29 March, 2016

Epcot Cake

Epcot Cake

You might have seen a couple of weeks ago if you follow me on Twitter that I had a bright idea for a big Disney cake.

That bright idea was to make the famous Epcot "ball" out of cake- which didn't seem too hard, just make a round cake, cover it in fondant and Bob's your uncle! 

Now, that kind of was all I had to do, but things weren't quite as simple as that! 

To make a ball-shaped cake, I baked two half-sphere cakes using this tin. I made a Madeira cake rather than a Victoria Sponge as they're meant to be a lot stronger and I thought it would hold better. 

The cake came out beautifully and I used Britt Whyatt's recipe in case you want to try it yourself, it was honestly one of the best tasting cakes I've ever made! But it didn't come out quite as round as I'd hoped- although that might have been because I used baking paper to line the tin. Next time I'll try to use cake release spray instead.

The ball also wasn't as big as it should have been. The Epcot Ball really is huge and I feel like my ball should have been bigger to represent that, but I'll know that for next time! 

I used my Cake Frame to keep the ball "up" which always works really well. I used my cake frame back when I made my Santa's Sack cake and it's definitely become a invaluable tool!

Then I covered the ball with white fondant which was surprisingly not too difficult- apart from at the bottom where it was hard to get it all the way under, in fact I couldn't make it cover the entire ball, but that didn't really matter as you can't see the bottom! I then drew the lines on which I really regret, if I did this cake again I would definitely buy an embossing rolling pin to get the pattern, that would have looked a million times better.

I made the "legs" out of fondant and used bamboo dowels to keep them straight and glued them to the cake board with edible glue. 

And that was it! As you can tell, I'm not overly happy with this cake but recently I've been realising that that's okay! I'm still learning and the cakes I try are usually for the first time so I'm learning new techniques. I know exactly what to do and what not to do next time I attempt a cake like this and experience is invaluable. 

The reason why I show you guys these cakes even when they go wrong is because I am not perfect. And in the blogging world, it's not very often that people genuinely hold their hands up and show that they are not perfect and when I was a beginner, I found that really intimidating. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I'd rather not show you the fail cakes, but if I do then maybe that'll make some of you be less scared to try using fondant or making "big" cakes. Because it doesn't matter if it doesn't look fantastic. This Epcot cake tastes fantastic and really, that's what counts doesn't it?! 

Epcot Cake

Never be afraid to try and never be afraid to fail- most of the time you'll still have a yummy fail even if it doesn't look great! 

And please feel free to tweet me if you ever have any baking questions- I can't promise I'll always know the answers but I do promise to try and help! :)

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