28 November, 2015

Christmas To Do List

Christmas To Do List

Everyone has their own little Christmas traditions and one of mine is to write a list of everything I want to do over the month of December.
I mean fun things by the way, not like "pick up dry cleaning".

I thought this year it would be fun to share with you guys what I'm hoping to do this year!

  • Go to Winter Wonderland- This is probably a must do for most people who live near London, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park is one of my favourite places to visit at Christmas time! 
  • Go to Reading's Winter on Ice- I work in Reading and for the past couple of years they've held their own "Winter Wonderland" type fair, with ice rinks, christmas markets and funfair rides! It sounds super fun so my colleague and I are hoping to go over after work as it's literally being held next door!
  • Make some Christmas decorations!- This is for mine and Dan's bedroom and also for my office at work, I'd really like to have some homemade decorations around! Last year I made some decorative stockings, so I'd love to do more this year! 
  • Make my own Christmas cards- I wanted to do this last year and then kind of didn't, but I've already got a really cool idea and I'm ready to do it this year! 
  • Watch Christmas films snuggled up with hot chocolate and a blanket- This is a must do every year, I used to do it alone but now I have Dan to do it with me (it's nice how life changes isn't it?).  We always snuggle up on a cold evening with Christmas scented candles lit, a luxury hot chocolate and a nice fleecy blanket and watch our favourite Christmas films.
  • Do all my Christmas shopping- I'm actually nearly done now, but I like to leave some little bits so that I can do a day of shopping with my friends just to get us all in that Christmas spirit!
  • Visit Santa/Father Christmas- I'm hoping my sister will let me tag along when she takes my nephews and niece, it's going to be so amazing to see Christmas through their eyes! 
  • Write some Christmas themed blog posts- A new addition for this year, but yeah- look out for those! 
  • Bake lots of Christmas themed treats!- Last year I made Christmas Tree Cupcakes, this year I'm hoping to try lots of new treats!
What are you hoping to do this Festive season?

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