27 December, 2015

Staying at Marwell Hotel

Marwell Hotel

So you might be aware that it was my birthday last Tuesday! (Yay!) As a treat, Dan and I decided that we wanted to go away for a night. Both Dan and I have a background working in hotels so sometimes it's nice to be on the OTHER side of it all, actually getting to enjoy the hotel.

We didn't want to go too far away because we both had to work so we chose Marwell Hotel in Winchester, about a half an hour drive away from us.

Marwell Hotel is located opposite Marwell Zoo and is a 3* hotel, which I think is much lower than they deserve!

Staying at Marwell Hotel

It's not the biggest hotel, but the rooms are spacious and we thought our room looked lovely! It had all the usual amenities and Sky TV WHICH MEANT I COULD WATCH THE DISNEY CHANNEL. Dan was not so happy about this.

Staying at Marwell Hotel
Staying at Marwell Hotel

You can definitely tell there is a theming to represent the fact that they are next to a zoo with the wooden elements everywhere, although it's not in your face Rainforest Cafe style decor!

It was dinner that surprised both of us the most- the menu was extremely fancy which terrified me because I'm such a fussy eater, but I loved everything I ate! Our server was extremely attentive without being too pushy and it was such a lovely & relaxing meal.

We had a 3 course meal included in our package, but what we didn't realise is that included in that three course meal is a pre-starter and pre-dessert, making it more of a 5 course meal! I wish I could tell you what they were but I really have no idea- but they were delicious!

The next morning, I mentioned to our server at breakfast that it was my birthday (I'd just ordered pancakes for breakfast and felt like I should explain why I was eating pancakes... I don't know why!) and the next thing I knew he was bringing me out a creme brulee with a chocolate "Happy Birthday" sign! It was so unexpected and sweet of them to do so and it really made my morning.

Overall, we had a really lovely stay and I would definitely recommend Marwell Hotel if you're ever near Winchester- we'll definitely be returning!

You can also book a package that includes zoo tickets, which we did but because of the awful weather we didn't end up going- but our tickets last for a year so we'll be heading back in the Spring or Summer time to enjoy those and we will hopefully go back to Marwell Hotel!

Have you ever stayed at Marwell Hotel or would you want to? Let me know in the comments!

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