24 October, 2015

Fitness Update- October

Fitness Update- October

In February this year, I decided to start getting fitter and try to lose some weight ready for my holiday and just for my general health! Since then, most months I've written an update on my fitness, letting you guys know the highs and lows of my journey! You can read the previous posts here.

So I'm still not doing as much exercise as I should be, but I am managing to ease myself back into it. I've been getting better with my eating habits and am eating less "crap" again which is definitely a good thing and I'm trying to do a bit of light exercise every day while easing myself back into my old routines. I've also been poorly with a cold and that made me feel less like I wanted to do lots of exercise!

I've found my fitness plan really helpful and it definitely motivates me to have something to tick off every day etc. Plus now I have my Christmas party and my birthday coming up in December, it's given me something to aim towards which can only be a good thing!

I decided to change up these posts a bit and also to make me feel accountable for my exercise and eating, I would post my measurements and losses at the end of each month. I'm not looking at weight because I found before that I was losing a lot of cms but not lbs, so I'm sure it will be a similar story this time too!

Area September October Difference
Waist 81cm 79cm -2CM
Hips 107cm 105cm -2CM

Considering I haven't been as good as I should be, I've still lost 2cms off my waist and hips! I'm not going to bother including my chest because nothing really changes with that- I've always been on the large side! But I'm pretty happy with this month's results and hopefully by the end of November I will have lost a few more cms!

If you're trying to get fitter, how has your month been?

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