26 January, 2016

The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook | Review

I've been a fan of the Nerdy Nummies Youtube channel for quite some time now, even recreating her amazing Cheeseburger Cupcakes.

Nerdy Nummies was created by Rosanna Pansino, an American baker and Youtube personality. Her cakes and bakes are usually to do with something "nerdy" like video games etc., hence the name. For example, some of my favourite videos of hers are ones where she has created Mario Kart themed cakes!

So imagine how excited I was when I saw that she was getting her own cookbook released! As soon as it was released over here I went searching for it and I really mean searching- most of my local bookstores were COMPLETELY sold out. It took me a while to find it! (I know I could have ordered it but I wanted it then and there, I couldn't wait!)

Finally, at the fifth book store I looked in (over 3 towns, by the way) I found the book and snatched it up.

When I read it? I was fairly happy. I say fairly happy because although there were some amazing recipes (and I'll talk more about that in a minute), they were very generic. One of the big draws to Nerdy Nummies is the fact that she makes things like Star Wars cake pops, Mario cakes, Pokemon cakes etc., whereas in the book there was none of that and that disappointed me. I get why, it's a lot harder to do that when you need to gain permissions etc., but it was something that I felt was lacking that charm.

But that I must say is the only slight quibble I have about the book because the rest of it was great. I loved that it was split into different sections, Maths, Science, Space, Fantasy, Gaming etc., and there were some really fantastic recipes. I loved the Apple Pi Pie (where the apple slices are shaped into numbers which make up Pi), her castle cake and so many more!

Overall, if you are a fan of "different" cake designs and want to be a bit adventurous with your baking, I definitely recommend this book. It's not that expensive and there are SO many ideas inside. You can find the book here!

Have you read the Nerdy Nummies cookbook or do you watch the Youtube Channel? Let me know in the comments!

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