19 February, 2016

Memories of Disneyland Paris!

Lately I've been really missing Disneyland Paris. Well... just missing the Disney Parks in general, but it's really hit me that I haven't been to Disneyland Paris since September 2010. That's nearly 5 and a half years ago!

So, as I know you guys love my Disney Parks posts and so that I can do some reminiscing, I thought I would share some of my favourite Disneyland Paris memories with you!

I'm the baby in the pram by the way- not long after this, Minnie Mouse pretended to run away with my pram with Mickey Mouse, like they were adopting me. True story (or so I'm told by my parents). I'm convinced she brainwashed me and that's why I'm so Disney obsessed.

Because I know you want more baby pictures right?! ;) I still have that Minnie Mouse toy, she's one of my all time favourites from my childhood. My Dad bought her because she has big eyes like me! 

All my pictures have been very Minnie Mouse themed so far and I didn't even mean that to happen haha! But I love this picture because I had NO idea Minnie was behind me, and turned round to get the best surprise EVER.

This is a random picture- but why do Hercules & Meg not get any love in the parades anymore?! This was an amazing float.

I adored Chip growing up. I was actually convinced for a little while that I would marry him and I didn't see what the problem with that was.

If you're a seasoned DLP lover, you might remember the Main Street Electrical Parade (I've found you the music HERE!). They sadly got rid of it, but it still lives on in Walt Disney World, and when I saw it there it brought back so many memories. I still don't understand why DLP got rid of it!

Ugh, I look terrible here, but this was the trip where I fell in love completely and truly with the idea of being a cast member. I was determined to end up working in Disneyland Paris and I spent ages in my bedroom practising how I would act. Still haven't done it though!

Still looking awful, but ah well. My mum and I went to a character themed buffet at the Lucky Nugget which I believe was in Frontierland? And it was one of my favourite ever character experiences, they made such a fuss of us!

So, now I'm all nostalgic and desperately trying to work out if I can afford a trip back to Disneyland Paris, I hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane with me! 

Credit to my family for the photos :) 

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