30 August, 2015

Reflecting back on August

Reflecting on August
At the end of each month, I like to reflect back on any achievements and set new goals for the next month. As a relatively new blogger and a intermediate cake decorator, I think it's good to set goals and think about what went well and what didn't! Plus, it'll be good to look back at the reflections at the end of 2015. If you'd like to read my monthly reflections so far, you can see them all here.

I feel like I did quite a lot this month actually, which is good! I spent time with my family, I met up with old friends, visited some beautiful places like Hampton Court Palace- phew! I've had a really, really good month though and I feel very happy at the moment!

August's Accomplishments

  • New look for Cakey Dreamer!- Not really an accomplishment, but I love my new look thanks to Aly and I'm working harder than ever on this blog- hopefully you are noticing the subtle changes I'm making! :)

  • Creating a Castle out of cake- Which you can see here! I said in my last reflection post that I wanted to try making some more daring cakes and this was definitely the hardest cake I've ever made. It's not perfect but I love it and I'm super proud!

  • Plucking up the courage to post some of my drawings- I've wanted to do that for ages, but have always felt a bit self conscious, so I'm glad I finally felt brave enough to do it- and you guys were so kind about them, so thank you!

September's Goals

  • Continue building my Cakey knowledge- I really enjoyed trying to make the castle cake, so I'd like to try and make some other bigger cakes too. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

  • Get more crafty!- Towards the end of last year, I was really into sewing and paper crafts, but blogging and cake decorating kinda took over and those hobbies took a back seat. I don't want to push too much on myself but I'd like to try and do a bit more crafting!

I find it really helpful to set myself goals, especially because it feels amazing when you actually achieve them! What goals do you set yourself?

28 August, 2015

Hollywood Studios

Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios
I hope you're still enjoying all of my posts about my recent trip to Walt Disney World! If you haven't seen the previous posts, you can find those here.

If you like the movies and want to feel like you're in Hollywood, Hollywood Studios are for you! As soon as you walk in, the showtunes are playing and the scenery looks like you are in the home of the movies! Now... this may be a bit surprising as I love everything about Walt Disney World (and I do), but I'm not a huge fan of Hollywood Studios. It's okay, but it's nothing to write home about. It used to be, but it seems that they are closing a lot of things down to make way for new things- so until they come out, it's a little bit boring. Sorry Disney!

But, there are still some things worth doing in Hollywood Studios, so I thought I'd still write a post on my top things to do anyway! So without further ado-

The Great Movie Ride
According to my friend, this used to be THE ride at Hollywood Studios before Toy Story Midway Mania stole that title. It is a good ride, taking you through some of the biggest films, from westerns to horror to musicals. It is a fun ride and it is kind of interactive as well. It could probably do with an update though, a lot of the film references are getting a bit old and younger audiences just won't get them.

Star Tours
Probably the best ride we went on, Star Tours is a simulator ride which takes you on a Star Wars adventure. One of the coolest things about this ride is that there's over 50 adventures, so you can keep riding again and again and it's quite unlikely you will experience the same adventure twice! I'm also not a huge fan of Star Wars but I still enjoyed it anyway, so don't worry if you're not a big fan!

Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage
I have a love hate relationship with this show. I've seen it both times I've been to Walt Disney World and I do love it because I love Beauty and the Beast, but there are some things in the show that bug me. For example, in the film we all know Belle left the Beast to return to her father and then comes back, to which he says "you came back!". But in this show, he still says that line, but she never left. It just doesn't make sense, but I guess they just assume we all know the story so it doesn't matter. I know I'm being way too picky but it's my favourite film so I feel I'm allowed!

Muppet Vision 3D
I'm a huge Muppet fan, so anything with Muppets is a winner for me. This is a really fun show in which Kermit shows you their new 3D show and of course in true Muppet style, things begin to go wrong. My friend told me they might be closing this down though, which will be a real shame! :(

These are my favourite things that we experienced, I've also heard that Toy Story Midway Mania is fantastic, but we couldn't get fastpasses and the queue was a bit too long! And of course, there's the Tower of Terror and Rock'n'Roller Coaster, both of which I can't experience because of my dizziness :( But let me know what they're like!

If you've been to Hollywood Studios, what did you think of it? I think they're planning lots of improvements for it, so I'll be interested to see what it's like when it's finished! Until then, if you do visit, definitely check out my top things to do!

25 August, 2015

Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Cheeseburger Cupcakes
I love burgers. Seriously, just ask any of my friends, whenever I go out for dinner I will nearly always order a burger! So when I saw Nerdy Nummies' cheeseburger cupcakes, I knew I just had to try them for myself!

Although they took a while to make, they were pretty easy! The burger bun is made from vanilla cupcakes, the beef patty is a brownie and the cheese is yellow buttercream icing. In Nerdy Nummies' version, she also adds red icing for ketchup, but I left this out- I don't really know why, I guess because I never have ketchup in my burgers! She also uses coconut shavings for the lettuce, but coconut isn't a big love in our house so I used white chocolate shavings and added green food colouring! Then for the sesame seeds, I added white sprinkles and put a cocktail stick through them to keep them together- plus it makes it look even more like mini hamburgers!

P.S., do you know how tedious it is to sift through coloured sprinkles trying to sort out ONLY the white ones? Very. Very tedious. Totally worth it though.

If you want to try them, I definitely recommend watching Nerdy Nummies' video to learn how! I think they're perfect for maybe a post barbecue snack or maybe for a children's birthday party! What do you think?

23 August, 2015

Fitness Update- August

In February this year, I decided to start getting fitter and try to lose some weight ready for my holiday. Since then, most months I've written an update on my fitness, letting you guys know the highs and lows of my journey! You can read the previous posts here.

I've had a really bad couple of months with fitness, to be completely honest! I've been really trying to push myself back into it as I said last month, but I haven't been doing so well. My problem is, I often think "oh well, one bad day isn't going to hurt", but then that one bad day turns into a bad week and then that's turned into a bad month. I think because I no longer have the holiday to work towards, my main goal and motivation has now gone, even though I was trying to tell myself that this was a long term thing rather than just for the holiday.

I weighed myself today and I've put on 4lbs. I'm not happy with that at all and I was SO proud of my achievements before the holiday. Luckily, I managed to lose 4lbs while on holiday because of the amount of walking we did, so I'm pretty much where I was before the holiday so I'm not too far behind.

So, what now? I'm going to try and really push myself. I'm about to start researching healthy and easy meals to take to work for lunches (Because I've been so bad recently at going to Pret every day and it's not helping my bank balance either!) because I think that will help a LOT, and Dan and I are going to find some healthy dishes for dinners too. Breakfast is another weak point for me, so I'm going to try and find some quick meals to eat in the morning to keep me full until lunch. Feel free to suggest things for me! :)

In terms of exercise, my previous exercise plan that I wrote just wasn't fun or interesting enough, so I'm rewriting that to give me a nudge and hopefully make it a bit more fun again! I used to really enjoy exercise and I'm sure that once I get myself back into it, I'll start loving it again. I'm going to make myself go the gym 5 times a week for a while to try and get back into the habit of exercise. I think a lot of my problem is that I was in such a habit of eating healthy and exercising that once I stopped it all just went wrong. I might be wrong, but I'm hoping that rebuilding the habit will be the key to my success!

So, yes. I haven't been doing very well at all. Feel free to tweet me all of the motivational quotes and give me a kick up the bum! ;)

21 August, 2015


Walt Disney World's Epcot
I hope you're still enjoying all of my posts about my recent trip to Walt Disney World! If you haven't seen the previous posts, you can find those here.

I LOVE Epcot. Magic Kingdom is definitely my number 1 favourite, but Epcot is a very close second. I love the Futuristic parts of it but most of all I love the World Showcase. To be able to explore "countries" from all over the world is so much fun and I love that you can buy things from those countries!
Again, like with the Magic Kingdom, I could go on and on about Epcot, but instead I will list my top things to do!

Spaceship Earth
This is an educational ride which explores communication through time, from how we communicated as Cavemen to how we communicate now. It could do with a bit of an update if I'm honest, it kinda stops at computers and we have so much more now. But the best part of this ride is that you go up inside the huge "golf ball" which Epcot is so well known for.

Test Track by Chevrolet
If you like a thrill, this ride is for you! Test Track allows you to design your very own car down to the fine details and then test it out! Obviously you can't ride in YOUR car that you designed, you ride in their dummy cars but it does tell you at the end how your car would have fared. The dummy car is put through a series of tests that involve lots of twists and turns... then it's time to test how fast it can go! I loved this ride, it often has long queues though so if you can definitely use a Fastpass!

World Showcase
This is one point simply because the entire thing is worth doing. The World Showcase consists of lots of different "countries", designed to make you feel like you are actually visiting! The countries include the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Africa, China, Japan and more. Each part has a themed restaurant that serves local cuisine- for example, United Kingdom has an English pub that serves Fish and Chips or Shepherd's Pie. I *love* Mozart chocolates which you can only find in Germany (please do correct me if I'm wrong on that!) but I found them in the World Showcase and I snapped them up! Definitely worth taking a long look around!

Which is probably on everyone's list. Soarin' is a simulator that makes you feel like you are flying over California. I love that they make you actually smell everything, like the pine needles etc. as you fly over, it does make it feel so real! Not for anyone who has a fear of heights or flying. Although actually I'm afraid of heights and I was fine!

So those are my top things to do! I know most of you are probably thinking "WHERE'S MISSION SPACE?!" but I didn't do that because of my dizziness so I don't feel like I can recommend it haha! I've heard it's incredible though so if you have done it, please recommend in the comments!

Am I making you want to visit Florida yet? ;)

16 August, 2015

Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace
Recently, my mum's American friend has come to visit us. It's her first trip to the UK and she's been so excited which has been really lovely to see- often I think we all take for granted how many amazing things the UK has to offer, so it's nice when you see it all through someone else's eyes!

One of the places we took her to see was Hampton Court Palace. For those of you who don't know, this was King Henry VIII's main home and houses a lot of memorabilia of his time, as well as King George II and Queen Elizabeth I. I used to live not far from Hampton Court, so I visited there a lot when I was younger, so to revisit was really lovely. Plus, I've read a lot of fictional books recently by Philippa Gregory all about King Henry's time and so it was really interesting to imagine the stories in the actual palace. Maybe that's a bit sad, but I enjoyed it anyway!

I think one of my favourite parts was to see where all the Kings and Queens lived, as in their bedrooms or "apartments" as I believe they were called back then. I really enjoyed all of it to be honest, although there were some rooms that had nothing but paintings in them and to be honest, I kinda found those a bit boring! I don't want to ramble on too much about it though, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves :)
Hampton Court Palace
The Fountain Courtyard- doesn't it look pretty?!

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace
I love grand staircases- especially ones with paintings like that!

Hampton Court Palace
This is the table where King Henry VIII and his wife (whichever one he had at the time haha) would sit during banquets. I kind of expected it to be grander!

Hampton Court Palace
The Privy (Private) Gardens- aren't they gorgeous?! They lead down to the River Thames just beyond the fountain. They're so beautiful, I'd love to have gardens to walk around in like these!

Hampton Court Palace
The back of Hampton Court Palace and some of the Privy Gardens.

Do you like visiting any historical places? Let me know which ones you love to visit! If you don't live in the UK, what historical places do you have in your country? I'd love to know!

14 August, 2015

Walt Disney World Must Do's: My favourite restaurants!

Yep, another post about my recent trip to Walt Disney World! If you'd like to see the others, you can find them all here.

So, if you're going to Walt Disney World, you'll find that there are a LOT of restaurants and it can be so difficult to decide where to go! I thought I'd give you a rundown of my personal favourite restaurants to visit! (Note that this list doesn't include Be Our Guest or Cinderella's Royal Table because I've reviewed those separately- but they are my top 2!)

Downtown Disney's Rainforest Cafe
1. Rainforest Cafe
Actually there are two of these, one in Downtown Disney and one in Animal Kingdom. Both are fabulous. I love the Rainforest Cafe so much, so I will always recommend it. They serve amazing food (we recommend their Chicken Caesar Salad!) and the atmosphere is so much fun, dining in the jungle amongst "real" animals, like elephants and gorillas. Every now and then there is a thunderstorm which makes the animals very noisy! If you go to the one in Downtown Disney, they have a bar called the Lava Lounge which looks out onto a lake (as you can see below). We loved going there in the evenings when it was cooling off, it was so relaxing. The staff in the bar are really chatty and friendly too! (P.S if you're heading to London anytime soon, there's a Rainforest Cafe in Piccadilly!)

Downtown Disney View from Rainforest Cafe

Downtown Disney's T-Rex Restaurant
Downtown Disney's T-Rex Restaurant
2. T-REX
In Downtown Disney and made by the same people who own Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex is basically the same principle, but instead of dining in the jungle, you're dining with dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. Every now and then there is a meteor shower, which makes all the walls change colours and the dinosaurs become noisy. It is very similar to the Rainforest Cafe with the food and drinks but it is definitely worth it. Plus, this is the ONLY T-Rex restaurant in the entire world, so that's pretty cool right?

3. Planet Hollywood
If you want to pretend to be a movie star, Planet Hollywood is totally for you. When you arrive, you'll get your photo taken on the red carpet before being taken inside to the restaurant, which is FILLED with movie memorabilia. The food is really good, I love their burgers and the cocktails are amazing. (There is also a Planet Hollywood in London, but I've heard it's not very good. I haven't been myself though so that could be wrong!)
EDIT: I have now been and it definitely IS wrong, you can see my post about the London Planet Hollywood here.

4. Sci Fi Dine in Theater
This gem is located in Hollywood Studios. I didn't take any photos of this one because it was dark, but basically it looks JUST like a 1950's drive in movie place, which is SO cool. As soon as we walked in, Dan and I were thinking how excited we were. It serves your usual diner food, burgers etc., as well as other things like steaks and salads. They have incredible milkshakes! The movie screen shows previews of sci fi films from the 1950's. They really aren't scary, so don't be worried for kids or anything like that. The experience is so much fun, although everyone is really quiet like you would be in the cinema, so don't go expecting to chat a lot. I'd 100% recommend this restaurant though!

5. Coral Reef
Coral Reef is located in Epcot and is a seafood restaurant. It has a huge aquarium that you can then watch while you eat. By huge, I do mean huge. They give you a factsheet all about the aquarium and the fish in it, and one of the facts was that the aquarium was so wide that 1 inch of the water would fill a normal sized swimming pool! I was glad of this because I hate when animals are cooped up. The food was delicious, although it is a seafood restaurant mainly, they do serve other foods- Dan had pork belly!

Hopefully if you're heading to Walt Disney World anytime soon (if you are I'm so jealous), these will give you some ideas of where to book! If you've visited these restaurants, let us know what you thought!

11 August, 2015

Castle Cake

Castle Cake
Recently, I decided I wanted to try and create "harder" cakes. I tried this before, with my camera cake, and while it didn't go as planned it did make me want to try some other more creative cakes.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that I'm a bit of a Disney fanatic and that I LOVE Disney Princesses. I've seen so many castle cakes before and I finally plucked up the courage to create one myself. I spent ALL weekend on it, I had a little break to go out for a nice lunch with Dan, but apart from that all my efforts were just trained on this cake. It was really hard, I will admit, I wasn't 100% sure what I was doing so I made quite a few mistakes and had to go back and do little bits and pieces again, there were some tantrums (but no tears this time!) and I occasionally felt like giving up. I didn't though and I'm pretty sure this is one of my favourite cakes I've ever made. Is it as good as the ones I've seen? No, but one day I'll be able to create a cakey masterpiece!

I tried to work out how long I'd spent on this cake and I think I worked out about 8 hours? I made a Victoria Sponge cake with buttercream and jam for the bottom layer and then a sponge cake for the 2nd tier. The top tiers are dummy cakes (because my family cannot eat 4 cakes guys, it's just not possible!) and then I covered it all with ​Renshaw Fondant* and used it to make the clock and the turret. Luckily Renshaw's fondant is really high quality, so you don't get any cracks or "elephant skin" with it like you can do with some other brands of fondant. I don't think I could have coped with that as well as trying to keep my cool over carving cakes etc.! I love how cute the colours are as well, the baby blue is definitely my favourite colour so far!

I had some bigger dreams for this cake if I'm honest, I wanted more turrets and vines winding down the walls, brick effect all over the grey walls etc., but after 8 hours I kind of decided to stop there. Plus I couldn't find what I needed to make the brick effect... But I'm happy with this to be honest. I wasn't at first, but the more I look at it the more I realise that considering I started off less than a year ago not knowing how to even cover a cake with fondant, to then be able to make something like this just seems amazing to me.

So let me know what you think! If you have any other ideas for what you would like to see me make, leave your suggestions too! I can't wait to show you what other creations I come up with!

*Renshaw Fondant were kind enough to send me some of their fondant, however all opinions are 100% my own as always!

09 August, 2015

I've Got A Dream...

Disney Fanart
Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to work for Disney. In fact my mum has told me that when I was about 3 or 4, I told her I wanted to make Disney films. Of course, I didn't really know what that meant but as I grew older I decided I wanted to be an animator.

The dream faded however when I went to college and studied animation and decided I didn't like it, but there has always been a glimmer of that dream inside of me. I'm happy with the directions I'm going in now with the cake decorating etc, but I still very much enjoy drawing and disappearing back into my original dream.

I thought today I would share a few of my favourite drawings, but be kind because I know I'm not the best! I'm actually hoping to do an evening course starting this autumn to help teach me how to be better, so hopefully that will help! Let me know what you think of them :)

Disney Fanart
Disney Fanart
Disney Fanart

07 August, 2015

Magic Kingdom: Cinderella's Royal Table | Review

Cinderella Castle- Walt Disney World

One of the most popular restaurants in Walt Disney World is Cinderella's Royal Table. Located inside the famous Cinderella Castle, Cinderella's Royal Table is a fine dining restaurant in which you can meet 5 of the most popular Disney Princesses. Because of it's location and it's popularity, reservations are EXTREMELY hard to get, so I do recommend that you book as far in advance as you possibly can (Disney allow you to book dining reservations 180 days before your visit. It sounds crazy, but do take advantage of this!).

Cinderella's Royal Table
Upon arriving, you will be taken inside the castle where you will meet your host, the lovely Cinderella. She will welcome you to her castle and there is a photo opportunity, before taking a seat and waiting for your party to be called. My one and only complaint about this restaurant is that our reservations were for 20:05. We tried to check in 15 minutes prior as we did for all restaurants so that they knew we were there and were told to come back dead on 20:05. We did so and went straight inside to meet Cinderella with no queue. We then weren't called for dinner until 20:35, which seemed a bit silly as we were under the impression we'd be able to dine from 20:05. But it wasn't the biggest deal, it probably only bothered us because we were starving hungry!

Once we were called, we were taken up this gorgeous winding staircase to the restaurant and were seated. Our server was absolutely fantastic, they will call you "My lord" and "My lady" but it's done very much tongue in cheek and it's all good fun. I was given a magic wand and Dan was given a plastic sword which was a really nice touch. They saw that we were wearing "Just Engaged" badges and made a fuss of us which was also really nice!

After about 5-10 minutes, a fanfare sounded which told us that Cinderella's guests, Princesses from other Kingdoms, were just about to arrive. A narrator told you the story of each Princess who then appeared separately and started making her way around the restaurant to greet everyone. The princesses are Snow White, Aurora, Ariel and Jasmine. They appear in that order. I was disappointed that Belle wasn't there but apparently it's because she now has Enchanted Tales with Belle, which is a new show where children get to meet Belle. That's another story which involves me getting annoyed that I couldn't meet Belle because I wasn't a child. Moving on... So each Princess came round to visit and spent a few minutes chatting with you. It was nice that unlike when you meet them in the Parks, it wasn't rushed and you could actually chat with them.

Cinderella's Royal Table

I asked Snow White if she'd visited the Dwarves train mine and she said that she does very often and she loves it. I told her that we were going that night to which she replied that I must make sure Grumpy is in a good mood. I love Snow and she's so often overlooked, so I gave her a hug and she asked me to take a picture with her, holding my dress as she does!

Aurora was less chatty, but then what does she really have to talk about? She congratulated us on our engagement and asked where he had proposed. When we said the Beast's castle she nodded and said that she knew Belle. It was pretty brief, but again, she doesn't have many conversation pieces poor thing. She was lovely though and is another overlooked Princess nowadays. Damn Anna and Elsa.

Cinderella's Royal Table

Ariel was fun, I asked her how Flounder was doing and she said that she wanted to bring him with her but for some reason Cinderella didn't like the idea of her filling up the restaurant with water, which she couldn't understand. I love that Ariel says "splash you later!" instead of see you later.

Jasmine was really nice, she was telling us about Abu and how if we kept an eye out of the window we might see Aladdin and Abu jumping from roof to roof (We didn't, such a liar), which was a fun thing. I would have a picture of her but Dan only took one and it came out blurry. Sad times :(

Celebratory Cupcake- Cinderella's Royal Table

Obviously this is a VERY pricey experience, but luckily we were able to use our Disney Dining plan. Quick note, if you use your dining plan it will take TWO of your table service meals, but you do get a starter, entrée, dessert and a refillable soda all included so it's not too bad. I had soup to start, Steak and shrimp (which looked tiny but was SO filling) for my entrée and a chocolate dessert.

We were also given a celebratory cupcake with a candle to celebrate our engagement which made our night. We blew out the candle and made a joint wish! Everything was delicious and the service was impeccable. In fact, apart from the little blip with our waiting time at the start, I actually couldn't fault them for anything.

Another quick note, during the experience they hold a "Wishing Ceremony" which involves all the little girls (and big girls like me) touching their magic wand to their wishing star, which will spark off a whole load of flashing lights which look like stars. It's super pretty and a lovely thing, but obviously involves a lot of flashing lights, so keep this in mind if you suffer with epilepsy or anything like that- there was an incident while we were dining (not to either of us) which has made me want to make sure EVERYONE is aware, as Disney don't mention it at all and it was very distressing for the family involved.

So that's the end of my LONG rambling about Cinderella's Royal Table. If you've ever visited, let me know what you thought!

04 August, 2015

Rose Cupcakes

So finally I have got back into baking! I had a complete lack of inspiration before my holiday, plus I'm trying to lose weight and it's very rare that I can resist eating my cakes! I'm doing okay so far though, I've been taking the cakes into work for other people to eat- saves me from temptation!
Rose Cupcakes
One of my favourite places to get inspiration for cake decorating is from magazines, so when I was asked if I wanted to receive Baked and Delicious Magazine* I was really excited! I wasn't wrong to be either- the issue I've received is full of amazing recipes and a free gift too! They also have an online community called Bake Club*, which you can subscribe to and gain access to even more recipes, tutorials and a place to share your creations with other bakers!

One of my favourite recipes was for these Rose themed Cupcakes. I think they are SO pretty and perfect for a girly Afternoon tea! I'd also never covered cupcakes with fondant before so I really loved that the Bake Club had a video tutorial to show me how to do it. It wasn't as hard as I was expecting, although it was still harder than covering a large cake! Their tutorials also helped me create the roses on top- they were pretty hard but the tutorial helped a lot. I don't think they're bad for a first attempt on both cupcake covering and rose moulding!

The actual cupcakes themselves are just vanilla, topped with buttercream and fondant, but they look pretty don't they?!
Rose Cupcakes

Let me know what you think of the cupcakes, hopefully you like them too! Also let me know if any of you have ever heard of Bake Club- it really is a great way for finding fabulous recipes!

*Baked and Delicious Magazine and the Bake Club subscription have been gifted to me, however all opinions are 100% my own.

02 August, 2015

Reflecting back on July

July seems to have really flown past, I know everyone is saying that but for me it truly has. I landed from Florida on the 2nd July and since then I feel a little bit like I've been in a dream world, just kind of floating through while I try to recover from the Disney blues, which have hit me ridiculously hard this year. But as I thought of things to write in this post, I realised that actually this has been a nice month!

July's Accomplishments-

  • Getting back into fitness! You can read more about that here, but I'm pretty proud that I've managed to get back into it- I was really worried that I'd get back from holiday and give up completely!
  • Making some good changes to my blog- As I explained in one of my previous posts, I decided to focus less on baking and cake decorating and embrace becoming more of a lifestyle blogger. It just means I can write about more subjects which means I'll enjoy blogging a lot more!
  • Reaching over 12,000 views! I know to a lot of people that's still a small amount, but to know that my little blog has been viewed over 12,000 times just blows my mind! Thank you to everyone who supports this blog, no matter how you follow :)
  • Coping with the Disney blues- even if by coping I mean constantly trying to work out when I could next afford to visit a Disney Park. Or looking over my photos. Or writing and scheduling a million blog posts about my trip (Every Friday until September- you're welcome...!). But yeah, definitely coping. Kinda.

August's Goals-

  • Continue working on my blog- I'm enjoying working on my blog and seeing it growing and building :) I'm not sure what this means or where I want it to go, but I'm just enjoying putting a lot of effort and hard work into it!
  • Start doing some more "daring" cakes- I have a really fun cake in mind and if it works, it's going to look so cool. If it doesn't work... erm.. well I guess it won't be so cool. But a girl's gotta try!

What are your goals for next month? Let me know if you have any cool accomplishments you're proud of!

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