17 January, 2016

Staying organised with Fitness

Staying organised with fitness!

Something I learnt a few years ago is that if there is something I am good at, it's being organised. Well, mostly. Everyone has slips now and then but for the most part I am extremely organised.

So I decided that maybe, just maybe, it might help me to stick to my fitness goals if I could use my organisational skills to organise my fitness. I thought I'd share it with you in case any of them help you!

Fitness Plan
You might have seen last week's post on my fitness plan so I won't go too much into it. I'm much more likely to stick to fitness if I'm organised with it. I've found that when I get home, I now just look at the plan to see what I need to do and I go and do it, rather than spending time deciding if I should do arms, or legs or go for a run... and by the time I've decided I've gotten bored and can't be bothered anymore so I just go veg out on the sofa! (Although I have just realised I haven't been ticking off the days!)

I found my Fitness Plan template HERE, but there are loads of great ones on Pinterest!

Meal Plans
After the success of using a fitness plan, I've started writing a meal plan for each week. It helps because each night I can see exactly what I need to prep and I can do it. It just saves time in the long run. Of course you're always going to get times when you don't fancy something so you decide to go with something else but if for the most part you can plan it out, it will help a lot!

I found my Meal Plan template HERE, but again- Pinterest is fab for these sorts of things!

Weight & Measurement tracking spreadsheet
I actually need to thank Laura who's part of the Fitness Bunnies Whatsapp chat for this because she's created an amazing spreadsheet to help with this! But before I started using Laura's spreadsheet, I just had a notebook and each week would weigh and measure myself to see how much I'd lost.

You can find Laura's blog HERE but I'm not sure if she's planning on releasing the spreadsheet!

Something to keep in mind...
The thing with all of these plans and spreadsheets is that they won't work for everyone. Some people find it too daunting and too much to keep up with and it actually holds them back, but feel free to give it a try because it might work for you!

Something that I truly believe in when it comes to dieting/fitness/healthy eating is that you need to find what works for you, it takes time but when you find what works it will be so worth it!

Do you find it helpful to be organised with your fitness journey, or do you like to go with the flow? Let me know in the comments!

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