31 March, 2016

Lakeland's Cake Airbrush Kit | Review

Lakeland's Cake Airbrush Kit

Last Christmas (sorry for using the C word in March!), I was lucky enough that Dan bought me an airbrush as my main present. I'd been wanting one for SO long as they help you to make more professional looking cakes and you can do some really cool effects with them.

So I hinted and I hinted and finally on Christmas Day, I got my airbrush. I was SO happy!

And then it sat in my baking cupboard until the beginning of this month. I don't know why, I was just so afraid to use it. I assumed it would be hard to use, I assumed I would struggle and I kept putting off trying it out.

Then, one Sunday evening I just decided- it was time. And do you know what? I had the hang of it in minutes. Once I read the instruction manual, I was absolutely fine and I was spray painting some white fondant and having a whale of a time. Plus Dan finally stopped moaning that I hadn't used my Christmas present (not that you've built your Lego Star Wars thingy yet Daniel!)- which was fair enough after all the begging I'd done for it.

The airbrush I have is the Lakeland Cake Airbrush kit which you can find here. It is expensive, hence why I was so lucky this Christmas, but if you are looking to make professional looking cakes then they are so worth it.

Lakeland's Cake Airbrush Kit

The airbrush comes with edible paints in red, blue and yellow as well as a cleaning liquid. You can buy other colours separately too!

The thing I love most about this set is purely how easy it is to get the hang of it and how amazing the effects are! I tried out the blue when I was practising and couldn't help but think about how great it would look on an "under the sea" cake. The Little Mermaid cake, anyone? *notes down*.

Although it is easy, it might take a while to get the hang of how to get gentle strokes. I found that I was spraying quite intense colours whereas I wanted a very light colour, but the more I practise the better I will get as with anything.

This kit also comes with a DVD which is really good for going through what you can do with the airbrush. I love that they give you so much help to make it seem as least daunting as possible (even if you're a scaredycat like me!)

Overall, I think this is a great set. If you're still a beginner then I probably wouldn't recommend forking out the £100 needed for this set, but if you're wanting to make some more advanced cakes, then it's definitely worth thinking about.

Have you ever tried an airbrush or would you consider it? If you have this set, I'd love to know what you think of it too!

30 March, 2016

Reflecting back on March!

Reflecting back on March
Well, what a month March has been! I feel like it's gone super quickly because I've been so busy and had so much going on. I'm hoping April will be a bit calmer!

So here are some memorable moments from March:

  • I left my job and started a new one!- I was a Front of House Manager in an office building but now I've moved on to become a Facilities Specialist... which basically means I help to run an office and do a lot of admin work. I'm really enjoying it so far, so hopefully that will continue!
  • I had a week off!- In between jobs I had a lovely week off which was my first week off since August 2015, so I definitely felt it was deserved. It went super quickly but I really relaxed and it was so lovely.
  • I met Jess!- One of my best blogging friends who I've been talking to for over a year, we finally met and hit up Choccywoccydoodah which Dan has made me promise I will take him to next! 
  • I've spent a LOT of time working on my blog- I've mentioned a few times now that I'm taking some time off of my blog so I can concentrate on my new job, but I've been working extra hard over the past few weeks so that you won't notice I've gone anywhere! There are a few less posts per week than normal, but I'm still uploading regular content! :)
So I'm hoping that having a month off of blogging and baking will give me time to really relax and concentrate on my new job and I'll come back full of new ideas *I hope* haha! 

What are you looking forward to in April and how has your month been?

29 March, 2016

Epcot Cake

Epcot Cake

You might have seen a couple of weeks ago if you follow me on Twitter that I had a bright idea for a big Disney cake.

That bright idea was to make the famous Epcot "ball" out of cake- which didn't seem too hard, just make a round cake, cover it in fondant and Bob's your uncle! 

Now, that kind of was all I had to do, but things weren't quite as simple as that! 

To make a ball-shaped cake, I baked two half-sphere cakes using this tin. I made a Madeira cake rather than a Victoria Sponge as they're meant to be a lot stronger and I thought it would hold better. 

The cake came out beautifully and I used Britt Whyatt's recipe in case you want to try it yourself, it was honestly one of the best tasting cakes I've ever made! But it didn't come out quite as round as I'd hoped- although that might have been because I used baking paper to line the tin. Next time I'll try to use cake release spray instead.

The ball also wasn't as big as it should have been. The Epcot Ball really is huge and I feel like my ball should have been bigger to represent that, but I'll know that for next time! 

I used my Cake Frame to keep the ball "up" which always works really well. I used my cake frame back when I made my Santa's Sack cake and it's definitely become a invaluable tool!

Then I covered the ball with white fondant which was surprisingly not too difficult- apart from at the bottom where it was hard to get it all the way under, in fact I couldn't make it cover the entire ball, but that didn't really matter as you can't see the bottom! I then drew the lines on which I really regret, if I did this cake again I would definitely buy an embossing rolling pin to get the pattern, that would have looked a million times better.

I made the "legs" out of fondant and used bamboo dowels to keep them straight and glued them to the cake board with edible glue. 

And that was it! As you can tell, I'm not overly happy with this cake but recently I've been realising that that's okay! I'm still learning and the cakes I try are usually for the first time so I'm learning new techniques. I know exactly what to do and what not to do next time I attempt a cake like this and experience is invaluable. 

The reason why I show you guys these cakes even when they go wrong is because I am not perfect. And in the blogging world, it's not very often that people genuinely hold their hands up and show that they are not perfect and when I was a beginner, I found that really intimidating. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I'd rather not show you the fail cakes, but if I do then maybe that'll make some of you be less scared to try using fondant or making "big" cakes. Because it doesn't matter if it doesn't look fantastic. This Epcot cake tastes fantastic and really, that's what counts doesn't it?! 

Epcot Cake

Never be afraid to try and never be afraid to fail- most of the time you'll still have a yummy fail even if it doesn't look great! 

And please feel free to tweet me if you ever have any baking questions- I can't promise I'll always know the answers but I do promise to try and help! :)

27 March, 2016

Fitness Update #5

Fitness Update

So it appears that my softly, softly approach is working! It seems that the more I do, the more I want to do and so hopefully in a month or so's time I'll be in a regular routine of exercising and I'll be feeling much more positive!

I started my new job on Monday and I've been making sure that I've at least been walking to the train station which is roughly a 30 minute walk. I do want to start walking home from the train station too so I'm definitely getting an hour's exercise every day but I've been super tired this week where I've had so much to take in. Hopefully once I get more settled I'll be able to do that!

I'm also finding that I'm more open to doing other exercise too- for example I've been really wanting to get my weights out and start doing more with those again like I used to, it's just that I've been too tired. So fingers crossed that not only will I be walking for an hour 5 days a week, I'll also be doing other exercises at least on the other two days of the week.

I'm also on my feet a lot more in this job, there's certain things I have to get up and do and that's so much better than just sitting on my bum all day every day. I'm doing around 10,000-15,000 steps per day and that will increase when I start walking home!

My weight has been going up and down recently due to bloating (I'm currently waiting for my results of a blood test to see if I have coeliac disease) and so I actually have no idea if I've lost any weight or cms because my body is constantly going up and down, but hopefully once I get it under control I'll start to see a difference!

I think it's important not to let yourself get too carried away or caught up if you're not doing well. Doing things slowly has worked really well for me, so if you're struggling then maybe try that too!

I can't promise but fingers crossed I will keep this all up!!!

How are your fitness journeys going?

25 March, 2016

Easter Recipe Roundup

This month I've featured a few recipes for Easter for you to make this bank holiday weekend. In case you missed any of them, here's a roundup of them all:

And if you want something a bit different and less "Easter-y"...

Simple Spring Cupcakes

If you make any of these, please feel free to let me know by tweeting me @cakeydreamer or by using my hashtag on Instagram #cakeydreamerbakes!

Let me know what you're up to this Easter in the comments below!

22 March, 2016

How to make an Easter Bunny from Fondant | Easter Baking

How to make an Easter Bunny from fondant!

A really popular cupcake topper at this time of year is a cute fondant Easter Bunny, and as my fondant tutorials always seem to be so popular with you guys, I thought I'd help you make your own adorable topper!

You will need:

  • White fondant
  • Pink/peach fondant
  • Black fondant OR pen with black edible ink
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Edible glue (optional)
How to make an Easter Bunny from fondant

First, roll two balls of white fondant, one larger than the other. This will be the Bunny's head and body! 

How to make an Easter Bunny from fondant

Roll the larger ball of fondant between your hands to make it longer.

Make two small sausages of white fondant and flatten down using your fingers to make the ears.

Make two small sausages of pink/peach fondant and flatten down using your fingers- then attach onto the white fondant to make the inner ears.

How to make an Easter Bunny from fondant

Cut a cocktail stick in half and use to attach the ears to the Bunny's head.

How to make an Easter Bunny from fondant

Attach the head to the body using a cocktail stick. You may need to trim the cocktail stick down to size. 

How to make an Easter Bunny from fondant

Roll small balls of white fondant and attach to the bottom of either side of the body either by moulding them to the body or by using edible glue- these will be the Bunny's legs/knees.

Take two tiny pieces of white fondant and make the Bunny's feet and slide these underneath the legs.

Take a small knife or fondant tool and make indents for the Bunny's toes.

Roll two small sausages of white fondant for the Bunny's arms and attach these using edible glue, or by moulding them to the body. 

How to make an Easter Bunny from fondant

Roll a small egg shaped piece of pink or whatever colour fondant you would like and place between the bunny's hands for his Easter Egg. You will more than likely need edible glue for this, but if you're patient you will be able to mould it to his hands and body.

Take a small piece of white fondant and roll it into a little ball and attach to the Bunny's "bottom" for his fluffy tail! 

Attach a tiny piece of pink fondant to the bunny's face for his nose and draw on a mouth with a cocktail stick. 

Finally, draw on Bunny's eyes using a black EDIBLE pen or attach two tiny pieces of black fondant to the bunny's face as you did with the nose.

How to make an Easter Bunny from fondant

Then, place on top of your cake or cupcake and let the compliments roll in! :)

Please let me know if you make the Bunny, I'd love to see them! Tweet me @cakeydreamer or use my hashtag on Instagram #cakeydreamerbakes!

If you liked this post, you might also love:

If you have any other tutorial ideas, please let me know in the comments! 

18 March, 2016

Disney Tsum Tsum Collection!

If you haven't heard of the Disney Tsum Tsums, I'm not entirely sure where you've been!

Funnily enough, I actually hated them when I first saw them. I didn't think they were cute and didn't get the point of them. I still don't get the point really but I love that they're collectable and their cuteness has grown on me!

I thought as a bit of a different post today, I'd share my collection with you. Well, I say my collection but actually Dan is just as obsessed with collecting them as I am, which is another reason why I love collecting them. I love that it's something we do together and we often buy them for each other as a small gift/surprise!

Top left to right: Dopey, Snow White | Gus | Cinderella | Prince Charming | Perla
Middle left to right: Jiminy Cricket | Dumbo | Lady | Stitch | Chip | Dale
Bottom left to right: Donald | Goofy | Mickey | Minnie | Pluto | Daisy

So I did try to stack all of them originally as you're meant to, but we have too many and they all kept falling off, so this is the best I could do! I've broken the rest down into their groups.

Of course we had to get the 101 Dalmatians didn't we?! We love our Dalmatian and so these were a must have for us.

Dan's a huge Toy Story fan, as am I so we had to get these too. I really want to finish this set because there's so many cute ones!

Ariel is SO cute, as is Flounder. Ursula is the next one for me! We got these three in Walt Disney World. It was surprising how hard they were to find out there, we only found one shop that sold them and they had a really limited stock!

We actually have two Baymax tsum tsums, but one has been stolen by Lady who ADORES it. We now have to hide the rest of our tsum tsums from her as she thinks they're her toys! We got these three from Walt Disney World as well so they have a lovely memory!

I'm so over the Frozen hype, but we went shopping in the Oxford Street Disney store and couldn't not buy Tsum Tsums, so we went with these three Frozen ones.

Our newest additions, I love the Tink one!

The thing that bothers me the most about these is that we've never actually completed an entire set, so I think for a little while we'll just try to complete each set- although the Rapunzel ones have caught my eye a lot!

If you want to start a collection (I will warn you, it's SO addictive), then you can find them at The Disney Store or Clintons. Although Clintons are more expensive!

Have you got any Tsum Tsums? What are your thoughts on them?

17 March, 2016

How to make your own Easter Eggs!

How to make your own Easter Egg

Last weekend, Dan and I decided to do something fun with our Sunday afternoon. It's not very often Dan and I make something together (every time "we" cook that means Dan takes over and I stand and watch, and Dan usually never gets involved when I bake), but we decided to make our own Easter Eggs.

Sometimes it's nice to do something like that as a couple rather than sitting around watching TV or playing on our phones or whatever!

I thought I'd share with you how we made them in case any of you want to try it out yourselves! Ours didn't turn out perfect- in fact only one half of the Easter Egg made it, but we definitely learnt what to do for next time!

You will need:

  • An Easter Egg Mould (I got mine here for £1)
  • 500g of chocolate (we used a supermarket own brand but you can use whatever kind of chocolate you like!)

1. Make sure your mould is clean and ready to use.

2. Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of boiling water.

3. Spoon the chocolate into the moulds until all is covered and the thickness is around 5mm (that's super important and where we went wrong!)

4. Pop into the fridge to cool and set.

5. Once out of the fridge, break out of mould and use a little melted chocolate around the edges to stick together.

6. Place back into the fridge until completely set!

How to make your own Easter Egg!

The great thing about making your own Easter Eggs is that it's not a huge deal if they don't look like the ones you buy in the store. Ours certainly didn't, one half wasn't anywhere near thick enough but they still tasted delicious and we had so much fun making them! 

Kids will love making these, as will any adults who just want to make a quick and fun treat!

Have you tried making Easter Eggs before? How did they go?

16 March, 2016

Why it's okay that we haven't set a wedding date yet

Ever since Dan proposed to me in Walt Disney World last June, we have been constantly plagued with questions:

"When's the wedding?"
"Have you set a date?"
"Why haven't you set a date?"
"What's the point of getting engaged if you're not getting married for years?"

Personally, I've always liked the idea of a long engagement. I can't explain why really, I just have. But the main reason Dan and I haven't set a date is because we're currently saving for a mortgage. He lives with me at my mum's house and I really don't want to be a married couple living at my Mum's.

Everyone and every couple are different. If you get engaged and you set a date the next day, then that's great and I'm so happy for you.

But just because we want to be different, that's completely up to us and I can't understand why people can't just let us do our own thing, as long as we're happy. 

At the end of the day, Dan proposed to me because we were in Walt Disney World and it was the perfect place to do it. He proposed because we wouldn't be going back to Walt Disney World for years and he wanted to do it there because it's a place that means a lot to both of us. 

He proposed because it's the commitment and the promise that yes, we will be getting married. Just because we're not getting married this year or next year doesn't mean that it's less of a commitment, which is what a few people have tried to tell me. "Well you're not really engaged then are you?" Actually, yes I am. 

Plus, once I'm married and I am Mrs Dan, I will become a wife- and I'm hoping to only do this once so I will be a wife forever. So why not make the most of being able to call myself a "fiance"? 

Again, I just want to say that this is NOT a dig at people who set a date straight away at all because that's obviously what is right for them and that's great! 

All I want is for people to not look at me like I'm an idiot when I say "oh we haven't set a date yet, we probably won't get married for a few years!". It's our wedding, our choice and our lives.

What do you think about this? Do you think it's okay to have a long engagement without setting a date?

15 March, 2016

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes

Easter Cupcakes
I can't believe it's already nearly Easter- I really thought 2016 started off so slow and now it's sped up so much!

Easter is definitely one of the best times for baking as you can bake the brightest and prettiest cakes! Today I thought I would share with you how to make these delicious and gorgeous Easter Egg Hunt cupcakes.

Easter Cupcakes

You will need:

For the cupcakes:

  • 175g butter
  • 175g caster sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 175g self raising flour (sieved)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
For the decoration:
  • 100g butter
  • 300g icing sugar (sieved)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Green Food Colouring
  • Piping Bag
  • "Grass" Piping Nozzle (I found mine here)
  • 1 pack of Mini Eggs

1. Preheat your oven to 160 degrees.

2. Mix together your butter and caster sugar. Add your eggs, flour and vanilla extract and bake in the oven for approx 20-25 minutes. Your cupcakes are done when they are golden and a skewer inserted comes out clean.

3. In a separate bowl, mix together your butter and icing sugar and add your vanilla extract. You want your icing to be fairly thick which is why I have suggested 300g of icing sugar.

4. Add your green food colouring until you get the desired colour (I used Morrisons own make food colouring so you don't always need to splash out!)

5. Put your buttercream icing into a piping bag with a grass piping nozzle and place the nozzle onto the cupcake before squeezing your icing out. This nozzle will give you the look of grass but you need the icing to be thick to get the right look (my icing was a bit too runny as I only used 225g of icing sugar!)

6. Once you've piped your "grass", add your Mini Eggs onto the cupcakes! As many or as little as you would like.
Easter Cupcakes

And that's it! Yummy Easter Egg cupcakes, they'd be cute to have to celebrate a successful Easter Egg Hunt! 

If you make these cupcakes, please feel free to let me know- I'd love to see them! You can tweet me @cakeydreamer or use my Instagram hashtag #cakeydreamerbakes!

Easter Egg Hunt Cupcakes

13 March, 2016

Life Update

Well, prepare yourself for a bit of a rambly post but I thought I'd give you a bit of an update into my life at the moment!

So, on Friday I left my old job. So emotional because I loved the building where I worked (because I'd been there since it opened, it became a bit like my "baby") and the people were so lovely but it was just time to move on. I'd been there for a year and a half and I'd seen so many people come and go, so many new people arrive and there had been a lot of changes and a couple of the changes just made me realise that it was also about time that I started thinking about my career again and move on. It's nice when you leave a job like that, there's no bad blood, just gratitude for the hard work I'd done and for the opportunities they'd given me.

So this week I am off! I am a free woman and I am SO excited because I haven't had a week off since August 2015. Wow. I'm hoping to get a lot of blogging stuff done and have some fun and just relax basically. It's going to be so nice!

And then next week I start my new job. I'm super excited because it's a really fun new direction for me, but like I mentioned at the end of February, it might mean that while I settle down things are a bit quieter over here.

I'm hoping you won't notice that I'm gone because I'm busy writing, baking and scheduling posts for the rest of March & the whole of April so I have a month blogging free basically! However, I will be taking the amount of posts per week down from 5 a week to 3 a week. I hate to do it because I love posting so regularly but hopefully it will only be for a month or so!

I will still be around, I'll still reply to comments and I'll be on social media so please feel free to keep tweeting me etc!

Now here's a funny thing that happened last week- this little blog reached 50,000 pageviews. Now I'm not an idiot, I know that compared to other bloggers that is still small but WHAT?! To think that Cakey Dreamer which is literally just a combination of my wittering and baking, has been viewed 50,000 times is just crazy.

But thank you. It means a lot :)

So, that's all I have right now. Hopefully my life will be getting a bit busier from next week but I also hope it doesn't affect this little place too much! And hopefully I can get a lot of rest and sleep this week!

Oh, and meet Jess. Look out London!

11 March, 2016

Fitness Update #4

I can finally write a positive fitness update, yaaaaaay!

Well, that's how I feel anyway haha. I've been doing really well the past couple of weeks, I'm still taking it slow and easing myself back into regular exercise but I am getting used to being more active!

My eating habits are also improving, I've cut way back on the amount of Costa & Starbucks I drink (from one a day to one a week), I bring my own lunches into work instead of buying lunch out every day which not only is saving money but it also helping me to eat a lot healthier too!

I'm also trying to buy healthy-yet-yummy dinners and avoiding snacking as much which luckily doesn't seem to be too hard at the moment. Does anyone else find that when you try to avoid snacking you suddenly want to snack way more than you did before?!

I've actually managed to lose 6lbs over the past couple of weeks though which I'm really, really pleased with and I'm hoping it's the beginning of getting fitter and healthier.

Today is my last day at my current job so we are actually ordering Deliveroo for lunch which isn't great for my waistline but meh- we're celebrating and it's only a one off!

Next week I have a long awaited week off before starting my new job so I'm hoping to be able to go to the gym most days and do at least an hours workout a day and as I mentioned last time, once I start my new job I'll be walking to and from the train station which will get me 50 minutes of exercise per day.

So, with all these little changes I'm hopefully going to see a much healthier and more importantly happier me.

I'm very much used to barreling into fitness head first and going all in but I'm finding that taking things slowly is helping a lot more. I have no real "goal date" in mind so I don't need to rush like I did last year, this time it's a permanent change which means I can take it slowly.

So fingers crossed next time I update you I'll have lost a few more pounds!

How are you getting on in your fitness journeys? Let me know in the comments!

09 March, 2016

It's a Baking Thing Giveaway // Winner!

Last week I started a giveaway to give one lucky person a Baking Essential kit from It's a Baking Thing! The kit is a fab way to start any baker's collection, so I thought it would be perfect to give one of my readers!

Today I can finally announce that the winner is...

Gwyn Sharps! 

Congratulations! Please contact me at sian@cakeydreamer.co.uk within the next 72 hours with your address and I will get the kit sent out to you!

But don't worry if you entered and didn't win as It's a Baking Thing have also offered the rest of my readers a 20% discount on your first order- just use BAKE20!

And again, thank you for your continued support, I'm so grateful for every single one of you. Hopefully I'll be able to do another giveaway later on in the year!

08 March, 2016

Simple Spring Cupcakes

Simple Spring Cupcakes
Last October, I made some cute Autumn cupcakes which were really popular with you guys! So, I decided that now we're about to head into Spring, it was probably about time that I made some Spring cupcakes!

I love making simple cupcakes- the great thing about cupcakes is that they don't need to be incredibly intricate, they just need to look pretty and taste great! 

To make these cupcakes, you will need:

  • 1 batch of your favourite cupcakes (I chose vanilla, but anything would work!)
  • 1 batch of buttercream icing (see my tips and recipe here)
  • A small pack of fondant- the colour is your choice!
  • Flower cutters (I bought mine here)
1. Pipe your buttercream icing on top of the cupcakes in a swirl.

2. Roll out your fondant- you don't want to go too thin, but also not too thick. You can see above how thick my flowers were! 

3. Using your flower cutters, cut out a few flowers. How many flowers per cupcake is completely up to you! 

4. Pop the flowers onto a baking sheet for about an hour to allow them to harden up- otherwise as you pick them up and put them on your cupcakes you might change their shape as they'll still be very mouldable!

And that's it! They are super simple and fairly quick to make, perfect to make during the upcoming Easter holidays with your kids or just as a fun treat for yourself on a weekend!

Simple Spring Cupcakes

If you make these cupcakes, let me know via Twitter or using my hashtag #cakeydreamerbakes on Instagram! I'd really love to see your bakes so please do let me know!

What do you think of these cupcakes and what are you looking forward to in Spring? Let me know in the comments!

Simple Spring Cupcakes

04 March, 2016

My Top Disney Mum's!

As it's coming up for Mother's Day and I wanted to do a Disney post, I thought I'd do something a little bit different and write a list of my favourite Disney Mum's!

Sometimes I feel like I take my blog a bit too seriously and it's nice to do these smaller, fun posts. Hopefully you'll enjoy them!

So, here are my top Disney Mums in no particular order:

Images are from Disney Screencaps

Perdita | 101 Dalmatians
I'd like to think that if my Lady had Dalmatian puppies, she would be like Perdy. I love how Perdy and Pongo adore their puppies and go to the extremes to save them from Cruella De Vil. I also love Dalmatians, so maybe I'm a bit biased....
In case you're wondering why I named Lady after Lady and the Tramp and not after Perdy, I just don't really like the name Perdita and kind of felt it was too obvious. People ask me that all the time! 

Eudora | The Princess and the Frog
I mean, having Oprah for a mum would be kinda cool, right?! But I love that Eudora was so supportive of Tiana's dream, even if she was in a hurry for Grandchildren!

Duchess | The Aristocats
Another very protective mother, Duchess was definitely a great Mum and adored her children. I love when she's teaching them how to sing!

Mrs Darling | Peter Pan
Mrs Darling was the voice of reason in that household wasn't she? She didn't mind Wendy still wanting to tell stories about Peter Pan and seemed to be a lot more understanding than Mr Darling was.

Bambi's Mum | Bambi
Are you feeling emotional now too? I'm pretty sure she deserves to be on this list no matter what. RIP Bambi's Mum <3 Let's move on.

Mrs Jumbo | Dumbo
Baby Mine is actually one of my favourite Disney songs but it's also the most emotional Disney song for me too, for reasons I'd rather not discuss! I love how Mrs Jumbo will do anything to protect Dumbo, even if it means she gets imprisoned. She clearly adores Dumbo and for that reason, she is definitely a worthy Mum.

Ariel | The Little Mermaid II
Bit overprotective, but her heart was in the right place. As a child, I should have wanted to agree with Melody about rebelling but I've always loved Ariel so I ended up agreeing with her instead! I've always tried to work out how old Ariel was in this film- what do you guys reckon? I kind of assume that she had Melody after her wedding so she was 16/17, which would make her about 28/29 in the film.

Who are your favourite Disney Mum's? Did yours make the list? I actually found this a lot harder than I thought I would because there aren't that many (alive) Disney Mums!

02 March, 2016

It's a Baking Thing Giveaway!

On Sunday I got a bit smushy and told you guys how much I appreciate you all following me. I really do, so I thought it was about time I did a giveaway for you all!

I've wanted to do one of these for ages because they look like a lot of fun and tried to think of something that would appeal to you guys but also is "symbolic" of my blog.

So, I'm giving away a Baking Essentials kit from It's a Baking Thing.com, worth £25!

The kit includes:
  • Wright's Chocolate Fudge Cake Mix 500g
  • Wright's Madeira Cake Mix 500g
  • Sugar & Crumbs' Strawberry Milkshake Flavouring Icing
  • It's a Baking Thing Whisk
  • Tala Stoneware 2.8 litre mixing bowl
  • Tala 16 piece icing set
  • And exclusively to this giveaway, a free It's a Baking Thing apron! 
But don't worry- even if you don't win the giveaway, you can still use BAKE20 to receive 20% off your first order on itsabakingthing.com! 

How to Enter:

Enter via the Rafflecopter form below! Good luck to you all! 

Terms & Conditions:
  • The giveaway is open to UK residents only. Sorry to my international readers! <3
  • All entrants MUST follow Cakey Dreamer on Bloglovin' and Twitter. Anyone who unfollows before the end date of the giveaway will be disqualified. 
  • The giveaway will run from today (2nd March 2016) and close on the 9th March 2016.
  • All entries will be checked to ensure that the winner is picked fairly.
  • The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter.
  • I will announce the winner via this blog in a post at 12pm on the 9th March.
  • The winner will have 72 hours to get back to me, otherwise I will choose a new winner. 
  • I will also announce the winner via Twitter and Facebook, so please make sure you leave your details! 
  • Items will be sent via Royal Mail to winner. I am not responsible for any breakages or damages caused during this delivery.

Good luck, and thank you all again for your continued support of me and my blog. It means so much! <3

*Itsabakingthing.com have added the free apron and kindly given me the 20% discount code, however the baking kit itself was bought for by myself.

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