10 October, 2015

Autumn Cupcakes | Recipe

I love Autumn, it's probably my favourite time of the year (besides the run up to Christmas!). It gets a little bit chillier, we get to wrap up nice and warm in snuggly knitted cardigans, Starbucks make gorgeous drinks in the prettiest cups... I have all the love for Autumn.

When I was feeling in a very "I heart Autumn" mood, I decided to make some cupcakes- and of course, added an autumnal theme!

Autumn Cupcakes
I recently bought some leaf fondant cutters, so I thought I would put them to good use and make some red leaves. I'm hoping to get an airbrush for my birthday or Christmas (hint hint family... :P) and that would have made them look a lot better, but I love how good the cutters make them look, I really need to get more! I think I needed smaller cutters if I'm honest, the leaves ended up a bit bigger than I expected- but they still look good.

To make these cupcakes, you will need:

  • One batch of 12 cupcakes, whatever flavour you like! (I actually think chocolate may look really nice)
  • One batch of buttercream frosting, again whatever flavour you would like!
  • Fondant leaf cutters (I found some here)
  • Fondant icing- red, orange or brown will all look autumnal!
  1. Bake your cupcakes and prepare your frosting. 
  2. Roll out your red fondant- you don't want it to be too thick, but also you don't want it to be so thin that it breaks apart in your hand.
  3. Using your cutters, cut out enough leaves for all of your cupcakes- the amount per cupcake is up to you!
  4. Leave the fondant to dry out a little bit so that it will harden- otherwise it won't stand up and will curl a little.
  5. Once your fondant is ready, pipe your buttercream frosting on to your cupcakes using a star nozzle.
  6. Add your leaves to the frosting however you would like.
  7. Accidentally eat all 12 cupcakes yourself and have no regrets.
What do you mean only I do that?

Anyway, I'd love to know what you think- and also what your favourite things about Autumn are! As always, if you make these cupcakes remember to let me know, I'd love to see pictures!

P.S- Can you believe this is my 100th post?! 

Autumn Cupcakes

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