02 October, 2015

What I bought in Walt Disney World

So I guess this post is pretty overdue huh? I've been back for 3 months today *cries* and I just hadn't got round to writing one of these posts, so here we are!

I hope you don't think this is a showing off post, I just thought I would share with you some of my favourite things that I bought and that I use regularly since I've been back!

Disney Parks "Waiting Time" Timer
This probably gets used every day, I'm so in love with it. I've shown it on Instagram before as well, it's basically meant to represent the waiting time signs you see on the rides at Walt Disney World. I saw it somewhere before, I cannot for the life of me remember where though, and as soon as I saw it I KNEW I needed to have it... but then I forgot all about it. Until one fateful day, (not over dramatic at all), I saw it on a shelf in a store and got super excited. Embarrassingly excited in fact. Totally worth it though!

Walt Disney World Haul
Mickey Mouse Slippers
Although these aren't mine, they're Dan's. But they're still amazing and I have a great story to tell you! Dan saw these when we first went to Disney World in 2014, but didn't buy them because we weren't sure we'd have enough room in our suitcases (we did, whoops!). This year, he snapped them up and was really excited to get home and wear them... where we discovered the shop had forgotten to take the tags off. They weren't tags you can get around either, they're the horrible tags that leak ink if tampered with. We didn't have much luck in trying to get a shop to take them off for us, so I took to Twitter to ask if anyone knew what to do. Lottie answered and told me to email Walt Disney World's customer service team who would be able to help. And help they did! They sent us a new pair free of charge, no quibbles, no fuss, and we didn't even need to return the pair with the tags in. I've recently had trouble with my phone network provider's customer service team who really couldn't give two hoots about you, so to deal with a customer service team that was SO lovely and willing to go the extra mile was so refreshing.

Walt Disney World haul
"Shelfie" T-Shirt
I mean, just look at it. It's super cute and I've had so many people tell me they love it when I've been out and about wearing it, which is always nice! I bought this from the Rainforest Cafe.

Walt Disney World Haul

"Coffee is my Fossil Fuel" Pyjamas
I bought these from T-Rex, they're slightly too small at the moment but once I've lost some more weight they'll be perfect. Plus they're more summer PJ's anyway, so hopefully by the time they come back out next year they'll be a perfect fit!

Walt Disney World Haul

Disney Pens
Really hard to write with, but I feel like they're worth it anyway! I bought my friend a Stitch pen too, same design as these and she was chuffed with it. Great idea for a small present! :)

Walt Disney World Haul

Handbag and matching purse
These come with me everywhere I go. Sometimes I get a bit embarrassed, like when I go to a work thing with a very-obviously-Disney handbag, but meh. It's who I am, and if you know me then you'll get it!

So what do you think?! What are your favourite items you've bought from a Disney park, or if you haven't been, what would you like to buy?

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