08 October, 2015

Chef Mickey's Restaurant Review

Chef Mickey's Restaurant
It makes me so happy that you guys are enjoying these posts! I'm really enjoying writing them and reliving our holiday so thank you SO much for letting me do this!

Just outside of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, is the Contemporary Resort Hotel. The Contemporary Resort is one of my favourite hotels, but I remember when we first went there last year feeling like I hadn't dressed up enough! It's an expensive hotel due to being right outside the Magic Kingdom and therefore obviously people staying there will have a view of the park. It also has the monorail go RIGHT THROUGH THE HOTEL- How cool is that?!

Another cool part of the hotel is it's character themed restaurant, Chef Mickey's. Chef Mickey's restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner although you will need to make reservations as it's super popular! During your meal, you will get to not only meet the Chef himself, but also Minnie, Donald, Goofy and Pluto while you enjoy a buffet of food.

Chef Mickey's Restaurant
Confession time- I hated this restaurant when we first went there last year in 2014. Dan's aunt suggested it as she and her family go there a lot for breakfast and they love it, so I decided to book it for Dan's birthday dinner. Unfortunately, it was horrible. I barely ate anything and neither did Dan, who isn't a fussy eater like me so it goes to show what the food was like. The bill surprised me as well because it was so expensive for what we had and definitely wasn't worth it considering how much we had eaten. Meeting the characters was pretty much the only good part of the meal!

So this year, we decided to try it for breakfast. That may seem crazy considering how much we hated it before, but we'd heard a lot of good things about their breakfast not only from Dan's aunt but from other people too and we thought we would give it a second chance. From working in the hotel industry, I know that you can have off days etc., so I like to give restaurants/hotels etc. second chances!

Honestly, breakfast was an entirely different experience. We had such a sweet and attentive server who gave us tips on meeting the characters and making the most out of our dining experience, the characters were amazing as always and the food? Oh god, it was amazing. Full English, continental (including the most amazing pancakes I've ever tasted in my entire life!)- everything was incredible. I finally understood what everyone had been raving about!

Chef Mickey's Restaurant

So would I go again? Yes, definitely and I think Dan would agree- but only for breakfast. I've heard a few bad things about dinner there since, so I don't think we're the only ones who haven't enjoyed that experience. I definitely would return for breakfast though and I whole heartedly recommend if you go to Walt Disney World to try this restaurant!

If you've been to Chef Mickey's, what did you think? I especially want to hear your opinions if you've been there for dinner!

Chef Mickey's Restaurant

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