19 January, 2016

Lulu Guinness cake

If you're a fashion lover, you might know who or what Lulu Guinness is. (I actually didn't before I made this cake, but I do now- haha!) She's a fashion accessories designer and the label is named after her.

My friend asked me if I could make her Mum's birthday cake and wanted this design as her Mum is desperate for the Lips Clutch that is often seen accompanying celebrities to all sorts of fabulous events.

Well, my friend couldn't get the clutch but cake is basically the next best thing to fashion right?

Lulu Guinness

It's a simple cake, a vanilla sponge with jam which I then covered in white fondant.

The lips I moulded using red fondant and I was actually super impressed with how quickly I managed to put them together, it only took me around 15 minutes!

I rolled two large sausages of red fondant, flattened them out a bit and then shaped them to make the lips. I started with the top lip and then shaped the bottom lip to meet i I then left it to dry and harden a bit so that it would be easier to apply to the cake.

Lulu Guinness Cake

After adding the lips to the cake, it was time to ice some writing! I used Royal Icing (see my tips for using Royal Icing here) and piped what my friend had asked for the cake to say. I was so nervous (I haven't done much piped writing) that I was shaking like a leaf!

My friend loves it and so did her Mum so all is well that ends well!

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