04 October, 2015

Love/Hate Tag

The Love/Hate Tag

I don't very often do these tags anymore, but when Danielle from Underland to Wonderland tagged me in the Love/Hate tag, I thought it was quite a nice one to do!
The Rules are pretty simple:

  • List 10 things that you love
  • List 10 things that you hate
  • Tag 10 others to do the tag!

10 things I love

  1. My little Lady, my Dalmatian who is very nearly 7 years old! I've had her since she was a puppy and treat her like my child...
  2. Being creative, whether that's with cakes or drawing or even sewing- which is something I haven't done much of in a while!
  3. Laughing so much you cry, I love it when you laugh so much that your tummy hurts and you have tears streaming down your face haha. Dan and I often have times like these! Speaking of which...
  4. My amazing fiance, even if he sometimes drives me up the wall ;) Haha, but joking aside, he is lovely and I'm very lucky!
  5. My fab friends, who are always there for me and even if we may not all live really close to each other, we still stay very close friends!
  6. Having my dreams, like opening my own cake decorating business. It's nice to have something to aim for and dream of!
  7. My blog, because it's become such a huge part of my life and I wouldn't change that!
  8. Disney But then you knew that one right?!
  9. Christmas! yes that's right, I mentioned the C word (and that C word is christmas, not the bad word!) and I'm okay with that because I LOVE it. Although weirdly, I much prefer the run up to Christmas than actual Christmas day.
  10. My birthday! Which is coming up actually, just gonna throw that in there. (Well, sort of... it's in December!) I have to work my birthday this year for the first time in my life and it makes me very sad :(

10 things I hate
I don't really hate anything, but I'll list the things I dislike!

  1. Being a fussy eater, I try so hard to not be fussy and try new things but I just find that there's so much food I don't like!
  2. Snobby/Judgemental People, I just can't stand them. No one is better than anyone, no matter what you look like, who you're attracted to, how much money you have, what kind of house you live in, no one is better than anyone!
  3. When people ask, "But WHY do you love Disney so much?!", because they can't understand why an adult would love Disney and they get really funny over it. Because I just do, why do you like being a knob so much?!
  4. Getting lost, even though I get lost a lot. Sometimes I don't mind it and it seems like an adventure, but I find it really stressful when I'm driving!
  5. Germs, ugh I hate them. I'm very anal about germs!
  6. Zombies They freak me out SO much. The other day a friend of mine was watching a Zombie film and I couldn't sleep for days because I was so afraid. I'm nearly 23, I should be over this by now but I'm seriously not!
  7. Vampires/Werewolves, see above. Creep me out. (Also I am aware they are not real)
  8. The fact that chocolate makes you fat (if you eat too much of it). Why can't the bad things be good for you?
  9. That feeling when you have so much you want to do but no energy to do it which often happens to me at the weekends after a week of work.
  10. Littering I'm stealing this one from Danielle because I've run out of ideas, but I do genuinely hate it when people litter. I don't understand how anyone can be so rude and if anyone I'm with litters (accidentally or not), I HAVE to go and pick it up after them and put it in the bin.

That was kinda hard! I found it much easier to think of things that I love than things I dislike though which I guess is a good thing!
For my nominees, I wanted to choose 10 people that I love, so therefore I've picked a mixture of my favourite blogging friends, but also some regular commenters on this blog, because without you guys there would be no point in me rambling on here would there?!

Jess | Amy | Jilly | Jess | Kirsty | Hannah | Heather | Jessica | Sian | Laura

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