11 September, 2015

Downtown Disney/Disney Springs!

We spent quite a bit of time on our trip at Downtown Disney, we absolutely love it. Soon to be transforming into Disney Springs, it is THE place to go if you're looking for good food, drinks, or just some fun experiences. Oh, and shopping- if that's your kinda thing ;)
I've already featured a lot of Downtown Disney's restaurants and bars in my post about my favourite restaurants in Walt Disney World, so I thought in this post I'd focus more on the shopping and experiences!

World of Disney
World of Disney is the largest character store in the world. That's right, the LARGEST. It is filled with toys, homeware, clothing, stationery and so much more and is probably the most dangerous place for a Disney fan like me to enter. You will not leave with the same amount of money you had when you enter, that is for sure. I bought SO much from this store it is unbelievable and I defy anyone to try and leave without finding at least one thing you want.

Once Upon a Toy
This is a super fun toy shop and yes- there are toys in here that you can't find in World of Disney! Dan liked that you could build your own lightsaber and I loved the Princess part- even if I was still disappointed in the lack of merchandise for Snow White and many of my other favourite princesses. Tons of Frozen stuff though, but that probably doesn't surprise you! This is also the only place that sells Tsum Tsums in Walt Disney World (that we could see anyway!).

The Art of Disney
As a self-confessed dreamer of being an animator, this shop appeals to me because of the beautiful artwork that you can buy. Plus, there are artists inside who will draw a picture especially for you! Now that's pretty cool right?! You can also find beautiful ornaments and trinkets to take home. I didn't buy anything here unfortunately because I didn't know how I would get it home safely, but it was hard not to!

This is probably Dan's favourite thing we did in Walt Disney World, Design-a-tee is a shop where you can create your own T-shirts! It's really cool and Dan designed a t-shirt with Mike and Sulley on, he was SO chuffed with it bless him!

Splitsville Bowling Alley
Splitsville Bowling Alley
Moving away from the shops and onto the experiences- Splitsville is probably the best bowling alley I've ever been to! Look at the glasses you get to drink your soft drinks from- and there are free refills in this all day long! You can also have a full sit down meal while you bowl and their menu is pretty spectacular. I don't think I've ever seen a bowling alley offer sushi before!

AMC 24 Dine in Theatre
On our last night before coming home, we booked to see Inside Out at this cinema (if you've seen Inside Out, what did you think?!) and were not disappointed at all. Before the film starts, a server will take your order for drinks, main course and dessert. Their menu, by the way, is SO good and features things from Bacon Cheeseburgers to Shrimp Tacos! Then, before the film starts they will bring you your main course and drinks, and once you have finished, they will bring your dessert out at a suitable time. It didn't feel rushed, they didn't try to force you to eat your food quickly, it just felt like a really nice addition to watching the film. Actually, I think more cinemas should be able to be like this! It definitely wasn't cheap, but felt so worth it. Also- chairs that lean back without affecting the person sitting behind you are always a winner too!

If you've visited Downtown Disney before, what are your favourite experiences?! I could write a whole bunch more but I will stop myself there! If you haven't been, let me know if any of the above sounds good to you!

EDIT: Downtown Disney has now changed it's name to Disney Springs- in case you're confused when you go and there's no Downtown Disney! ;)

P.S., you can see the rest of the series about my 2015 WDW holiday here.

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