29 December, 2015

15 Blogs I've Loved This Year

Back in June, I wrote a list of a few blogs that I loved and I felt like 6 months later, it was probably time to update that list. Some of the blogs on here are repeated from last time, but I've also added in a LOT of new blogs.

Writing this list also made me realise how bad I've been with catching up on my favourite blogs, so there's a lovely New Year's Resolution for me!

I also didn't want to just write their blog names, because why should that convince you to try out their blogs? So, I've written WHY I love their blog. Buckle in!

(In no particular order)

Cake Crumbs and Pages
I've loved Jess's blog for months, she featured in my last post on blogs I love. You also might recognise her from her recent guest post on my blog. Cake Crumbs and Pages features baking posts and tips, book reviews and lifestyle posts, so if you like any of that you're bound to love her blog!

Underland to Wonderland
Danielle's blog also featured on my last post on blogs I love, I've been a fan of her blog for as long as I can remember! She has written some of the BEST posts on how to make your trip to Disneyland Paris amazing but also has a range of other posts, from cruelty free brands to showing you some beautiful places to visit.
She also has an Etsy which you can see here!

Jessica's Journey
Jess used to have a blog about beauty and lifestyle which featured on my last "Blogs I Love" post, but her new blog is all about her dealing with some big life changes (She's recently come out to her friends and family). It's full of witty and hilarious stories about her Tinder dates but also has some amazing thought provoking blog posts about how LGBT people are viewed in terms of the cliches and stereotypes. Her blog is super interesting and I love it!

Kirsty Talks
Kirsty's blog featured in my last blogs I love post too and nothing has changed. Her blog is still funny and relatable. What I love about Kirsty's blog is that her writing is in a style that when I read one of her posts, I feel like she's just chatting to me over a glass of wine or something! I definitely think we'd be great friends! Kirsty posts about fashion, beauty and lifestyle- I defy you to not be able to find at least one post you'll love!

Amy Elizabeth
Amy has been out of the blogging "loop" for a while but is now back and in the swing of things with her new blog Amy Elizabeth! Amy blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and now that she's newly engaged, she'll be posting all about her wedding planning, so look out for that!

Becster's blog is a new addition to this list as I think I discovered it halfway through the year. It features all about her life in general with her two girls and also lots of different lifestyle posts. I love that there's always something I can find to enjoy reading and she's not afraid to write posts about topics that could be controversial or not be taken very well, for example her post on how she was thinking about hiring a cleaner. She's also one of my top commenters, so she's a friend of Cakey Dreamer indeed!

Skinned Cartree
Corinne's blog also featured last time, I love her style of writing. She is another blogger who is so relatable and funny, she writes pretty much what everyone else is thinking and I love that. Corinne posts about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more, so you're bound to find something you love!
She also has a fitness blog and created the blogger challenge #Fitmas! 

The Disney Chef
If you're a Disney fan and you HAVEN'T visited Jerusha's blog yet then I'm not quite sure what you're doing with your life. Jerusha takes amazing recipes from Walt Disney World and Disneyland and recreates them at home- then shares the recipes so we can do it too! I spend a lot of time looking over her blog!

Lottie Does Disney
Lottie is extremely lucky to go on a lot of Disney trips and you can follow along with her in her blog! She also posts other fab Disney related posts- a must read for any fan! 

Bake then Eat
Emma's blog is always filled with gorgeous treats that never fail to make me hungry! Her blog was one of the first that I found and one of the blogs that inspired me to create my own. She's also a really lovely lady, so go and give her some love!

Sweet Phi
Phi is another lovely lady from the US who writes one of my absolute favourite food blogs. Her Five Ingredient post series are so much fun and she's even got her own cookbook in the making which I really hope they sell in the UK! Phi's blog features all sorts of recipes, from breakfast to dinners to desserts and even some gluten free recipes too!

Loved by Laura
Laura blogs about a bit of everything, from food to beauty to lifestyle, you can find it all! She's a very sweet girl and this comes across in her writing. Her photography is incredible and I always find something fab to read whenever I visit her blog!

Queen Beady
I've enjoyed Bee's blog for months now! While she mainly blogs about fashion, she also blogs about lifestyle stuff too and I love her photography. I'm not really a fashion blogger fan, I'm just not really that into fashion BUT, I could easily read all of Bee's fashion posts because they're so well written.

She Who Bakes
If you're a baking fan, Britt's blog is another must read for you! A few years ago, Britt couldn't bake to save her life but through watching a lot of YouTube videos and self teaching, she's managed to teach herself to create some incredible bakes and now teaches classes etc., as well as sharing her knowledge on her blog!

It's Lizi!
Lizi is another Disney fan and writes posts all about Disneyland Paris amongst other things. She's recently changed from Wordpress to Blogger so her blog looks fairly new, but I know she'll have plenty of amazing posts in store!

What are your favourite blogs? Let me know in the comments so I can find some new favourites!

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