14 February, 2016

Attending a Cake Decorating class!

Valentine's Day Cake Class

One of my Christmas presents from Dan was an "Introduction to Sugarpaste" cake decorating class, which I was really excited to attend.

I've never been to a course before, everything I know about cake decorating is from YouTube videos or me just playing around so it was nice to actually be shown what to do and have someone tell me if I was going wrong.

The course was yesterday and as today is Valentine's Day, we made a Valentine's Day themed cake. It was a pretty simple cake, a one layer chocolate sponge covered with white sugarpaste/fondant and then with some extra decorations added.

The main focus was on crumbcoating and covering the cake, which although I already know how and have done it a million times, it was quite nice to be shown a slightly different way and I learnt an easy way of making sure your fondant is thick enough etc., which was really good.

Valentine's Day Cake Class

I hadn't worked with things like wires etc., before so that was all new and we also used crimpers which I haven't used either so I definitely learnt a few new things.

At the end of the course we got a certificate to say we'd successfully completed it which felt nice!

Would I go to more classes? Maybe one day, but for now I'm pretty happy just playing around with things. Even the teacher said that a lot of it she can't actually teach- you just have to practise and find what works for you, so that's what I'll continue to do.

If you're interested in going to any classes and you live near Oxfordshire, I really recommend Catherine's cake classes!

Valentine's Day Cake Class

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