30 November, 2015

#Fitmas: Week 2

#Fitmas Week 2

Recently, I began the #Fitmas challenge created by Corinne. I'm going to be writing weekly posts detailing my progress with the challenge and hopefully that will help to spur me on! If you want to join in, visit Corinne's blog to find out more!

So last week as I mentioned, I didn't do so great for many different personal reasons. Luckily, that made me super motivated to make sure that week 2 went a million times better!

This is what Week 2 looked like:
Workout 1: Ab Day and 35 minutes of cardio
Workout 2: Leg Day
Workout 3: Arm Day
Workout 4: Optional
Weekly Challenge

29 November, 2015

Reflecting back on November

Reflecting back on November

In a weird way, I'm kind of excited for this month to be over. Not because it's been bad (although I did have one bad week!), but just because as of Tuesday I can officially be excited for my birthday and CHRISTMAS!

December promises to be a good month, with my blog's first birthday, my 23rd birthday *cries* and of course, the most wonderful time of the year! <3

But it's not December yet, so let's get back to talking about November shall we?

November's Accomplishments

  • Starting #Fitmas!- I'm not going to talk about this too much as tomorrow's post is about Fitmas, but I'm super excited to be getting back into my fitness again!
  • Creating another successful "Big Bake!"- My Beauty and the Beast Cake has been super popular and I'm so glad that so many of you liked it! 
  • Being prepared for Christmas- I like to get as prepared as possible so that I can relax and enjoy the festivities in December!
  • Getting a promotion!- Not blog related but real life stuff, I got a promotion to Front of House Manager at work. Exciting stuff! 

December's Goals

  • Trying to create some Christmas themed bakes- I'm getting started today so keep your eyes out for those! 
  • Continuing with #Fitmas- I'm looking forward to keeping you up to date with my progress!
  • Enjoying & celebrating my birthday and my blog's birthday! - And of course Christmas. And New Year. Lots of celebrations, basically! 
What have you been up to this month?!

28 November, 2015

Christmas To Do List

Christmas To Do List

Everyone has their own little Christmas traditions and one of mine is to write a list of everything I want to do over the month of December.
I mean fun things by the way, not like "pick up dry cleaning".

I thought this year it would be fun to share with you guys what I'm hoping to do this year!

  • Go to Winter Wonderland- This is probably a must do for most people who live near London, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is one of my favourite places to visit at Christmas time! 
  • Go to Reading's Winter on Ice- I work in Reading and for the past couple of years they've held their own "Winter Wonderland" type fair, with ice rinks, christmas markets and funfair rides! It sounds super fun so my colleague and I are hoping to go over after work as it's literally being held next door!
  • Make some Christmas decorations!- This is for mine and Dan's bedroom and also for my office at work, I'd really like to have some homemade decorations around! Last year I made some decorative stockings, so I'd love to do more this year! 
  • Make my own Christmas cards- I wanted to do this last year and then kind of didn't, but I've already got a really cool idea and I'm ready to do it this year! 
  • Watch Christmas films snuggled up with hot chocolate and a blanket- This is a must do every year, I used to do it alone but now I have Dan to do it with me (it's nice how life changes isn't it?).  We always snuggle up on a cold evening with Christmas scented candles lit, a luxury hot chocolate and a nice fleecy blanket and watch our favourite Christmas films.
  • Do all my Christmas shopping- I'm actually nearly done now, but I like to leave some little bits so that I can do a day of shopping with my friends just to get us all in that Christmas spirit!
  • Visit Santa/Father Christmas- I'm hoping my sister will let me tag along when she takes my nephews and niece, it's going to be so amazing to see Christmas through their eyes! 
  • Write some Christmas themed blog posts- A new addition for this year, but yeah- look out for those! 
  • Bake lots of Christmas themed treats!- Last year I made Christmas Tree Cupcakes, this year I'm hoping to try lots of new treats!
What are you hoping to do this Festive season?

27 November, 2015

Planning a Walt Disney World Holiday: Experiences & Add-ons

My Walt Disney World posts have been so popular (thank you!) that I decided to write a few posts with my tips for planning a Walt Disney World holiday! Last week I was talking about Dining Plans, the week before was Hotels and this week I'm talking about those special experiences and add-ons that help to turn your trip from a holiday to a magical experience!

When Dan and I first visited Walt Disney World, we had no idea what to expect. We didn't know about all the little added extras, we knew a few things from his Aunt who works for a travel company but there were a lot of things we wished we'd known about before we went out there. So I thought I'd share some of those with you!

Walt Disney World Extras
A photo taken with Memory Maker

24 November, 2015

Buttercream Swirl Cupcakes

Buttercream Swirl Cupcakes

I'm a big fan of quick but pretty cake designs- I recently made these pretty swirl cupcakes in no time at all and people were huge fans of them!

I also went onto make the same cupcakes but with orange & grey icing for my Halloween bake sale and they were one of the most popular items, so if you're looking for a quick treat that's bound to be a hit, why not give these a try?

You will need:
One batch of cupcakes (your choice on flavour, quantity, etc.)
One batch of frosting (Again, your choice on flavour and colour!)
A Piping bag and star nozzle
Piping bag holder (optional but makes life much easier!)

Buttercream Swirl Cupcakes


  1. Bake your cupcakes and allow to cool completely before attempting to ice- otherwise your frosting will melt!
  2. Make your frosting and spoon into the piping bag (This is where a piping bag holder comes in very handy!)
  3. Starting in the centre of the cupcake, pipe a swirl to the edges of the cupcake. You will need to make sure that you have enough frosting in your piping bag so that you don't need to keep starting and stopping, otherwise you won't get the desired effect! 
  4. And that is very literally it! It really is so simple yet effective and people often say that they look a little bit like roses, so if you want to make an easy rose cupcake, this is the way to go!
What is your favourite easy bake?

23 November, 2015

#Fitmas- Week 1

#Fitmas Week 1

Last week, I began the #Fitmas challenge created by Corinne. As I said last week, I'm going to be writing a weekly post detailing my progress with the challenge and hopefully that will help to spur me on this week! If you want to join in, visit Corinne's blog to find out more!

So last week didn't go very well, but I'm kinda okay with it because it was only the first week. I've had a really bad week, everything was going wrong for me at work and in my personal life and by the time each evening came around I literally just wanted to hide under my duvet and have a good cry and that definitely affected my workouts or motivation to work out!

Here's what week 1 looked like:

Workout 1: Ab Day and 30 Minutes of Cardio
Workout 2: Leg Day
Workout 3: Arms Day
Workout 4: Optional
Weekly Challenge

So I only did workouts 1 and 2 last week, which isn't great but is still better than nothing! It's also spurred me on to make sure I do all 4 workouts this week, so I will hopefully be able to write a much more positive post next week! I really enjoy arm day (is that weird?!) so I was sad I didn't make it to that.

One of my goals is to be able to run 10k, so I'm enjoying starting getting back into running as I really do love it!

I'm also going to be doing the weekly challenge today and then doing this week's challenge on Sunday so it still works out okay- so I'll let you know how I get on!

If you want to see how everyone else is doing (hopefully much better than me!), then follow the #Fitmas hashtag on Twitter or see Corinne's blog for her link up :)

20 November, 2015

Planning a Walt Disney World Holiday: Dining Plans

As my Walt Disney World posts have been so popular, I decided to write a few posts helping you to plan your perfect Walt Disney World holiday- starting with hotels last week, and this week I'm helping you pick the right Dining Plan for your holiday!

Walt Disney World Dining Plans
Be Our Guest Restaurant

19 November, 2015

How to keep organised when buying Christmas presents!

How to stay organised when buying christmas presents

I'm sorry if you hate Christmas...

Something I always try to stay on top of is Christmas presents! That may sound strange, but to me I love to get my Christmas shopping done and dusted by the 1st December- that way I can just enjoy all the fun stuff Christmas has to offer rather than be rushing around busy shopping centres in a panic!

I thought I'd share some of my tips for being organised with your Christmas shopping- nice and early so you still have plenty of time too!
  • Write a list of who you need to buy for- There's nothing worse than going into a shop to look for a present but having no idea of who you actually need to buy for... You end up buying your boyfriend's aunt's brother's son's girlfriend a fantastic gift, but then forgetting about your fave work colleague. Whoops! 
  • Browse online- I always do this to give me an idea of what I'm going to look for in the shops. I prefer shopping in an actual store so I can see what I'm buying (less hassle of refunds/exchanges etc), but I love having a good ol' browse before so that I'm not going to get distracted by everything else in the shop (although I probably still will!) 
  • Don't overwhelm yourself with shopping- I like to break it up into 2 or 3 shopping sessions, that way I don't get myself into a panic and it gives me plenty of time if I want to stop for a coffee etc. Plus if you go with a friend, you can buy their present the next time you go shopping! 
  • Get your wrapping out of the way- So you've bought your presents, now it's time to wrap! I've made the mistake of putting it off and forgetting about it and then finding that I've got a million presents to wrap by tomorrow morning, so I try to wrap them once I've bought them (and put labels on them so you know who's is who's!) 
  • Spend the rest of Christmas enjoying yourself!- You totally can now, you're completely Christmas ready! Now you can look forward to all of the hot chocolates, christmas movie nights, yankee candles- oh god I'm so excited.
How do you get prepared for Christmas? Leave your tips in the comments below of the rest of us! 

18 November, 2015

Beauty and the Beast Cake

It's been a while since I made a "big bake", the last time I tried was my Castle Cake. I don't make big cakes very often simply because of the time they take, I remember the castle cake took 8 hours! This cake probably took around 5-6 hours with baking, cooling and decorating time.

Beauty and the Beast Cake

The top tier is meant to represent Belle with her yellow dress and the bottom tier represents the Beast in his dinner suit. I used Renshaw Fondant* to cover the cakes and for the decorating. I've been a big fan of Renshaw's fondant ever since I started decorating as it's really good quality and you have less issues like "elephant skin" and cracks.

I had to learn a new technique, draping fondant, for Belle's tier and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, although I think I definitely need practice. I also wish I'd make the cakes taller, but that would have added more time on- and who would eat all that cake?! Haha.

I'm pretty happy with this cake overall though, definitely more happy than I have been with previous big bakes. I find it really hard to not be so hard on myself and actually allow myself to learn and make mistakes, but that's something I'm definitely trying to work on.

Let me know what you think- and if you have any suggestions for my next big bake!

*Renshaw sent me the fondant that I used for this cake but all opinions are 100% my own as they always are!

17 November, 2015

Christmas Cosmopolitan | #AldiFavouriteThings

Christmas Cosmopolitan

I'm beginning to get super excited for Christmas, are you?! It definitely is my favourite time of the year and I can never stop myself from getting excited once it hits November.

I'm taking part in Aldi's Christmas Cocktail challenge where they asked me to come up with a cocktail recipe perfect for the festive season!

Luckily for me, my fiance Dan has worked in hotel bars for nearly 15 years which meant that he was able to help me out a little bit and we had so much fun creating some fancy cocktails- some of which tasted great, others... not so much.

My favourite cocktail that we created was a Christmas Cosmopolitan- I'm a big fan of normal Cosmo's so it made sense that we'd add a Christmassy spin to a favourite!


  • 1/2 cup of Cranberry Juice
  • 50ml Tamova Vodka*
  • 1/2 lime
  • 1/2 tsp Peppermint Extract
  • Ice Cubes
  • Fresh Mint (few leaves needed only)
  • Mini Candy Canes


  1. Add a few Ice Cubes into a cocktail shaker.
  2. Pour over 50ml of vodka
  3. Squeeze the juices of half a lime into the shaker.
  4. Add 1/2 teaspoon of Peppermint Extract
  5. If you want to make it really minty, add in a few torn up leaves of Fresh Mint
  6. Add 1/2 cup of Cranberry Juice (Or if you want to water down the vodka, use 1 cup of Cranberry Juice)
  7. Shake up! 
  8. Pour into glasses filled with ice and garnish with candy canes.
Let me know if you try this as I'd love to know your thoughts! What are your favourite Christmas drinks?! (Alcoholic or not!)
Christmas Cosmopolitan

*Aldi supplied me with the Tamova Vodka, however all views are my own as always!

16 November, 2015

Taking part in the #Fitmas Challenge

#Fitmas Challenge

You may know if you've been reading my blog for a while that I've been trying to get fitter since February. I lost motivation after I came back from my holiday and slowly managed to build it back up, however it hasn't been as strong as it used to be!

So when I saw Corinne had created a fitness challenge, I decided to join in- I thought it might make me more accountable for my actions if I was part of a challenge!

The challenge starts on Monday 16th November (today) and lasts for 5 weeks, up until Monday 21st December (which is good because my birthday is on the 22nd and there is no way I'm going to do a workout that day!).

The catch is, your goal for the challenge can't be weight loss related, which I'm happy about as whenever I focus on weight loss I always get demotivated. Although weight loss was a big factor before my holiday, I was also concentrating on being able to run longer and lift bigger weights. My goal for the #Fitmas challenge is to be able to get back into running and hopefully be on my way to running 10k by the end!

I'm going to post my updates every Monday, I'm hoping that it'll push me to keep up with it if I have to write how it's going etc. This also means that for November & December I won't be doing a Fitness Update post as I'll be discussing it in these weekly posts instead!

If you want to keep up to date with everyone's posts, keep an eye on the #Fitmas hashtag on Twitter!

Wish us luck!

15 November, 2015

South East Blogger's Circle Meet Up

Last Monday I was lucky enough to go to my first ever Bloggers Meet Up hosted by Jenny, who did an amazing job and was so lovely!

The event was held at Pizza Express in Festival Place who put on an amazing spread of food! I was super nervous before the event but decided to be brave and just do it. I'm honestly so glad I did.

There were a range of lovely ladies there from all sorts of blogging/vlogging "niches" and everyone was so nice! It was nice to be able to talk to people about things that we all understood rather than boring my family and friends with talk about social media and blogging schedules etc.

South East Bloggers Meet Up

Jenny had also arranged for Lush and Bee Good to be there- I'd obviously heard of Lush but I hadn't heard much about Bee Good so I made a beeline for them. (I know, I know but I just love a good pun!). Caroline started the company by playing around with honey and beeswax in the kitchen (her husband is a beekeeper) and ended up creating some wonderful products that she decided to sell!

South East Blogger's Meet Up

I tried the Vanilla & Honey lip balm and loved it. Some lip balms make my lips feel greasy and I can't stand that, or they're too waxy but this one was nice and soaked in really well but still made my lips feel much softer! I'll definitely be picking this up as it's only £4.95! Caroline also gave us a cleanser to take home and try which was so lovely of her!

I was excited to see the Lush range as I could see the Christmas products were out and they all looked amazing!
South East Bloggers Meet Up
South East Bloggers Meet Up

I recently bought Snow Fairy and the Magic Wand Bubble Bar so I'm already a fan of the Christmas collection, but it was also nice to have Katy & Zoe from Lush Basingstoke show us the rest of the collection and do some fab demonstrations! They were also sweet enough to let us have a couple of bath bombs each as a fab treat.

Jenny had also organised a raffle to raise money for Mind, a mental health charity which I definitely was happy to support as someone who suffers with anxiety and depression. I was lucky enough to win a Sensationail Gel Nail Starter Kit, worth £69.99! It's a fab kit and even includes a UV lamp to dry your nails and I can't wait to use it and treat myself!

Jenny gave us all a goody bag at the end of the night which was full of amazing gifts like Witch skincare products, Jam from Bills Restaurant, Champney's beauty products, Cheerz polaroid vouchers and so much more! Thank you so much to Jenny for how much she did for us all, we were all so grateful!

It really was an amazing event and I'm SO glad I went- I can't wait to go to the next one now!

13 November, 2015

Walt Disney World: The Hotels

As the rest of my Walt Disney World posts have been so popular with everyone, I thought I would write a few posts featuring some tips on how to plan your dream Walt Disney World holiday!

I have quite a few tips and I feel like to do it all in one post would be a bit too much, so I've broken it down into a few posts: Hotels, Dining Plans, Experiences & Add on's and then a final post detailing any other miscellaneous tips.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about the different Disney hotels at Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, I don't have enough photos of all of the hotels, but I will link them so you can go and have a look yourselves!

Walt Disney World Hotels
The Grand Floridian Hotel & Spa

12 November, 2015

Keeping your fitness up during the cold months!

Winter time is a tough time for fitness- it gets lighter later, darker earlier, and of course it's much colder!

Something I've been thinking about for a while is how I'm going to keep my fitness up as it gets colder, I'm less likely to want to walk places or go for a walk on my lunch breaks, I'm going to feel a lot more lazy and of course with Christmas coming up it's going to be hard to resist the treats!

I've been trying to think of a plan of what I can do to avoid the temptation of going into a fitness hibernation and I thought I would share my ideas with you in case you're worrying too!
  • Join a gym- I know a lot of people hate the gym and if I'm honest, I do too. I have a gym membership and I think I've only been about 4 times since I joined, which is just awful! I feel very self conscious and so I avoid going... but I'm going to push myself over the winter months so that I can still run without freezing! 
  • Embrace Winter Walks- wrap up warm, take a friend or your partner and go for a long walk in the autumnal/winter weather. Take a coffee too if needed to keep you warm and embrace the fact that it's cold! A long walk will still provide you with exercise even if it's not as intense as a run!
  • Home workouts in the warm- Youtube has SO many workouts you can try, and you can do them from the comfort of your own home without having to brave the outside weather- winner!
  • Give yourself incentives- i.e, if you do all your workouts this month, you can have that amazingly tempting hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows on the last day of the month as a treat- just don't do it every day with the excuse that you're working out haha! 
  • Christmas Day doesn't count- don't ruin Christmas just because you're trying to be strict- one Christmas dinner isn't going to ruin your entire fitness regime/diet anymore than 1 huge salad will make you extremely skinny. Remember that. 
What are your tips for sticking to your fitness regime when it's cold?

11 November, 2015

My Favourite Youtube Channels- Baking

My Favourite Baking Youtube Channels

Something I would one day love to do is branch out into Youtube for my cake decorating tutorials. It's really hard actually to take photos while you make things, so a video would probably be a lot easier!

Until I work up the courage though, I like to watch other people's amazing cake tutorials and I've definitely learnt a lot from them.

I thought today I would share some of my absolute favourite Youtube channels featuring amazing baking tutorials- so if you're a keen baker or cake decorator, definitely check them out!

Nerdy Nummies
Rosanna is SO cute and she makes the cutest cakes. She likes to make "nerdy" cakes but she also makes some other cute cakes- she inspired my Cheeseburger cupcakes! She's also getting a book coming out next month, I'm not sure if it will come to the UK but for my US readers, keep an eye out for that one!

My Cupcake Addiction
I only recently discovered Elise's videos and that's thanks to Jess who introduced me to her, but since then I've been pretty hooked! My favourite video of hers that I've watched so far was when she recreated the Frozen Fever cake- I'll definitely be trying that one out!

How to Cake It
I love baking channels that show me how to make big and wacky designs- and How to Cake it definitely does that! From Watermelon cakes to emoji cakes, they are certainly fun and interesting designs that anyone would love!

Cake Style
As well as posting fun cakes (I love their Pug Cake), Jon and Vanessa are a husband and wife team who post really beautiful cakes and show you how to create them yourself.

What baking channels do you love? Please recommend them because I would love to watch more!

Would you be interested in seeing a Cakey Dreamer Youtube channel? (I'm not promising anything though haha!) Let me know!

10 November, 2015

Share Your Serenity Tag

Last week, I was tagged by one of my closest blogging friends, Jess, to do the Share Your Serenity tag.

This is a photo tag where you post 4 pictures of things that help you relax. I do get panic attacks and anxiety which I don't really talk about- but I find the simple things help me relax, so this has been quite hard to choose 4 pictures that I find relaxing!

Share Your Serenity Tag
A bit soppy so sorry for this guys- but yeah, being with Dan always helps if I have a panic attack or start to feel anxious, he's very good at making me calm down and feel comfortable. Bless 'im. (If he reads this then I'm gonna be in the good books... maybe I'll get a treat out of this hahaha!)

Share your Serenity Tag
I've never felt anxious in a Disney Park, whether that was Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris. They're probably not the most obvious "relaxing" places to go but they help me relax for sure!

Share your Serenity Tag
Drawing always helps me relax, I always slip off into my own little world and forget everything around me. I can't think of a better way for me to relax at home!

Share your Serenity tagExcept maybe for baking- especially if I'm making a "big" bake, where I have to concentrate. Again, as with drawing, it helps me to slip off into my own little world and I love that.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tag and I'm going to tag a few of my Disney pals, Danielle, Lottie and Lizi!

04 November, 2015

Places to Visit | Emirates Airline Cable Cars

Emirates Airline Cable Cars

You might remember that at the beginning of October, I went to the Cake & Bake show and said how we didn't stay for long. Well, just down the road from the ExCeL building is the Emirates Airline Cable Cars, which take you to and from the O2 arena.

I don't know why it's taken me so long to write about this, other than it just didn't fit in very well to my blogging schedule, but I really want to talk about our ride!

First off, I didn't even know these existed until we were walking from the underground station to the ExCeL and in the distance, we could see these cable cars going along. I've never been in a cable car before but I've seen them in France etc., so I really wanted to find them!

Emirates Airline Cable Cars

We saw where you get on on our way to ExCeL and decided on the way back we would see how expensive they were- we were so surprised that it only cost £6 something for the two of us with our travelcards!

Emirates Airline Cable Cars

We took the cable car over to the o2 as Dan had never been inside and we decided to go for drinks and a snack in Las Iguanas (in case you don't know, you can visit the restaurants, bars and cinema inside the o2 without needing to be going to a concert or event inside). It's not the prettiest view underneath you, but it's nice that you can see London and it's such a different method of transport to the crowded buses and underground trains!

Have you ever tried the Emirates Airline cable cars?

03 November, 2015

How to Cope with the Disney Blues!

How to cope with the Disney blues

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you will know that I often post about having the Disney blues.

The truth is, if you are a Disney lover/fanatic/obsessive like me, you never truly "get over" the Disney blues, you just learn to cope with them. There's always that yearning to return, that excitement when you see the TV advert about their latest deals and that disappointment when you realise you can't afford to go whenever you want.

At the moment, I'm desperate to return to Disneyland Paris. I haven't been in over 5 years and I want to go back SO bad, but I'm waiting for them to finish all their renovations as there's so much going on at the moment. Returning to Walt Disney World is a definite no no until we have our own house and probably after we get married (which still sounds weird to say!).

Anyway, enough of me rambling, you want to know how to cope with your Disney blues!
  • Make a photo album full of your favourite photos- Photo albums and printed photos aren't cheap, so maybe don't get them ALL printed (I had over 400 photos from WDW, imagine that in a photo album!), but your favourite ones would be nice so you can look back at them from time to time!
  • Keep your souvenirs in a safe and special place- I have a box full of little things like soaps from the hotel room, napkins from DLP and my magic band from WDW to look at and remind me of my holidays.
  • Watch Disney movies- Watch a lot of Disney movies to bring the magic home- it really will help!
  • Talk to other Disney fanatics- Feel free to tweet me if you want to talk about Disney Parks! I know I always feel better when I talk to my friend Danielle about Disneyland Paris, and more recently I've also been talking to Lottie and Lizi about the parks too- it helps to talk to other people who love Disney just as much as you! 
  • Remember you can always return!- Whenever I leave, I always say "see you later" to the parks, because I know it'll never be the last time, I will always be able to go back again. 
What are your tips for getting over the Disney blues? Let me know in the comments- as well as what Disney Parks you've visited so we can chat about them! 

01 November, 2015

Reflecting back on October

Reflecting back on October

I thought I would do a bit of a different reflection post this month and reflect back on Blogtober, as well as the month October in general.

This month has been a bit of a learning curve- if that's the right phrase!

I chose to take part in Blogtober this month, where I try to post a new post every day throughout October- and do you know what? It wasn't so bad. I spent a lot of time planning and preparing, did a lot of bulk photoshoots, spent a lot of time writing and was very lucky that I felt inspired.

I didn't complete it though- I missed a day. But do you know what? ONE DAY. I still posted 30 days out of 31 and I'm pretty darn proud of that. The only reason I didn't finish it was because I had a baking post planned and with my work's bake sale, I just didn't get time to bake other things as well, but these things happen.

I was adamant that although I wanted to take part, I wasn't going to let the fact that I needed to think of 31 posts bring down my blog. By that, I mean I didn't want to post anything of a lower standard than what I would normally post... and being 100% honest, I think I stuck to that and I hope you agree! That meant that when I didn't get time to bake for a post, I didn't want to just type out any old post just so I could complete Blogtober and I'm still glad that I didn't!

I did want to also boost my blog in other ways, like with my social media followings etc., so I read Rhianna's post on how she boosted her views and followers in 1 month (if you haven't read it then please do, it's really helpful!). I try not to get too bogged down with numbers, but I think most bloggers are lying if they say they 100% don't care about how many views/followers they have- we all at times get caught up in it, even if we try our hardest not to!

So what were the high points?

Well, I definitely gained a lot of followers- I gained 78 on Twitter (whaaat?!), 35 on Instagram and 12 on Bloglovin' which I'm really happy about! (Bloglovin' seems super hard to gain followers on, so if you have any tips please let me know!)

It also taught me that I can definitely post more, so I will be upping my weekly posts (more on that later)!

I also really enjoyed it, it was nice to have new content coming out each day and I really did feel so inspired the whole month, which felt amazing.

And the low points?

Well, although my stats this month have been much higher than normal, the amount of views on each post weren't as high as they normally were, and some of my posts had less comments than I'd expected- which makes me wonder if perhaps a post a day was too much for people to keep up with.

I also like to do one baking related post a week but during Blogtober I was trying to do two a week, and that was hard to keep up with, it meant the majority of my weekends were spent baking and blogging, leaving very little time to actually spend time with friends or family or just in the outside world! And I would also get SUPER stressed if a bake didn't go well as it meant I didn't have a post and I hated feeling like that!

What have I learnt?
I've learnt that I can definitely do more than 3 posts a week, but wouldn't quite want to go to doing 7 a week, so... I've decided to go in the middle and try to do 5 posts a week. That may change if I lose motivation/inspiration, but at the moment I think that's a good amount to stick with!

I've had a really good time doing Blogtober and I'm really happy I decided to do it!

Blog Posts I've loved this month:

Danielle's post on Halloween celebrations for non-party people- I had no party plans so I definitely loved reading this!

Jess's post on her first big bake, she did SO well!

Amy is back in the blogging world after a break- she's also recently got engaged so wish her congratulations!

Becster wrote a lovely positive post on the things that make her happy!

One of my favourite relatable blogs, Skinned Cartree, has had a makeover!

What have you been up to this month and how was your Halloween?

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