so fortunately I don't have too much time on a plane to get bored stiff. I do tend to use my Kindle a lot whilst away. I got through 3 books in a week aha. The last book I read was called The Rosie Project and I highly recommend it, it's brilliantly written.

    Have a great holiday! (I'm not jealous at all) xx


    1. I actually ended up falling asleep for most of both flights so this list was kind of mute haha! I'll definitely look into The Rosie Project though, thank you for the recommendation!
      And thank you, I had a wonderful time! xx

  2. Seems like a great hand luggage haul! Not sure what else I'd take to be honest.

    Stay away from the social media! Turn your wi-fi off! Enjoy Disney! Have fun!

    1. Thank you! Haha, actually my phone broke the night before we left so it forced me to stay away from social media etc. It was actually really nice to get away from it all! xx

  3. Great post I am really contemplating getting a kindle because I love reading but is it the same as a real book? I recently wrote a similar post it would be great if you could check it out http://www.confessionsofateenageblog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/what-to-pack-in-your-carry-on.html?m=1

    1. I'll definitely read your post, thank you! I much prefer reading a real book, but a Kindle is definitely good for things like travelling etc! xx


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