29 July, 2015

My Recent Baking Haul!

Sometimes I like to do things that I see other bloggers do a lot, and add a little cakey twist- like I did recently with my Cakey Wishlist! So when I recently treated myself to a few small baking bits, I thought I'd write a haul post! (Which funnily enough, doesn't feature anything that was on my wishlist. Maybe next month?!)

Cupcake Corer
I haven't used this yet but I'm really excited to! It takes out the core of your cupcake so that you can fill it with frosting- I'm thinking of trying Salted Caramel filled cupcakes, they sound delicious and I always see them on Pinterest!
Cupcake Cases
I'm really into cupcakes at the moment, can you tell? I saw these cute cupcake cases in Lakeland and I decided to snap them up. They'll make the cutest summer themed cupcakes! I'm also thinking they would be great for Princess themed cupcakes!
Square Cake Tin
I've been looking for these for so long and I finally decided to buy one- I was just being a bit stingy before and putting it off! I'm excited that it will allow me to do a few more shapes for cakes so maybe I can make some new designs. It also means I'm going to have to conquer being able to cover a square cake with fondant, so maybe once I've figured it out that could lead to a new tutorial maybe?!
Gel Food Colouring
So to top off my cupcakes, I'm going to add some different coloured frostings, and these are an excellent way of adding colour. Obviously you can get liquid food colouring, but I find that these pastes add a bigger "pop" of colour, whereas the liquid ones I've ever tried seem to make a duller, darker colour.

Not the biggest haul, but I'm certainly going to have fun trying out all of these new additions to my baking collection. I actually need to get bigger storage for it all, it's overflowing a little bit!

I'd also like to take this quick chance to ask YOU what you'd like to see on Cakey Dreamer- I'd like to do some more cake decorating tutorials, but I'd love to know what kind of tutorials you would like me to do, so leave your ideas below! :)

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