02 August, 2015

Reflecting back on July

July seems to have really flown past, I know everyone is saying that but for me it truly has. I landed from Florida on the 2nd July and since then I feel a little bit like I've been in a dream world, just kind of floating through while I try to recover from the Disney blues, which have hit me ridiculously hard this year. But as I thought of things to write in this post, I realised that actually this has been a nice month!

July's Accomplishments-

  • Getting back into fitness! You can read more about that here, but I'm pretty proud that I've managed to get back into it- I was really worried that I'd get back from holiday and give up completely!
  • Making some good changes to my blog- As I explained in one of my previous posts, I decided to focus less on baking and cake decorating and embrace becoming more of a lifestyle blogger. It just means I can write about more subjects which means I'll enjoy blogging a lot more!
  • Reaching over 12,000 views! I know to a lot of people that's still a small amount, but to know that my little blog has been viewed over 12,000 times just blows my mind! Thank you to everyone who supports this blog, no matter how you follow :)
  • Coping with the Disney blues- even if by coping I mean constantly trying to work out when I could next afford to visit a Disney Park. Or looking over my photos. Or writing and scheduling a million blog posts about my trip (Every Friday until September- you're welcome...!). But yeah, definitely coping. Kinda.

August's Goals-

  • Continue working on my blog- I'm enjoying working on my blog and seeing it growing and building :) I'm not sure what this means or where I want it to go, but I'm just enjoying putting a lot of effort and hard work into it!
  • Start doing some more "daring" cakes- I have a really fun cake in mind and if it works, it's going to look so cool. If it doesn't work... erm.. well I guess it won't be so cool. But a girl's gotta try!

What are your goals for next month? Let me know if you have any cool accomplishments you're proud of!


  1. Wow that is brilliant in reaching 12,000 views! Congratulations xx

    1. Thank you! It still seems strange to me now haha! xx

  2. I dream of disney world every single day. I wish I could afford an annual pass every year... ugh that would be amaaazing! Congrats on reaching that milestone. Good luck with your blog! :)

    Jessica | Pyreflies.org

    1. I wish I was close enough and could afford to get an annual pass haha! Thank you very much! xx


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