16 October, 2015

Walt Disney World Homeware Wishlist

Since getting back from our holiday to Disney World, Dan and I have been starting to save for a mortgage for our own house. It's going to be a long and boring process, but once we have our own house it will definitely be worth it! It also means however, that I am constantly looking for different homeware items ready for that fateful day we move in!

Of course, the first place I look is the US Disney Store website. In Florida, there were SO many items we both saw that we loved and I think it will be super difficult to stop ourselves buying them online and paying the shipping costs. However, it's pretty doubtful we will be able to afford it! I thought I'd keep the dream alive a little bit longer though and share with you some of our favourite items!

Be Our Guest Dining Set
As a huge Beauty and the Beast fan, I love this dining set. I also love it because it's not "in your face" Disney themed, you would only really know it was Disney if you knew the song etc., which is good! There are bowls, plates and glasses in this set so you really could have a whole theme!

Beauty and the Beast Tea Towels [UPDATE: No longer available on the website]
Well if I get the Be Our Guest dining set, I'll HAVE to get these tea towels won't I?! (Please agree with me and make me feel better!) I'd probably be too afraid to use them, as I probably would be with the dining sets, but I could get them out for special occasions. Like when the Queen visits.

Magic Kingdom themed Dining Set
So, if I DID want an "in your face" Disney themed dining set, this would definitely be the one I would go for. I love the Fantasyland set but I think I would get a mixture of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland so that it's a mixture of Dan and my favourite lands. Like with the Be Our Guest set, there are glasses, plates, bowls and I think also mugs for this set- I definitely think this is my favourite!

Once Upon a Time/Happily Ever After Cushion [UPDATE: No longer available on website]
I was going to get this cushion when we visited Walt Disney World in 2014 and I was adamant I was DEFINITELY going to get it in 2015, but both times we didn't have the room in our suitcases and so my quest for this cushion continues. *sad face* I hope I'll get it someday, I'd love to have it sitting on my couch or on a chair.

Beauty and the Beast Throw [UPDATE: No longer available on website]
Yeah I know, there's a theme but it's my favourite film and this throw looks gorgeous! No idea where I would put it, perhaps over the bed? I'd be a bit worried Lady would rip it with her claws, so maybe on the spare bed. Reserved for the Queen.

I think the majority of these items I would love to have but would be too afraid to use in case they got ruined/broken! But on the other hand, they're really wonderful things that I would love to be able to use. I guess we'll see if we ever go back there/get rich enough to afford shipping haha!

Are there any items on this list that you would like too? Or what would YOU love to have in your dream house? Let me know!

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