13 March, 2016

Life Update

Well, prepare yourself for a bit of a rambly post but I thought I'd give you a bit of an update into my life at the moment!

So, on Friday I left my old job. So emotional because I loved the building where I worked (because I'd been there since it opened, it became a bit like my "baby") and the people were so lovely but it was just time to move on. I'd been there for a year and a half and I'd seen so many people come and go, so many new people arrive and there had been a lot of changes and a couple of the changes just made me realise that it was also about time that I started thinking about my career again and move on. It's nice when you leave a job like that, there's no bad blood, just gratitude for the hard work I'd done and for the opportunities they'd given me.

So this week I am off! I am a free woman and I am SO excited because I haven't had a week off since August 2015. Wow. I'm hoping to get a lot of blogging stuff done and have some fun and just relax basically. It's going to be so nice!

And then next week I start my new job. I'm super excited because it's a really fun new direction for me, but like I mentioned at the end of February, it might mean that while I settle down things are a bit quieter over here.

I'm hoping you won't notice that I'm gone because I'm busy writing, baking and scheduling posts for the rest of March & the whole of April so I have a month blogging free basically! However, I will be taking the amount of posts per week down from 5 a week to 3 a week. I hate to do it because I love posting so regularly but hopefully it will only be for a month or so!

I will still be around, I'll still reply to comments and I'll be on social media so please feel free to keep tweeting me etc!

Now here's a funny thing that happened last week- this little blog reached 50,000 pageviews. Now I'm not an idiot, I know that compared to other bloggers that is still small but WHAT?! To think that Cakey Dreamer which is literally just a combination of my wittering and baking, has been viewed 50,000 times is just crazy.

But thank you. It means a lot :)

So, that's all I have right now. Hopefully my life will be getting a bit busier from next week but I also hope it doesn't affect this little place too much! And hopefully I can get a lot of rest and sleep this week!

Oh, and meet Jess. Look out London!

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