29 November, 2015

Reflecting back on November

Reflecting back on November

In a weird way, I'm kind of excited for this month to be over. Not because it's been bad (although I did have one bad week!), but just because as of Tuesday I can officially be excited for my birthday and CHRISTMAS!

December promises to be a good month, with my blog's first birthday, my 23rd birthday *cries* and of course, the most wonderful time of the year! <3

But it's not December yet, so let's get back to talking about November shall we?

November's Accomplishments

  • Starting #Fitmas!- I'm not going to talk about this too much as tomorrow's post is about Fitmas, but I'm super excited to be getting back into my fitness again!
  • Creating another successful "Big Bake!"- My Beauty and the Beast Cake has been super popular and I'm so glad that so many of you liked it! 
  • Being prepared for Christmas- I like to get as prepared as possible so that I can relax and enjoy the festivities in December!
  • Getting a promotion!- Not blog related but real life stuff, I got a promotion to Front of House Manager at work. Exciting stuff! 

December's Goals

  • Trying to create some Christmas themed bakes- I'm getting started today so keep your eyes out for those! 
  • Continuing with #Fitmas- I'm looking forward to keeping you up to date with my progress!
  • Enjoying & celebrating my birthday and my blog's birthday! - And of course Christmas. And New Year. Lots of celebrations, basically! 
What have you been up to this month?!

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