01 November, 2015

Reflecting back on October

Reflecting back on October

I thought I would do a bit of a different reflection post this month and reflect back on Blogtober, as well as the month October in general.

This month has been a bit of a learning curve- if that's the right phrase!

I chose to take part in Blogtober this month, where I try to post a new post every day throughout October- and do you know what? It wasn't so bad. I spent a lot of time planning and preparing, did a lot of bulk photoshoots, spent a lot of time writing and was very lucky that I felt inspired.

I didn't complete it though- I missed a day. But do you know what? ONE DAY. I still posted 30 days out of 31 and I'm pretty darn proud of that. The only reason I didn't finish it was because I had a baking post planned and with my work's bake sale, I just didn't get time to bake other things as well, but these things happen.

I was adamant that although I wanted to take part, I wasn't going to let the fact that I needed to think of 31 posts bring down my blog. By that, I mean I didn't want to post anything of a lower standard than what I would normally post... and being 100% honest, I think I stuck to that and I hope you agree! That meant that when I didn't get time to bake for a post, I didn't want to just type out any old post just so I could complete Blogtober and I'm still glad that I didn't!

I did want to also boost my blog in other ways, like with my social media followings etc., so I read Rhianna's post on how she boosted her views and followers in 1 month (if you haven't read it then please do, it's really helpful!). I try not to get too bogged down with numbers, but I think most bloggers are lying if they say they 100% don't care about how many views/followers they have- we all at times get caught up in it, even if we try our hardest not to!

So what were the high points?

Well, I definitely gained a lot of followers- I gained 78 on Twitter (whaaat?!), 35 on Instagram and 12 on Bloglovin' which I'm really happy about! (Bloglovin' seems super hard to gain followers on, so if you have any tips please let me know!)

It also taught me that I can definitely post more, so I will be upping my weekly posts (more on that later)!

I also really enjoyed it, it was nice to have new content coming out each day and I really did feel so inspired the whole month, which felt amazing.

And the low points?

Well, although my stats this month have been much higher than normal, the amount of views on each post weren't as high as they normally were, and some of my posts had less comments than I'd expected- which makes me wonder if perhaps a post a day was too much for people to keep up with.

I also like to do one baking related post a week but during Blogtober I was trying to do two a week, and that was hard to keep up with, it meant the majority of my weekends were spent baking and blogging, leaving very little time to actually spend time with friends or family or just in the outside world! And I would also get SUPER stressed if a bake didn't go well as it meant I didn't have a post and I hated feeling like that!

What have I learnt?
I've learnt that I can definitely do more than 3 posts a week, but wouldn't quite want to go to doing 7 a week, so... I've decided to go in the middle and try to do 5 posts a week. That may change if I lose motivation/inspiration, but at the moment I think that's a good amount to stick with!

I've had a really good time doing Blogtober and I'm really happy I decided to do it!

Blog Posts I've loved this month:

Danielle's post on Halloween celebrations for non-party people- I had no party plans so I definitely loved reading this!

Jess's post on her first big bake, she did SO well!

Amy is back in the blogging world after a break- she's also recently got engaged so wish her congratulations!

Becster wrote a lovely positive post on the things that make her happy!

One of my favourite relatable blogs, Skinned Cartree, has had a makeover!

What have you been up to this month and how was your Halloween?

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