03 July, 2015

Workout Tips for Beginners

Workout tips for beginners

If you've been reading my blog for the past few months, you will know that in February I decided to start getting fit. If I'm honest, I don't know what spurred me on to start, apart from my determination to lose weight for my holiday to Walt Disney World. I read some really helpful websites when I first started, so I thought I'd give it a go myself to help anyone who is thinking of starting or has just started!

  1. Make sure you enjoy what you're doing- When I first started doing exercise, I followed a million "fitspiration" accounts on Instagram and Tumblr, made an exercise board on Pinterest and basically did whatever they told me to do. I thought Yoga sounded good, so I did that because everyone on these accounts was doing it. I hate Yoga. I'm not good with the whole sitting still and concentrating on your breathing, I like to be doing something. Eventually I stopped because I realised, if you don't like it, you don't want to do it. However, I love running and lifting weights, so I concentrated on that instead!

  2. You need Protein- Which I wasn't getting much of when I first started. My mentality was definitely "I can eat what I like because I'll work it off", but that's so wrong. Chances are, you won't work it off and you won't see proper results. Your body needs good food inside it to give it the energy it needs for your workouts. So eat well! But also, don't completely cut out things you love, you'll be miserable!

  3. It's not going to work overnight- Unfortunately. It will be a while before you start seeing results, but when you do it will feel so worth it!

  4. "No Pain, No Gain" is NOT true- I read this and was really surprised because you see it everywhere, but this is actually not true... to a certain extent anyway. Yes, if you use muscles that haven't been used for a while then you will feel sore- but you shouldn't feel pain while you're working out. If you are, something is wrong and you should stop. If you feel sore the next day, that's a different matter! (Also, if you're eating protein then your muscles will repair quicker)

  5. Don't put too much pressure on yourself- Which is something I definitely did at the start. Don't feel like you need to work out every day, because you will burn yourself out. When I first started running, I was so worried that I was going too slow, until I read "No matter how slow you run, you're still lapping everyone on the couch", which is so true, and applies to everything. Even if you're only lifting 2.5kg weights, that's still more than someone who never lifts any weights. Be proud, no matter how far along on your journey you are.

Please note that these are just my opinions, I'm not a personal trainer or anything like that, I just know what I've been told and found out myself. If you have any tips, let us know in the comments below! :)

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