05 February, 2016

What to pack for a Disney Parks Holiday!

What to pack for a Disney Parks holiday!

(Yep, I'm back with another Disney Parks post, I know how much you guys love these!)

If you're heading to any of the Disney Parks, whether that's Florida, California, Paris, Tokyo or Hong Kong, you're going to want to know what to pack right?! Well, here are my GENERAL tips on what to pack for a Disney Park's holiday.

Now, I can't tell you what that suitable clothing is because it depends on which park you're going to. But it's pretty simple- don't pack your shorts and vest tops for Disneyland Paris unless you're going in the height of Summer and don't pack your wooly jumper for Walt Disney World.

If you're not sure of what temperatures you're looking at, make sure you do your research! There are plenty of forums etc. for each Park which will have all the information.

This is SO important. The first time we went to Walt Disney World, I went for style over comfort and let me tell you, it was the worst mistake I ever made. Literally, my feet were killing me and I hated it. 
I recently saw a blogger write an OOTD for Disneyland Paris where she wore heels. Don't do that, she must have been in agony!

This is something you CAN buy in the Parks if you want to... but a little tip from me? Don't. We bought Rain Mac's in Walt Disney World and it cost us a fortune, plus they didn't last us that long either! You'd be better off getting a decent (yet cheap) one from home and taking them with you. 

Don't worry if you don't already have these because you can buy them at the Parks, but if you've been before, save yourself some money and reuse them! The same can be said for anything like Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears. I'll always take mine back and reuse them to save spending $20 out again!

The first time we went to Walt Disney World, I forgot my camera charger. Luckily I just used my iPhone and it was fine but last year I was super anal about checking my charger was in my suitcase! And a camera is obvious, you're gonna want to take photos!

In Walt Disney World (I'm not sure about the other parks, but please let me know if you know!), you get refillable mugs which you can use in your hotel resort. This is fab as it's free refills, but means that every time you want a drink, you have to go to the main areas to get a drink. In WDW, that could mean a 5-10 minute walk or a bus ride. We found it was much easier to buy bottles of drink to keep in our hotel room and that way whenever we got thirsty, we didn't need to worry. There's nothing worse than waking up at 3am and needing a drink and everywhere being closed! 

But another good time to take bottles of water is in the Parks themselves, as their drinks cost a fortune. If you can keep costs down, you have more money for souvenirs!

This is a good one if you're taking kids- take along something that they can play with while queuing up for rides/characters. That way they won't get stroppy when they've been in a queue for 20-30 minutes (or longer!) and they'll be more likely to stay happy. YOU know it's worth the wait, but they don't!

These are my main tips, but Pinterest was a lifesaver with helping me decide what to pack! You can also see what I packed in my hand luggage here.

What are your must-haves to pack for a Disney holiday?

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