21 August, 2015


Walt Disney World's Epcot
I hope you're still enjoying all of my posts about my recent trip to Walt Disney World! If you haven't seen the previous posts, you can find those here.

I LOVE Epcot. Magic Kingdom is definitely my number 1 favourite, but Epcot is a very close second. I love the Futuristic parts of it but most of all I love the World Showcase. To be able to explore "countries" from all over the world is so much fun and I love that you can buy things from those countries!
Again, like with the Magic Kingdom, I could go on and on about Epcot, but instead I will list my top things to do!

Spaceship Earth
This is an educational ride which explores communication through time, from how we communicated as Cavemen to how we communicate now. It could do with a bit of an update if I'm honest, it kinda stops at computers and we have so much more now. But the best part of this ride is that you go up inside the huge "golf ball" which Epcot is so well known for.

Test Track by Chevrolet
If you like a thrill, this ride is for you! Test Track allows you to design your very own car down to the fine details and then test it out! Obviously you can't ride in YOUR car that you designed, you ride in their dummy cars but it does tell you at the end how your car would have fared. The dummy car is put through a series of tests that involve lots of twists and turns... then it's time to test how fast it can go! I loved this ride, it often has long queues though so if you can definitely use a Fastpass!

World Showcase
This is one point simply because the entire thing is worth doing. The World Showcase consists of lots of different "countries", designed to make you feel like you are actually visiting! The countries include the UK, USA, France, Germany, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Africa, China, Japan and more. Each part has a themed restaurant that serves local cuisine- for example, United Kingdom has an English pub that serves Fish and Chips or Shepherd's Pie. I *love* Mozart chocolates which you can only find in Germany (please do correct me if I'm wrong on that!) but I found them in the World Showcase and I snapped them up! Definitely worth taking a long look around!

Which is probably on everyone's list. Soarin' is a simulator that makes you feel like you are flying over California. I love that they make you actually smell everything, like the pine needles etc. as you fly over, it does make it feel so real! Not for anyone who has a fear of heights or flying. Although actually I'm afraid of heights and I was fine!

So those are my top things to do! I know most of you are probably thinking "WHERE'S MISSION SPACE?!" but I didn't do that because of my dizziness so I don't feel like I can recommend it haha! I've heard it's incredible though so if you have done it, please recommend in the comments!

Am I making you want to visit Florida yet? ;)

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