04 March, 2016

My Top Disney Mum's!

As it's coming up for Mother's Day and I wanted to do a Disney post, I thought I'd do something a little bit different and write a list of my favourite Disney Mum's!

Sometimes I feel like I take my blog a bit too seriously and it's nice to do these smaller, fun posts. Hopefully you'll enjoy them!

So, here are my top Disney Mums in no particular order:

Images are from Disney Screencaps

Perdita | 101 Dalmatians
I'd like to think that if my Lady had Dalmatian puppies, she would be like Perdy. I love how Perdy and Pongo adore their puppies and go to the extremes to save them from Cruella De Vil. I also love Dalmatians, so maybe I'm a bit biased....
In case you're wondering why I named Lady after Lady and the Tramp and not after Perdy, I just don't really like the name Perdita and kind of felt it was too obvious. People ask me that all the time! 

Eudora | The Princess and the Frog
I mean, having Oprah for a mum would be kinda cool, right?! But I love that Eudora was so supportive of Tiana's dream, even if she was in a hurry for Grandchildren!

Duchess | The Aristocats
Another very protective mother, Duchess was definitely a great Mum and adored her children. I love when she's teaching them how to sing!

Mrs Darling | Peter Pan
Mrs Darling was the voice of reason in that household wasn't she? She didn't mind Wendy still wanting to tell stories about Peter Pan and seemed to be a lot more understanding than Mr Darling was.

Bambi's Mum | Bambi
Are you feeling emotional now too? I'm pretty sure she deserves to be on this list no matter what. RIP Bambi's Mum <3 Let's move on.

Mrs Jumbo | Dumbo
Baby Mine is actually one of my favourite Disney songs but it's also the most emotional Disney song for me too, for reasons I'd rather not discuss! I love how Mrs Jumbo will do anything to protect Dumbo, even if it means she gets imprisoned. She clearly adores Dumbo and for that reason, she is definitely a worthy Mum.

Ariel | The Little Mermaid II
Bit overprotective, but her heart was in the right place. As a child, I should have wanted to agree with Melody about rebelling but I've always loved Ariel so I ended up agreeing with her instead! I've always tried to work out how old Ariel was in this film- what do you guys reckon? I kind of assume that she had Melody after her wedding so she was 16/17, which would make her about 28/29 in the film.

Who are your favourite Disney Mum's? Did yours make the list? I actually found this a lot harder than I thought I would because there aren't that many (alive) Disney Mums!

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