05 October, 2015

Visiting the Cake & Bake Show | London 2015

The Cake and Bake Show London 2015
On Saturday, I visited the Cake & Bake Show at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre in London. I'd bought tickets a couple of months ago so I was so excited to finally be going. I haven't been to anything like this before (I've actually only been into cake decorating for just under a year!) so I wasn't sure what to expect.

On the day, Dan and I travelled up to London for about half 11 (it did open at 10am but we had little jobs to do in the morning before we went) and well.. we were kind of done by 1.30pm. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the show but it was SO busy. There were so many stalls that were selling some fantastic things, but you just couldn't get to them unless you wanted to stand in either a huge queue, or a pushing crowd and I'm afraid my anxiety just wasn't up for that! I was really disappointed though because for £12 per ticket I was hoping to spend more than an hour and a half there, but there's nothing anyone can really do about that! I saw a few people looking a bit panicked and anxiety is quite common so I guess I wasn't the only one feeling like that.

The majority of the stalls were selling either cake decorating equipment or cakes themselves, although there were a few "miscellaneous" stalls selling homewares or charity stalls so there was a nice mixture. You could also take part in lessons with celebrity bakers like Britt Whyatt or Rosemary Shrager but this cost extra and I knew that it wouldn't be Dan's kind of thing so I left it.

I did buy a few things, like flavoured icing sugar from Sugar and Crumbs which I'm planning to talk about in more detail once I've tried them out and a cake frame from, well, Cake Frame, which helps you make "defying gravity" cakes and the like.

One thing I liked as well was how friendly the majority of people who were there were. A lot of people saw us with our Sugar and Crumbs bags and asked where it was and people were very chatty to each other and I liked that a lot. Especially in London, where people usually avoid eye contact with each other!

Overall, I would definitely go again next year, but I would probably go either on the Friday and take a day's holiday from work when it's going to be less busy or I would go first thing or last thing to avoid the crowds. It's good that there are so many people that love baking and cake decorating, but my anxiety holds me back a little bit with the crowds!

I would however love to know your thoughts! Have you ever been to a exhibition before and what were your thoughts? And if you have, what tips do you have for me for next time?

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