19 November, 2015

How to keep organised when buying Christmas presents!

How to stay organised when buying christmas presents

I'm sorry if you hate Christmas...

Something I always try to stay on top of is Christmas presents! That may sound strange, but to me I love to get my Christmas shopping done and dusted by the 1st December- that way I can just enjoy all the fun stuff Christmas has to offer rather than be rushing around busy shopping centres in a panic!

I thought I'd share some of my tips for being organised with your Christmas shopping- nice and early so you still have plenty of time too!
  • Write a list of who you need to buy for- There's nothing worse than going into a shop to look for a present but having no idea of who you actually need to buy for... You end up buying your boyfriend's aunt's brother's son's girlfriend a fantastic gift, but then forgetting about your fave work colleague. Whoops! 
  • Browse online- I always do this to give me an idea of what I'm going to look for in the shops. I prefer shopping in an actual store so I can see what I'm buying (less hassle of refunds/exchanges etc), but I love having a good ol' browse before so that I'm not going to get distracted by everything else in the shop (although I probably still will!) 
  • Don't overwhelm yourself with shopping- I like to break it up into 2 or 3 shopping sessions, that way I don't get myself into a panic and it gives me plenty of time if I want to stop for a coffee etc. Plus if you go with a friend, you can buy their present the next time you go shopping! 
  • Get your wrapping out of the way- So you've bought your presents, now it's time to wrap! I've made the mistake of putting it off and forgetting about it and then finding that I've got a million presents to wrap by tomorrow morning, so I try to wrap them once I've bought them (and put labels on them so you know who's is who's!) 
  • Spend the rest of Christmas enjoying yourself!- You totally can now, you're completely Christmas ready! Now you can look forward to all of the hot chocolates, christmas movie nights, yankee candles- oh god I'm so excited.
How do you get prepared for Christmas? Leave your tips in the comments below of the rest of us! 

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