18 March, 2016

Disney Tsum Tsum Collection!

If you haven't heard of the Disney Tsum Tsums, I'm not entirely sure where you've been!

Funnily enough, I actually hated them when I first saw them. I didn't think they were cute and didn't get the point of them. I still don't get the point really but I love that they're collectable and their cuteness has grown on me!

I thought as a bit of a different post today, I'd share my collection with you. Well, I say my collection but actually Dan is just as obsessed with collecting them as I am, which is another reason why I love collecting them. I love that it's something we do together and we often buy them for each other as a small gift/surprise!

Top left to right: Dopey, Snow White | Gus | Cinderella | Prince Charming | Perla
Middle left to right: Jiminy Cricket | Dumbo | Lady | Stitch | Chip | Dale
Bottom left to right: Donald | Goofy | Mickey | Minnie | Pluto | Daisy

So I did try to stack all of them originally as you're meant to, but we have too many and they all kept falling off, so this is the best I could do! I've broken the rest down into their groups.

Of course we had to get the 101 Dalmatians didn't we?! We love our Dalmatian and so these were a must have for us.

Dan's a huge Toy Story fan, as am I so we had to get these too. I really want to finish this set because there's so many cute ones!

Ariel is SO cute, as is Flounder. Ursula is the next one for me! We got these three in Walt Disney World. It was surprising how hard they were to find out there, we only found one shop that sold them and they had a really limited stock!

We actually have two Baymax tsum tsums, but one has been stolen by Lady who ADORES it. We now have to hide the rest of our tsum tsums from her as she thinks they're her toys! We got these three from Walt Disney World as well so they have a lovely memory!

I'm so over the Frozen hype, but we went shopping in the Oxford Street Disney store and couldn't not buy Tsum Tsums, so we went with these three Frozen ones.

Our newest additions, I love the Tink one!

The thing that bothers me the most about these is that we've never actually completed an entire set, so I think for a little while we'll just try to complete each set- although the Rapunzel ones have caught my eye a lot!

If you want to start a collection (I will warn you, it's SO addictive), then you can find them at The Disney Store or Clintons. Although Clintons are more expensive!

Have you got any Tsum Tsums? What are your thoughts on them?

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