20 November, 2015

Planning a Walt Disney World Holiday: Dining Plans

As my Walt Disney World posts have been so popular, I decided to write a few posts helping you to plan your perfect Walt Disney World holiday- starting with hotels last week, and this week I'm helping you pick the right Dining Plan for your holiday!

Walt Disney World Dining Plans
Be Our Guest Restaurant

There are three dining plans to choose from: the Quick Service dining plan, the Dining plan and the Deluxe Dining Plan.

Here's a quick breakdown for you:

The Quick Service Dining Plan: (per person per night stay)
2 Quick/Counter Service Meals
1 Snack
1 refillable Resort mug per person (valid for every night's stay)

The Dining Plan: (per person per night stay)
1 Quick/Counter Service Meal
1 Table Service Meal
1 Snack
1 refillable Resort mug per person (valid for every night's stay)

The Deluxe Dining Plan: (per person per night stay)
3 Table Service or Quick/Counter Service Meals 
2 Snacks
1 refillable Resort mug per person (valid for every night's stay)

Don't worry, I can tell you're like "erm, what does all of this MEAN?!". Let me explain:

Quick/Counter service meals are from restaurants where you go to a counter and you order a quick meal- for example, a hot dog and chips from Casey's Corner and then you get a small dessert for afterwards.

Table Service meals are from all of the other restaurants where you sit in a restaurant and you order from a waiter/waitress who comes to your table, like you would in the Rainforest Cafe for example.

Snacks are small food items like a box of popcorn or an ice cream cone etc. You can also buy a bottle of soft drink using one of your snacks.

Refillable resort mug sounds like a god send and it kind of is, but kind of isn't. The mug allows you to refill it as much as you like during your stay, however you can only use it in your hotel resort, so don't expect to be able to refill it in a Disney Park. People will try, but Disney are super strict, but it is a great thing to use anyway even if it is just around your hotel resort!

Walt Disney World Dining Plan

Hopefully that explains it a BIT better so that you're not as confused! So here's my tips:

If you are staying for two weeks or longer, DO NOT GO FOR THE QUICK SERVICE PLAN. On our first trip, we weren't very clued up on the different plans so we just opted for the cheapest plan and we ended up spending so much extra on table service meals because we couldn't face eating junk food all week long, which is basically all the counter service restaurants serve (not all, but most). We could have done it, but I definitely wouldn't have wanted to do it much longer than the 7 days! On our second trip, we went for the Dining Plan as we were going for two weeks and found that to be much better.

You can book your restaurants 180 days before your holiday and make sure you take advantage of this if you want to dine in places like Be Our Guest or Cinderella's Royal Table which get booked up ridiculously fast! I know it can be a pain to reserve a table 6 months before your holiday but it really is so worth it, I promise.

Make sure you do your research and work out how much of your plan each reservation will take- for example, Cinderella's Royal Table will take two of your table service meals EACH, so that means you will need to pay for another night's dinner. (CRT is so worth it though!)

So I hope you found this helpful if you're planning a Walt Disney World holiday! If you want any more information, visit their website here.

If you have any tips or any favourite WDW restaurants, share them in the comments below- or read about my favourites here!

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