18 September, 2015

Walt Disney World 2015- Memorable Moments

I hope you're still enjoying all of my posts about my recent trip to Walt Disney World! If you haven't seen the previous posts, you can find those here.

The last few posts have been all about the different parks, my favourite restaurants, characters etc. This post is just pretty much going to be some of my favourite moments from Walt Disney World!

Splitsville Bowling Alley- Walt Disney World
Ultra cool drinkware from Splitsville Bowling Alley in Downtown Disney! We got to keep them too, pretty cool huh?! ;)

Meeting Lady Tremaine and the stepsisters in Walt Disney World
Meeting Lady Tremaine and her, er, beautiful daughters- they were hilarious. Anastasia saw my ring and said "yay, you're marrying for money, well done!" and clapped. I laughed SO hard. Then they asked where we were from and Anastasia said "I've been to England in my dreams. I looked beautiful." to which Drizella whispered in my ear, "that's the only time she looks beautiful!". Amazing meet and greet!

Disney Floral & Gifts Surprise!
Dan's aunt was the only person who knew about the engagement as she works for a travel company and booked the holiday for us. She and his uncle and cousin sent this to our room! What a lovely surprise!

Meeting Alice in Walt Disney World
"You must be the King and Queen of your Kingdom! Does it work the same way as in my Kingdom- all ways are the Queen's ways?" Why yes Alice, yes it does *insert sassy girl emoji here*

Rainforest Cafe- Downtown Disney
Rainforest Cafe make amazing cocktails! I can't remember what these were (because I have a bad memory, not due to drunkenness), but I do know we enjoyed them!

I have a million more photos and moments, but I feel that I should end it here before I bombard you too much! I really, really hope you've enjoyed this series of posts about my trip and that I haven't gone on too much. I've really loved sharing the photos and memories with you all, and you all seem to have enjoyed them which is great! <3 Let me know if there's anything else from my trip you would like to see or know about in the comments!

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