14 January, 2016

Tips on getting that perfect Royal Icing! | Baking Tutorials

How to get perfect royal icing every time!

I've been meaning to write these posts for a while but wasn't sure how well they would be received, until people started requesting them after my Perfect Cupcakes post!

You can see my tips on buttercream icing here, but today it's the turn of Royal Icing!

Royal icing is very good for piping writing on cakes but also excellent for when you want to ice cookies- I used royal icing on my Mickey Mouse cookies.


You will need:

  • 900g Royal Icing Sugar 
  • 150ml Cold Water 

Simply mix the ingredients together! I've always loved how simple it is to make. There are different recipes and versions but this is my favourite- but feel free to play around! Royal icing has it's own distinct taste so you don't need to flavour it.

Please note though that this recipe will make a LOT of royal icing, so you might want to play around a little bit. If I use a lesser amount of icing sugar, I like to add a teaspoon at a time of cold water until I get the consistency that I like.

How to get perfect royal icing every time!

Piping Royal Icing 

For royal icing, you can use a piping bag and nozzles as with buttercream but I found that the things I was icing needed a bit more precision and a piping bag just wasn't doing that for me, so I bought these icing bottles which help me to ice smaller things much better. I used these for my Mickey Mouse biscuits.

To pipe writing with royal icing, you will need to make sure that your icing has a toothpaste like consistency (I know that sounds weird but that is honestly what it's like!), as it will need to be thick to keep it's shape.

To pipe the icing on a biscuit, you will need the toothpaste like consistency again to pipe the outline of the biscuit and then add a teaspoon or two of water to the remaining icing to make it slightly runnier and use this to fill in the outline. The outline should act as a "wall" to stop the runnier icing going everywhere! (As you can see above, my white icing wasn't thick enough and so all my icing ran into each other!)

The good thing about Royal icing is that it's so simple to make but also so simple to use.

If you have any tips on using royal icing, please feel free to let us know in the comments! Similarly, if you have any more baking tutorials you'd like me to try, please feel free to ask and I will try my hardest to do them for you!

How to get perfect Royal icing every time!

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