07 December, 2015

#Fitmas: Week 3

#Fitmas Week 3

Recently, I began the #Fitmas challenge created by Corinne. I'm going to be writing weekly posts detailing my progress with the challenge and hopefully that will help to spur me on! If you want to join in, visit Corinne's blog to find out more!

This week, I was still feeling high after how well Week 2 went so I was really ready to get started this week!

So Week 3 looked a little bit like this:

Workout 1: Ab Day and 40 minutes of cardio
Workout 2: Leg Day
Workout 3: Arm Day
Workout 4: Optional

I actually moved the workouts around a little bit this week and did Ab Day on Monday, Leg Day on Tuesday and then Arm Day on Thursday. I was really busy this week and so had to move it all around, but I know I've seen Corinne say before that that's fine!

I also did my 40 minutes of Cardio on Saturday and did some Cardio Youtube workouts for 40 minutes to make sure I also got that in too.

I'm glad that I'm still doing so well with this, I'm looking forward to the next two weeks, hopefully I can keep on building up my fitness!

The thing I love with this challenge is that we get a head start on any New Year's resolutions and I'm really looking forward to being able to set myself some fitness goals for the New Year for the first time ever (instead of weight loss goals!)

If you're doing #Fitmas, how are you getting on? Or even if you're just trying to get fitter, let me know how you're getting on!

If you'd like to follow everyone's progress, search #Fitmas on Twitter or see Corinne's blog for the link up!

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