10 January, 2016

Places in the UK I would love to visit | Lifestyle

I've been meaning to write this post for months and I've just never got round to it! Recently I've had a bit of the holiday blues- even though I came back from Florida over 6 months ago!

Dan and I are saving for our own house now, so returning to Florida isn't on the cards anytime soon but that got me thinking- what if we looked a bit closer to home?

I haven't done much "travelling" in the UK and there are so many beautiful places that I really should give them a go!

So here are some places in the UK I'd love to visit:

No, not because Zoella lives there. I've just always wanted to visit and see the pier and the beach etc., and I'm hoping that we might get to go down there this summer. It just looks like a nice place- but then I have only seen postcards haha!

I'm not really sure why really, I've just never been up North and I've heard that it's got an amazing shopping centre haha! Also I really like the accent, I've always been fascinated by accents!

This is a super general one simply because I have no idea where I'd want to go, just somewhere in Scotland. Preferably not a city though, I want to see the beautiful landscapes! This would be a fun camping holiday! (Albeit a soggy one!)


I've already been to the Isle of Wight so this is a bit of a cop out but I just loved it so much, I'd love to go back. It's so pretty and I love how peaceful it is. If there were more job opportunities etc., out there, I would definitely love to live there!

Where in the UK would you love to visit? Most of mine are up North because I've only really seen the South and never ventured up there yet. I don't know why that is though because there are so many amazing places!

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