27 January, 2016

#BloggersBelowZero at the Ice Bar London!

On Monday, I was lucky enough to be able to attend my first ever "big" bloggers meet up. I'd already been to a small local one which was amazing (and you can read about that here!), but this time I was going to be meeting a LOT more bloggers, a lot of whom already know each other.

Safe to say, I was TERRIFIED. I'm shy and I have no problem in admitting that. If I find people I can feel comfortable with then you can't shut me up, but on first meeting people (especially if I think they're cooler than me), I just freeze and can never think of anything interesting to say.

But, I had an amazing time. It honestly was SO good and I just want to say a huge thank you to Lauren of LDN Meet up for organising the event and Ice Bar London for having us because I'm so, so glad I went. Get ready because this post may be super photo heavy!

If you haven't been before, the Ice Bar is just the most amazing experience. It's just off of Regents Street and is an extremely popular bar- because it's made entirely of ice!

Ice Bar London

When we first arrived, we all headed down to the restaurant which was so pretty, it reminded me of a ski chalet or something like that and the colours were really warm- I guess that's to be a stark contrast to the Ice Bar!

We were offered some delicious cocktails and we all had a chance to mingle and chat. I met some fab bloggers that I've spoken to on Twitter and it was nice to finally be able to put faces to names!

Then we got to head down to the Ice Bar in small groups at a time!

You usually have to book a 40 minute timeslot to go in because you're in -5 degrees temperatures! I know a lot of people can't actually do the 40 minutes because they can't stand being that cold but I love it (despite the fact I usually hate being cold). This was my third or fourth time coming here and every time I have a blast.

And no, you don't get bored because each year the Ice Bar changes it's theme. The last time I went I believe it was car themed? But this year is "Ice Bar Rocks!" and it was so good.

Ice Bar London
Ice Bar London
Can you actually believe the detail in this?! It's incredible! 

Even the glasses are made out of ice!

Thanks to Laura for taking this! 

We managed to last the 40 minutes before going back to the restaurant with the rest of our group where we continued to chat and enjoy some more cocktails. 

Laura and Emma are two of the many fab ladies I met! 

I honestly had the most amazing evening, it really was fab and so lovely to meet so many few faces!

We were also lucky enough to be given goody bags from the Ice Bar, which was really sweet of them and was definitely a nice surprise!

We received goody bags which included cool gloves, Phoenix Magazine, a brochure on the Ice Hotel in Sweden and their amazing cocktail menu, all in a Ice Bar tote bag! I also included in the photo my Ice Bar wrist band we were all given upon entry. 

Have you ever been to the Ice Bar? What did you think of it?! If you do ever get the chance to go, you honestly should- it's an amazing experience!

Thank you again to Lauren and the Ice Bar! I can't wait for the next event!

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