09 February, 2016

Treating Lady to some Pooch & Mutt treats!

As you may be able to tell from my header, my dog Lady is quite a big part of my life. Dan and I regularly spoil her as you can tell from her birthday post and so when Pooch & Mutt asked me if Lady would like to try some of their products, I was delighted to say yes!

Can I just say first of all, how nice it was that before they sent me anything, they asked me how old Lady was and if she had any problems as they have lots of different types of food. I'm so glad because they could have just sent any old thing- but they took that time.

Lady is actually on a diet as she has the appetite of 101 Dalmatians, so Pooch & Mutt were kind enough to send a bag of their specialised weight loss food, Slim & Slender which is a grain free dog food.

Slim & Slender contains NUTRA-BIONIC, which is a unique supplement only found in Pooch & Mutt's foods, and contains ingredients that aid the digestive system and also her coat!

The fab thing about Pooch & Mutt's foods is that they're all free of things like gluten, so they're kind to your dog's tummy- and let me tell you, Lady needs things to be kind to her tummy or else she farts a LOT. TMI perhaps but true nonetheless!

We've tried a few different weight loss foods for Lady and only found one so far that actually manages to keep her full up and not constantly whining for food, but Slim & Slender definitely seemed to keep her full! As she is pretty much down to the weight she should be now, I gave her the amount it said on the bag to maintain her weight and she happily gobbled it up every day!

Pooch & Mutt also very kindly sent a few packs of their healthy treats, Fresh Breath, Move Easy and Healthy Digestion. The Healthy Digestion definitely helped Lady's "wind" problem! ;)

Lady has absolutely loved her treats from Pooch & Mutt and would like to say a big thank you to them!

Have you ever tried Pooch & Mutt's products for your dog? They have many dog foods for all different types of dogs, my mum is looking into their "Calm and Relaxed" dog food for her dog who suffers with anxiety!

*Pooch & Mutt sent me their products for review, but all opinions are my (and Lady's!) own!

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