12 December, 2015

How to make decoration stockings | Christmas Crafts

How to make Decoration Stockings

An easy Christmas craft is making Decoration stockings out of felt. I usually make Decoration stockings instead of normal stockings because they can be smaller and therefore don't get too "in the way". Although if you want to make bigger stockings, feel free!

For this craft, you will need:

  • 2 A4 sheets of felt (the thicker the better!)
  • Extra felt for Decorations (in a different colour to your stocking)
  • Thread (you can either use the same colour as the stocking felt or different if you want it to stand out!)
  • Needle
To make the Stockings:

1. In your two A4 sheets of felt, cut out a stocking shape. Make sure the stockings are the same size for when you sew them together! 

2. Cut out the decorations you want for your stocking (I've used a Christmas tree) in your additional felt.

3. Sew the decorations onto one piece of felt

4. If you want to embroider the stocking with a name or message, add that now!

5. Using your needle and thread, sew your stockings together. You can either sew them up all the way around or leave the top edge open- it's completely up to you and whether or not you want to put things in them!

6. Sew some string or ribbon into the stocking ready to be hung!

7. Enjoy your stocking!

Christmas Decoration Stockings

Let me know if you do make these as I'd love to see your stocking! These would also make a perfect gift for anyone, a personalised stocking with their name on! 

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