19 October, 2015

My Favourite Disney Films

If you've been following my blog for a while, you will probably have guessed that I am a huge Disney fan. I've always loved Disney, ever since I was young and the love has never waned, even when I was a teenager and it wasn't "cool" to love Disney (pfft). I thought today I would share with you my favourite Disney films and why they're my favourites! (All images are from Disney Screencaps)

My favourite Disney films
Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast is my absolute favourite film, as well as Disney film. It hasn't always been (and I'll talk more about that in a minute), but as I grew up and kind of understood a bit more why Belle is so awesome (the fact she stands up to the Beast despite him scaring her was always one of my top moments!) and understood the themes behind it, e.g. loving someone for what's inside them rather than looks, the more I grew to love it. The songs, the animation, the characters, all of it just fills me with this lovely warm feeling inside.

My favourite Disney films
The Little Mermaid
When I was growing up, The Little Mermaid was my all time favourite. I adored Ariel, I loved the fact she was rebellious and headstrong, I loved the idea of love at first sight and Eric's pretty cute (for an animated character). I still love The Little Mermaid, although I do find myself agreeing more with King Triton than Ariel nowadays which means I am a boring grown up. Boooooo. Ursula is one of my favourite villains as well, I love her sass.

My favourite Disney films
I guess my main attachment to Aladdin is because it came out in the year I was born. Rubbish reason to have an attachment, but ah well. I always loved the Genie as well and I was so sad when Robin Williams passed away. Again, I always preferred the Princesses who had real personalities and were stronger and Jasmine 100% fits that bill. My favourite line of hers is when she says "I am NOT a prize to be won!". Prince Ali is also one of my favourite Disney songs too! Fun fact- hypnosis REALLY freaks me out, and therefore have to fast forward or skip the bits where Jafar hypnotizes the Sultan.

My favourite Disney films
101 Dalmatians
As you can probably tell by the fact I have a dalmatian, I love 101 Dalmatians. I can't watch the live action version though, because when the puppies are in danger it makes me think of Lady and I can't cope haha. But the cartoon version is fine. I always like to think that me and Dan are like Roger and Anita haha- although one dalmatian is enough for us!

My favourite Disney films
Lady and the Tramp
Before you ask, yes Lady is named after Lady and the Tramp ;). My favourite part of this film is when Lady is a puppy, she's ADORABLE. And of course, the spaghetti scene which everyone loves. I think I just love that the story is so simple but also has so many different emotions, it makes you laugh, cry, get angry... all of the emotions! Plus, *spoiler alert*, their puppies are super cute and makes me want to get many more dogs.

Those are my top 5 favourite Disney films! I would carry on but we'll probably be here all day haha! What are your favourites, are yours similar to mine? I'd love to know them!

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